Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I watch a CRIME and an attempted citizens arrest.

I sat in my adapted van.
The twin went for some milk inside the small shop.
I am a people watcher and thus i saw - people.
One was a young man, hummm...about 20ish or a bit more.
Flowing locks of brownish hair (one must remember the details in a crime).
I saw the 'lad' hasten furtively away from the store, alas the owner stopped him.
As i watched the 'citizen's arrest' of the three can cola drinks nicker I am bemused by the criminal's stance.
"And what have i done?' he gestures with hands outstretched, (one holding one of the cans),
The owner now has a pencil and paper and is taking details, gesturing to second in command waiting at the entrance to the shop.
the criminal is downcast and woebegone.
the beautiful brown locks flow and flash as the head is shaken to and fro.
the incident has brought amusement to the shopkeeper by the door, who beckons to another inside to come and see.
these were chuckles of chuspah (well, however that is spelt), and i join in.
the anticipation as to where this is all going....
I seem to be there a good deal of time....
I also glimpse inside as my twin talks to one of the smiling guys.  'Yep, he took them cans ok'
"And what is gonna happen?" i can almost hear my twin ask, but she too is grinning.
As i watch my brain whirls in all sorts of ways.
"this guy will be grand in the world."
and then i ask "why"

He has spirit, he is intelligent like most shrewd thieves but in this case it will serve him well for his quickness of thinking, his cognitive skills are certainly not depleted and he looks a grand healthy lad.
I marvelled at his ingenuity and wonder who on earth taught him this, that is the art of nicking.

the Man with the notebook and pencil turned away to his colleague and with a dart, dash and flash, the young man saw his opportunity and legged it.
this is a guy without any heart problem for sure, and as quick as a whippet he was out of sight.
in his clutches were the cans of cola and his rucksack.
This is a man, with knowledge of the world.
The owner shrugged his shoulders and walked grim faced to his shop, but suddenly a wicked smile embraced his face, 'what a lad, there eh?' was the question of the day.
This can whipper is a young man with Downes Syndrome!

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