Friday, January 6, 2012

just about crash out and being reported!

It absolutely does not 'do' to be sick in holy Ireland.
it also does not 'do' to ask for the help due to being sick in Ireland.
we don't 'do' sickie protests, out of fear really of not getting anything at all.
i got nothin'  not even a cup of tea today.
there is simple logic at play in all of this...well, its considered simple and i consider it otherwise.
we are identical twins.
we are sickies.
we are disabled
we are very cobbled.
i am in bed possibly for the first time since before festive times.
bloody awful earache, crohns gone mad and ditto sjogrens.
i state 'i am in bed'
i state, 'gud, gotta take a day in bed.'
so i do just that.
i need a cup of tea and i am wrapped in boxes up to my ears and plants coming out of the ceiling (growing by the window)
i get up, get the cuppa and return to bed.
it now comes to lunch time, that time when most eat up to get fortified for the second belt of a day on the trott of living etc.
tweny past one and no sign of the living nor lunch.
twin is on her bed.
her home help...notice..her home help is playing with plates in soapy water.
i ask her is she not making my twin a simple lunch. well you would, like.
you just would.
twenty past one..home help...etc.
i blow a that is not kosher with anyone in this house.
no bloody tea, no bloody soup, no bloody dried toast and no fecking anything..and everyone got the message ok.
a blast between the twin and i about home helps ensued.
who is she there for?
well the twin..naturally..
here is the catch.
i am due this sort of 'service' but although i have been interviewed, and got a gp and such.  the home help service have not ratified my 'service,'
that means i don't get the cup of tea nor do i share in a simple meal with the twin.
the home help decides that playing with soap suds in designer tops is the order of the day.
my darling twin tries to inform me of the rights i have within the house.
none it seems.
even in a home of sickies.
the home help is only there to help one sickie for god's sake.
even though one packet soup, one and a half jugs of water and a quick stir can be divided between two sickies.
i storm out at the daftness of it all.
blasted regulations of no home help you ain't signed up to that.
And oh, home help sort of didn't realize that twin may need lunch.
so we have a fun time trying to clarify the necessities of being sanctioned and ratified and registered and intelligent design.
Sort of thing.
The poor twin says its her fault.
it is not.
Its about intelligence.  you have two people tired, shattered and sick and not feeling well and delinquent tired, and shattered and sick.
it takes intelligence to understand that two sickies on their respective beds may need a bit of packet soup with one and a half jugs of water and a five minute stir out of her two hours of allotted time with the twin.
all's fair in love and war they say.
they say!
awnyah will have her say.

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