Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is nothing sacred in Life and Education?

Is nothing sacred in life?  i mean, when one applies to a sort of mediocre course centre that is supported by a government training scheme grant should you also have to give that body the right to get your medical records?
does this happen in an Irish University setting? is it part of the Leaving Certificate points system?  it isn't.
you come out of school with your grades, you are lucky if you get to University.
now the catch is..this semi state body running these courses that run you to nowhere near a job..but... you are disabled ..and that is the catch!  You are entering the 'college' for people with disabilities.
you are disabled.
So in this instance, you have to give permission to have this trumped up educational body (already critizied for doing a very poor job) to delve into your health status..wait for it..that includes if you have any unusual sexual habits...i kid you not!  in other words, are you a sex pervert?
Well tell me please if you were, why should you admit that just because you are disabled?
 No one has to allow a doctor to tell an educational body this, even in a third level institution there are sex perverts who are not discovered so until they commit a sexual crime!
 Why should a disabled person sort of tell the authority of a so called orientation before they are rounded upon to answer for a sex crime!
which comes first?
a person committing a crime or a person admitting they have the inclination to commit a crime?
An able bodied person can and usually does have a democratic freedom of being free, until they commit a crime!
If you admitted to an inclination to commit a sex crime do you think you would be let into an educational!
barred...before any crime committed.
Now we move on to some other questions...
self injury being one and also you have to give permission for the educationalists to find the names of your psychotherapist, psychiatrist and social worker!
why should they know if you are in a certain level of psychological distress?
you can go to a third level institution and withhold this information for this is a stigmatized area and you may be studying for instance..medicine!
but if you go to study desktop publishing you have to tell the educational body that you creep along to a psychologist or therapist and that a social worker is there in the background.
why should a desk top publishing student have to tell anyone they have a social worker!?
well, the reason is, you are a disabled student doing desk top publishing course!
this is bizarre.
Now lets talk sense.
People are in this society with the tag on that everyone is equal in love and war.
we have the constitutional right to democracy and education and privacy.
What this trumped up death trap is asking for is intimate details of your personal life which will prevent you rather than enhance your chances of going through the course effectively and getting a job at the end (actually, i am biased, i don't think many get jobs out of this place, i have heard of few, very few)!
When the head of Design and Art tells you years after you left the darn place that my artistic skills were far greater than any on the course of choice and i could have been a teacher rather than a student at the time AND this same person makes you to do six months basic maths before  embarking on the course (art and design) can tell its all heading in the wrong direction...i lasted three weeks on the course, and six months learning basic maths (er, i have dyscalculia)!
i never learnt basic maths and i could have taught art and design in the place not take the course.
something i discovered after three weeks in the Art and Design classroom!
Something else i discovered during my six months basic maths, i was a bloody good shot putter, a bloody fine sprinter (the psychiatric students were able for this, but i was fast), an even better badminton player (all courts signed up for long before the time, they were so popular).  finally i was a good archer.
now i tell you, some twenty years later, the badminton courts are gone, ditto the sports of any kind whatsoever, its Pilates now and Yoga!
you don't kiss the grass in this place for sure.
 Twenty years later you also have to surrender your democratic rights to privacy.
No, this is not going in the right direction and i defy anyone to tell me it is.
Would the government of the day shut this institution down please, its a waste of time and money and disabled people are being lead to believe they may get a job out of this place.
it is fooling disabled people, cheating disabled people and paying people to do the cheating and the fooling.
This is a fact that is KNOWN by all and sundry.
A fact that can be verifiably confirmed
but as its the only training centre for disabled adults in our country they couldn't shut it down.
not even if it doesn't train anyone in anything.
These students should all be going to the third level institutions with support for their respective disabilities, and the rights owed to them to say if they are a self injurer or not, to say they are going to a psychotherapist or not, (i doubt anyone would admit to that, especially young people and they have no reason to).
i dont like this place or what they ask disabled people to tell them.
its all an education for me to learn of a Form that  you are asked to get filled out, give permission to surrendering details of personal data in this manner and of this kind before you enter a classroom.
this i say has a lot more to do with litigation.
this is not only a bad way to go its a dangerous path to take.  i dont like this sort of 'stuff.'
off with their heads i say.

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