Wednesday, January 18, 2012

it is not good to be complacent

whether i have spelt the complicated word right, doesnt is not good enough...not good accept what is wrong.
very wrong.
Irish people, all of you...each and everyone is responsible for another human being.
we are bankrupt, we are at the mercy of the international and european monetary funds and funding.
we are small, insignificant and surrounded by a watery grave - yard.
so, we as a small country with a tiny population.
May i say again we are TINY, so tiny some bigger countries, BIG countries do not know of our existence - and less care.
but what do the people who dance on our land?
what do the people who cry on our land?
laugh on our land and also do a lot of awful things to many on our land.
its called NEGLECT.
It is also not good enough to stand idle and see and feel that same neglect.
Nor watch idly by when big people on a small land decimate the crops of wonderful fruitful harvests of people, especially the elderly, the sick and the infirm.
We do produce good crops.
People are people, and people are unique.
I see every day Neglect all around me.
I see complacency on a grand scale.
One government, the past one i think decided on a reasonable plan of 'community care.'
Now this is a good plan, folks, it means community first and co-operation in producing a rounded service for the least able.
thats called 'collective' thinking.
we will have the General Practitioner, the District Nurse, the Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and many other auxillary but front line staff collectively communicating with each other for the good of the sick, less able and unable.
what do we get?  first complacency and a sort of laid back attitude, not of 'I don't care' but more of 'well so-and-so should do that.'
Pass the buck, don't make a phone call, don't accept a phone call and be pissed off when a phone call comes in for ACTION to help the sick and disabled in the community.
I heard today that this practise of community and collective thinking is more of an ideal, unreal than a reality.
It doesnt exist.  What i heard was that the General Practitioner feels that the District Nurse feels that she is treading on her patch and the District Nurse feels she shouldnt interfer with the Home Help service and the Home help service feels its not their job to liaise with the District Nurse.
Cobblers, a lot of cobblers.
its called Primary Care Teams par excellance!
in theory.
now we have a recession and the tune goes 'ah well, now we cannot ask anything cos no one has any money to do anything so what's the point?
well, actually there is a point.
and also out there, those who are not pros, that is not pros as in medicine,
we are still community with intelligence, insight, and maturity.
what we do with all that is a collective responsibility.
NOT to NEGLECT the way we do, the most vunerable people who once danced on this land, laughed on this land and now weep on this land.
You do  not accept the status quo and say there is nothing you can do about it, we are bankrupt and there is no money and there is no money and there is no money.
Money is not GOD.
People are the stuff of small nations.
we get up, every one on a crutch, wheels, stick and feet, we march.
and we march today and the next and the next.
we then (after marching) check on the next door neighbour.
paint the room bright if it needs it.
cut the grass.
take them out for a trip, (cannibas plus the bus), already you can tell i never sniffed that stuff by the look of the mis-spelt!
there are people sitting on the top of the mountain being told they are lucky if they can get off the top of the mountain for three hours a week.
that person is not a pensioner but a person who has assets and gifts to give and share, but how can she sitting on the top of the mountain - for God's sake.
there is another person sitting near the top of the mountain, sort of sliding down the mountain who has assets, that is a visual person who can create and loves to create but so clapped out with exhaustion that creativity is last on her mind.
basics such as getting the celiac diet up and running, the lift on her left special shoe (oh, she has to get the shoe first)!
thats the sort of utter nonsense that is my grubby little country.
what am i going to do about it?
well, if pigs could fly i would be outside the Dail Eireann and demanding that this is not good enough.
what i really am doing about it, is collapse on the top of another mountain where there is a sort of hermitage, one Cell as in Kells style and there i shall sit with a flagstone floor beneath my feet, a wood burner against one wall, a single bed against another (with a crucifix over it) and a small table and one chair on the other wall, on the final wall is the door, that has two bolts, one on top and one on the bottom.
i have my matches, my wood and my hands.
i shall bolt the door, both top and bottom, light the wood in the wood burner, sit on the one chair and stair at all four walls.
i am in hermit style contemplating the state of the nation and the wojus situation that is presented for me, others and many others who happen to be crippled and cripples in a wojus little grubby country where once people danced and laughed and harvested great and good corn and wheat, once we got rid of them who caused my country to starve.
when they go, we harvest good, and when we harvest good we do the same to our people and leave us all the plebs, starving for breath, for basic services, for our souls and for the spirit as whatsit in the irish once.
we are now in the grips of another country.
we are wojus bankrupt.
so - what are we gonna do about it?
when i come back offa the mountain i would like to have some input in the dramatic situation that is happening in a very dramatic way - in a small grubby little wojus country.
once wonderful.

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