Tuesday, January 31, 2012

mixing magic and misery

Yes, it can be done, it is done and always shall be done...that ability to see the magic within the misery.
to see 'chances' and yet many fail and then feel it so.  We have the misery.
What makes the world 'thump' may i ask?
is it pure happiness and pure wealth?
is it pure happiness, health and stinking wealth?
what is it?
I say, from a little person on a little island that many never heard of or least care...that what it IS that makes the world 'thump' is the misery.
Yes, you have heard me.
 Without this misery which all of us now appear to experience in spades a reverse feeling cannot happen, when a positive dismisses the negative.
So in order to feel a positive, one has to feel the negative.
it never happens the other way round.
you cannot gain from misery, you can gain from triumph that gives the umph and bump and thump in the living.
I thumped today, up and down and frothed at the mouth and tears in the eyes and thumped again and again, mixing and matching the magic and the misery.
The struggles of the day were many.
It started cold and dreary and rainy.
In both heart and in the hearth.
My twin also felt this misery and this dreary.
we had the misery - in spades.
did we thump it out.
yes we did.
My twin is waiting to be told if she is another candidate for the big C or not.
She is deflated in her experience of coming home to a minor country on the fringe of most things major, a country that thinks itself big but is in fact very insignificant - in the scheme of things.
She has thumped up and down with finance and fears today.  She has slumped mainly down on a sofa for the day.
and she has scoffed and coped to get through it, just about.
she didnt find it terribly pleasant.
but she did thump.
she armored herself like a michelin man in a black jump suit to thump out on a mobility scooter and scoot around the town, viewing and reviewing and i guess enjoying (that part i have not been enlightened on) but the small smile made me believe she did.
she then trundled on home.
and slumped again.  But a fire was built and the hearth is warmed and she is here and safe and has her Saffi with her and she is safe as well.
I did my thumping too, to advance the nature of my existance in the world of IT and website design learning (i failed here) to advance the white walls on a new home (i failed) and to advance a prospect of health care and cover, i failed in that too, but i met a kind man and one or two things were suggested.
i then met my nephew for a coffee in Starbucks, another thumper.
and then i fecked on home out of the hubble and bustle to get back to the twin.
the traffic was murderous as a relatively newbie on driving tried to get off junctions onto the motorways.
i thumped again when i had an alert signal on the dashboard and decided to pull over.
We now have a woman, without a mobile, in the dark with hazard lights on and the world going frantically by at rush hour.
My thump of positiveness out of misery came in the guise of a slim man with kids in his car, who stopped and we went through the dashboard mechanics and all agreed that i am ok.
i have to get that van to the garage tomorrow, ok but i am ok to move out and onwards.
Another thump being he waited until i found a slot to move  into heavy traffic before he thumped out himself and thumped himself back to a home.
I personally just wanted home.
to see my twin and there i did, see my twin, smiling at me beside a blazing fire.
The dogs had been fed, the place was warm and she was here.
 When i say the misery begot magic and positiveness it did, i am warm with magic that after all, tis good to be alive, when we all kinda belt and blast through misery for the little magic there is in what we call the misery of LIFE!

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