Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life is a shadow, Life is a persistent dream, life may be wonderful, but is it?

Today i am thinking especially of John McCarthy who died this week.
In a tribute John Saunders asks us to question stigma and mental illness, he did this because John McCarthy as well asked the same and so do I.
tell me, if the statistics are so high regarding mental distress how can it be other, that mental distress is part of the human condition?
Not all these people can be ill?
Also, you cannot medicate all these people, and you cannot and shouldn't stigmatize this amount of people!
so who gets the stigma?
Of, course, those who enter into the psychiatry realm and those who self injure, take overdoses and cry out, in mental torment and pain.
How many then are left on the sidelines, doing all of this in secret?
Also what are the manifestations of those who do not cry out?
If one does not blatantly cry out, what do they do?
Are these questions idiotic?
No, because pain manifests in many ways.
Some pain gets passed off as 'normal' and some gets critized as 'abnormal'
We also have real physical pain once considered mental distress now considered by the world health organization as genuine, documented, provable physical illness, for instance, Fibromyalgia was once considered 'faking' and 'neurotic!' and Parkinsons Disease a result of masturbation!
How wrong can we get it!
Tell me please who is deciding all this?
I have the best guess ever, that it is medical professionals.
They are the people who are at the top of the pyramid in health systems, who are there at the coal face of distress.
As the new God of the human being, as saviour of the human being, they command great respect.
such respect means that anything they say will be taken as the human gospel of human anatomical and neurological and psychological truth.
we take the above incidences where they got it wrong.
Now i ask, why bother to try categorize illness, feelings and such?  Why not let people just 'be' for Life, my friends is no 'piece of cake.'
-then you die.
Right, you bet.
I am sad am depressed.
I am so because a relationship is not working out well and both are causing distress to the other.
Can this depression and this distress be considered now a mental illness?
I have been very frightened for almost three years without one day's break.
i am on high alert now and unused to not feeling  the anxiety and the fears of bringing hammers to bed with me for protection.
Is the result a kind of PTSD or is it just 'a fact of life' and circumstances?
I am advised to take an anti-depressant to try calm the brain down after the horror i have gone through.
can i not try to calm down the brain now, i am away from threat...can i teach myself to start a new start and learn to calm down through meditation and mindfulness?
Yes, i can, and yes i will but certainly No, i will not take a pill for life events that cause distress.
the only instance where my brain and body should be very contained is when and if i am about to jump over a cliff, but even then a person's distress should have been discovered long before the leap into the unknown.
Once discovered a person should be 'loved back' into wellbeing and confidence to continue.
Life is now what we think we believe.
Science and religion do not give us many answers at all.
All we can do but be passing shadows in the daytimes and nights, and resolve to be a good person, caring and loving and be part of community.
If we do not do it well the first day, or week keep going but always keep going.
we never get it right!
We are all moving in curves and circles.
lets hope the curves and circles include everyone and that everyone learns that a pill is not magic, living and loving  is not either but living and loving is so good  why blast our brains out with dumbing down meds?
i have the answer, Sir!  Life is learning, i need to be sharp to stay on the road and not get ditched.

all the best in life and love.
and all the best to the person in my loving relationship that i am not loving very well at present.  BUT, tomorrow is another day to try ...again.

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