Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh boy i felt a BLOG!

yes, i was waiting for the muse to stir and it stirred and pretty much the stirring went around in circles and pretty much did the circle a few times over.
Two major things started this brain reactivating - the first being the Emperor spoke last night on the nine o news, we have to cut one BILLION Euro from the health budget.
this will no doubt be a 'slash and burn' there is not the mindset to do so in an intelligent fashion.
the brain moved fast when i too was in friggin agony, not being able to move, so a bit of googling was done.
Should one google, internet trawl to find the answer to declining health?
Yes, and why?
if you search well and do not go for the ridiculous 'off the wall' sites you will find living people talk of similar ills and have some solutions.
one kind of pain all  medics throw up their arms in complete mystery is the one i am experiencing now.
it is supposed to in fact, be related to Primary Sjogrens which i have, and indeed a lot of Central Nervous System involvement and complete body inflammation.
what i found was accurate, it didn't help the pain, just that one doesn't believe the 'thrower upper of arms' and that mystic face facing you.
autoimmune disease cannot be cured and little helped as its the body attacking its own tissue.
Now, in the trawl for the Holy Grail, i discovered other information all fascinating.
well, I was drawn to the psychology side next and some of the medical sites.
Woa, the brain has sure been analyzed in a weird way, all the personality and psychological traits have been catagorized and put into the mental disorder and pathologically ill severe, mild and very mild.
there are more illness and other for a tiny part of the human anatomy than any other part, it seems.
what more, its basically all here-say.
when they respond that they do not know if such and such is genetic or environmental, then WE know they DONT KNOW, so do you actually believe a hypothetical analysis?
I do not.
Lets look at the passage of get worse or you get better...that is what disease means eh?
well with mental illnesses or stay the same and there is ...basically, no recovery.
What that tells me is, this is completely outside the doctors remit of the doctors oath, to cure and ease etc.
You cannot do anything to a personality, be it so called disorganized, delusional, narcissistic, borderline (thats a great one, anyone ever read this one)?
You cannot do anything to a person who has so called schizophrenia or endogenous depression (thats also a good one, usually means that the doctors have tried to cure by pills, failed so say its a brain dysfunction rather than what it is, a reactive depression to circumstances).  they hate being wrong, they hate not being able to sort out a brain.
Do you run a mile from certain people once you hear wording like BPD or depressive?
Do you run a mile from the narcissistic and psychopath.
of the former, No, of the later, i would as fast as i could.
Why? the Former has empathy with their world and other people, the latter do NOT!
Not because they are intrinsically bad but because due to the human side of the working brain, they can cause others to feel, er Shite.

Well i did the stirring, did it get hot or did it go cold, it went very cold indeed, as in the detective investigation was indeed 'a cold case' and stuck in the folders of the moldering many in their folders.
these shall be analyzed in the universities as part of analyical training for undergraduates, who then learn the art of investigation, but usually it will all run out cold, and a pill will be proffered instead of er, medicine.
well thats my feelings (yes, i do retain these, thank God),
Basically leave a persons personality alone, go with the ones that do not lash out to destroy and stay with the more benign type, with that you cannot go wrong.
Am i learning fast...ummm...debatable.

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