Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pitching in to keep you on your toes!

yep, pretty much so!  one must keep one's audience - rating - whether you have something to say or no, but whatever.
I don't have a lot to say!
my friends are connecting in the most wonderful ways, in the most worthwhile things and it surprises me how the world can be so torrid when i have such gentle and genuine friends, who are tender at heart.
all want to listen to what is good.
say, the birdsong - which is strong right now, as we enter the springtime.  The time of year which proffers hope for all alive beasts and beings.
All are watching the earth, that dusty or musty, sodden or dry earth, the crevices in rocks, the san dunes and where one can or even cannot place the foot.
what shall we find, the lizard basking or the little snowdrops peeping up.
remember what many times the snowdrops have to endure, they are not to know that snow and ice may consume them, but they raise the little nodding head no matter.
sunrises and sunsets are captured and so in awe are the cameramen and women, to stay and capture to make a snap of time, in all its ways, the sun rising for the earth only and setting so that men can rest their heads after toil or pain.
Many of my friends are known because they are in pain.
I also wonder how they manage to keep going against the odds, so what is it do you think?
Nature can be just what it is.
cruel and devastating.
trees can be stripped the thrunks cut down, broken and warped, set alight.
peopel can be broken and never mend again, in mind body and spirit.
there are to many such people.
the shock of devastation, the torture wrack of pain too.
So when a being, a man, in pain and struggling can grab that camera and take the sunrise or sunset at one part of the globe, indeed the other side of the world to me, and i know what that is about because standing on a blot in the ocean thousands of miles away, i rush to grab the camera to take the shot as Jamie left it to turn to sleep and i was awakening to my dawns and we have a cycle all again. in wonder.
so where do the human species get it so wrong?
This is something that as we get older my twin and i realise that division and separation can happen quickly, much more so than for the younger people on the earth.
not only does it happen in such a cruel way it is lasting without end.
pain will never go away for  most.
but hope will never either.
So why we wake for a new dawn?
Do you think our good lord knew it as such and gave us possibly the best of nature as the sleepy eyes once stuck closed will struggle to grasp a new day but wll do so with the shock of wonder, wonderous delight.
Does Jamie stand in ridiculous shorts outside his house in America, in the heat of his time zone and i rush to the grass for all the workers of the world to see here, dressed in a madness of textures and colours, softness and sharpness.
"who is that mad woman!" maybe they say, for they have not seen this before, but if they have not maybe they will look up to see what i am gawking at and see!
dressed in purples and oranges, mitts and woolies but i get it!
as does Jamie, in possibly cotten, with no shoes on!
We are human.
but saying that, lonliness isnt far away, both in America, amongst some sick friends and also not sick friends.
Loneliness is on this blot of land so far away too.
and division is great, and ridiculously so.
when nature can dance to the rhythm and tunes they know best why cannot man do the same?
shed that isolation which is not part of what being human is.
Humans are the most social animals on the earth.
You would never know that.
Nor that they are the only ones that kill for no reason.
Why, again we shall never know.
but gentle and kind folk are everywhere but within the cradle of illness and disabilities and amongst those who want to communicate ven if its vast distances thanks to technology.
we need to catch the moment, that ribbon of red and orange and bottle it, pickle it, for in doing so we wil bottle the essance of a person, that persion so taken by god's beauty they will rush for a way to put it save, away, in their hearts, forever.
so sad the rushing for the goodness is not seen in the human species.
where is the rushing to see the gentle heart?
The tender soul? The broken or the shattered spirits, to build up again to be a part of all that is good?
So for Jamie, Denis, Linda and myself, whom i know snap the earth and skies, well done and glad to have and cherish you as friends, also Mary, but is she that for i have had a lunatic moment and see the person and not the name, but by the time i press that key to enter "enter" i probably will remember again.
so there is a person who knows themselves, to be a worker in the world of beauty and trauma.

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