Monday, January 9, 2012

One day angst free but not so terror free, question my gov please

Daily, on a daily basis i have to read, be assaulted and anxiety driven by media on the so called 'state of the nation' and what i may lose in taxes, disability cuts and a myriad of other stuff, yes 'stuff' again.
where have i seen such avid attention to detail before?
no where, and certainly no tiny pin pick pocketing of more wealthier foe than those with nuts and bolts under their arse, who use electric legs to get around and sticks that clack and elderly who are abused, depressed and frail have i seen in our Ireland before.

this is not the picking nit of an Irishman, i see it not in our past and it came too quick to have been cobbled up by an irish man or woman.
we don't do 'fast' never did fast, but many countries do and do it well, germany, france and the UK to name a few.

when we change the health service admin three times in as many decades (or thereabouts) without changing the professionalism and attitude to patient care, stigma on the mental health status of patients and so much more..stuff. can you trust my gov to think?

nope, cos they have not thought through the mess our health service is in.
we have no structure no sense nor reason to it.
we just shut down a few wards, stop employing the top medics and discharge all and sundry to what i call 'the dying cages,' nursing homes, to you.
we do still do payrolls for this shoddy admin by paper, paper coming out of their ears, and in duplicate and triplicate.
Ireland we cannot afford to pay someone to do it all by hand now, if nothing else, think of our threes if not the trunks and inners of your sick clientele languishing on a trolley in some war zone A&E in our land, Ireland.

We seem to have in spades a volunteerism attitude though and we are the best givers of dosh to underdeveloped countries, and good on us, i have to say.
its so good to be good at something eh?
lets try it in this country.

its a full moon too, so thast may hinder many of the top brass, i have already stood out and howled, my twin is withnessed to that, she was beside me...and howling too!

if i see our Enda come out of where ever and scream his head off i would be thrilled, but ya, its called 'action not words' so i will call on ALL to protest with their feet and wheels firmly knowledged in the fact that enda just about is puppit rule in my shame riddleland

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