Friday, October 29, 2010

Anger Management MOYAH Awnyah ha!

Yes, this is a contentious topic alright.
Anyone ever feel angry?  um?  well?  um, yes, I thought so.
Now this subject can be approached in many many ways.
Anger management is about the lowest of the low and boy does it make me angry.
'did you ever consider doing an 'anger management course?'
Not once but thrice!
"No actually, i didnt, i am angry, with great cause and to great effect and 'damn you for suggesting it, i am angry with you Grrrrrr!'
the other way to deal with it is the psychotherapeutic way:
"now lets see WHY you are angry and SEE if WE can come to terms with it and 'move on'
have you noticed a few phrases here which are the next on the ladder of contempt.
WE, have to sort MY anger and then I have to MOVE ON!
I can actually see why i am angry, and no sir, i do not think i can move on.
its like asking the survivors of clerical sexual abuse to 'forgive' and 'move on,' and funny many who are against such idiotic notions are not so against 'forgiving and moving on' when one is rightfully angry.
We think of Abuse next and how many kinds there are actually.
One is sexual which by now should be quite clear in peoples minds, God (excuse me) knows we have heard enough, and Dear Jaysus i am a survivor of that in spades, so i too know of that.
can i move on there.  Actually i can for i have to say, what is the point in the fight of not, for i am old and grey, well actually i am not grey much to my hair dressers astonishment.  i am 57 and touching 58 (next month, so dont forget that, or i shall be VERY angry indeed).
there is a different kind of abuse, that of the psyche and mind, and the emotional tossing of a person's basic personality, which has been there really since the persons time began on this dreadful planet.
When one has been reduced to pulp in the psych department by so many for so long, can you actually sort it and 'move on?'
I say no.
there are ways for me of sorting it.
Do not have anything to do with those who kill you inside.  Its pretty basic i have to say.
To do it is another matter for the people are your family and you want to feel loved by them, yeh.  ridiculous, loved by people who shred you into tiny bits and would have you for dinner if cannibalism was still allowed. (It is, if you think of the eating and eroding of the grey matter on the top and, you dont have to cook it!).
my way of dealing with them would be the silent treatment (but i am volatile and angry)!
but i intend when i get my 'forever home' to tend to nature, the 'animal people' in my life.  The chihuahuas, the birds and hopefully a Rex Rabbit which i long to have and own and love, a rescued rex rabbit by my nep, so nep if you read this, this woman who worked on Watership Down would like the black velveteen rabbit please, i will be good to it, promise!
Certainly i have the ability to be good to animals and not so hot on the human form at all, according to others, and i believe myself.
I am not that in love with any of them now.
I am searching under the bed in the tool and nail box for bolts and nails and screws, i have a period of 'time out' and i plan to pick the right screws and bolts to put the brain back into one piece, the head screwed on looking straight ahead and steady.
as for the mouth department of this part of my anatomy, i have no intention of jamming it up in wires, bolts, screws nor nails.
I aint Jesus by any stretch of the imagination and he was nailed to the cross for our sins.  so i think i will leave it to him.
I have to say i never quite understood that idea of being nailed to the cross for our sins, what does that mean and how does that effect me and the way i live?
yep another topic for another day.

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