Friday, January 27, 2012

a bone crunching tear jerking week-innit!

Words failed me...since the mountain...i came down and to a load of secrecy and that S seemed to be involving everyone, bar of course, myself.
So, it was a surprise to be told i couldnt go to a therapy, that was cancelled.
Yes, it was cancelled, by order of the Twino, who told me, i could go to the GP, cos thats why i came offa the mountain, but not to the therapy cos that interrupted her plans for the day.
I bawled at the GP's and got a ticking off...keep taking the medication...
- Rather would you fecking start taking the medication!
I promised on one, but not on the other.
- With orders from the twin i was to stall the return.
I stalled out in the charity shop.
I think i was having a blind spot on this 'surprise.'
I was blanked and blinded.
Surprises in this present mood and time just didnt seem sort of appropiate.
I did a bit of retail therapy.
So i bought a bed, for the chihuahuas, cream with paws on, and fluffy.
out the door i went grasping the cane and cute.
the phone rang, the wind was whistling and i was to open the van door.
Not in that order but similtaneously so i tried.
God i tried.
I placed the basket on the bonnet of the van.
Placed the phone to the ear and stupidly tried to find keys in a mangle in a mangled tangled coat and scarf and gloves and phone cords and we had a bit of a disaster.
the Basket was taken by the wind, the fluffy cushion was ballooned down the centre of the mainstreat, bouncing off walls and curves and people and it just flew on, and on and on...out of Bray, the Irish Sea, Malahide or Belfast, taken by the wind's fancy to make a mess of the start of the day of surprises.
that was the first, but not needed mate.
I bawled, for the second time in less than half a day.
I retrieved the basket from dead centre of road, all cars stopping for a dead denuded bed for chihauhuas, looking ridiculous, in paw printed out..and half of it to Belfast.
Or water.
I released hand from phone, twin still on it.
I then picked it up again..'Where are you?"
I couldnt understand.
Into a shop i duck, "where are you?" again, and i told her to feck off half a retail therapy and that of half a dog had fecked it to Belfast and i hoped to find it before it arrived at its destination.
OUt the door, i felt stupid.
I asked a polish woman if she had seen it.
her head nodded like a doll.
I am embarrassed.
I get into the van half dazed with surprise.
I arrive at Pebbles, half dazed and depressed.
I was to face a second surprise.
so i did.
silver, a lump of silver on the cafe's table.
Carol my twin's new found friend and neighbour was there as were her two baby charges.
before i took in hand the silver lump i was to take in hand the camera and set it up for the twin as she recorded for history, the making of the surprise of the year (we are in January).
"right," said the twin, "Yes?" said i, half dazed.
"LIft it!" from a face i could not read so hidden with the camera eyes staring at me.
I lifted the silky silver piece of material and find a wee house.  Cardboard.  Decorated.
"MY house" on the door - like.
"Lift it!"  said the twin, "Yes?"
"Lift the roof"
Roof raisers now eh?
and i lift.
a white tape was on the top of the shoebox/house. Decorated...door like hall door - my house. named.
I am to lift the tape "Open the box"
Will i or will i not?
I do.
"Well," she said, as i was dazed and stalled.
"Put your fingers in!"
this was a mouse trap size shoe box, you know the type you went to the Pet shop when you were ten and came home with a pair of white mice.
said mice multiplied and got out one early morning as we were about to go to school, a mouse was spotted on top of the rubbish in the garage which nearly saw a rebellion from twins who wanted to stay behind and seek out all white mice and place back in a home...shoe box home or bigger..didnt matter..better than being littered in garage.
I put the fingers in and dazzled took a red ribbon from the box.
nervous like.
Keys!  Keys!
A bit dazed, did i know it was the..
NO..i didnt.
blame the paws that bounced from greystones to the Irish Sea - or Belfast for that!
But then i did!
she had managed to get the house keys early and so i had them in my paws!
we were then to go to - the house.
Ah fun there.
it was wrapped, in purple from one end to the other.
the purple matching wonderfully with the flowers on the bonnet of my van, (no placed basket).
I am to cut the tape (not white) purple.
I do, no vows, just i cut.
and enter - balloons and food and jelly babies just like i was ten and brought home mice - to multiply in the garage!
Where is everyone...moaned the twin.
No, not many came, but did it matter for who came?
the important ones.
we had for starters a smashing arriving car 2012 no less and posh.
OUt stepped the co-ordinator of the helping services who do her proud.
OUt then stepped my older sister who gave me a tad bit of grief over the past few years.
she holds a blazen yellow bunch of tulips full of hopes and a new start.
A smile..a loving smile.
i accept..i give.
Ah but who came that was the icing on the cake?
my new neighbours i had befriended not so long before.
Kathleen the tyrant and her boyfriend Andrew.
all of 88yrs and 90 plus.
they come bearing gifts.
and we had a ball, not many but enough and far better than too many and too stressful and too all over the place.
Lovely images taken by the twin with the programmed camera.
and i named the 8 The Wicket.
Bowled over, bowled out by the wicked for the wicked.
I have wicket -it!

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