Sunday, October 10, 2010

welcome to my country Hits!

It is pleasing indeed to see that Canada, America, England, the Netherlands, South Korea, Costa Rica and India have wise people who like the blog!

A double bout of paranoia today - now for the advice bit please or should that be 'bite bit'
I want to chomp them up, but not having that effective chompers now, tis hard, tis o so hard.

would a slap across the face do, cos sure as hell staring back even glaring doesn't seem to work that well.
What if i went all 'funny' like, pulled the side of my lips back and slapped me own tongue around the mouth and grunted (are all these actions possible at the same time)?
would that work?  Naw.
If i got up and say "do you know me, just wondering, you have that look that says 'i know you' but it isnt that look really.
Its whats wrong with her, look.
Twin got engrossed in the sunday newspapers, wise girl (or is she, the news is bad too)!
I couldnt read, my eyes were not good today.
It doesnt get any better either, when you are standing beside the girl who was in Art College with you and who had a flat downstairs in our grotty local student lets.
She was at the till, kinda giggling with a friend.  bit juvenile i thought for a grey haired woman!
"HELLO, P" i hollered.
"he, ha, oh helloooo, ann"?!
Hi P, how are you?
No answer except "is that a fan in your hand?"
"Tis, i get rather hot"
that was about the sum total of our conversation.
I went to buy my mags, she walked off.
"ER, BYEeee, PEEE", my fan was gone!
"right thats what happens when the legs are gone," i remarked to the cashier and a woman standing by, who was giggling, in the right sort of way, the mature way!
Up them damn stairs, for the exercise i go, stick up first, then the foot, then the other and watch out for dropping things and hold on tight to the rail with the other hand as well, and you can if you try hard do all these three things together.

Now we have the second paranoia, toothless.
try cannot easily unless something awful happens like the guy who had a football in his face and was in the cubicle beside me at the dental hospital (if you read this, hope you still have the teeth or you have not given them a bit of a shake up).
but when told to leave teeth out for 24hrs, its hard, very.
we do the best we can with a muslim outfit, its surprising how confident one feels in the wrap around scarf.
and chose a very light one so you can breathe and dig up hydrangeas and lavenders at the same time, again, can be done.
Twas to stop the feral cats which have walked over my roof, down onto the wall, down into the shrubbery and took me by utter surprise as it bolted out of the bushes, up that wall and over the hot tin roof this morning.
I was putting out seed for the birds.
so hydrangas and lavenders had to go, and at the same time the nettles and the maize.
You do tend to overdo things as well, when disabled.  Its not supposed to be killing you, but you just feel that time is for spending, not lolling about, something else will kill you off first.
Well thats the sum total of my say today.
I think it is.
All is well with the world, (probably not) but i think this is a well known saying so i say it.
So says Awnyah.

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