Monday, October 11, 2010

'Implementation Deficit Disorder' again!

Yoa, here is my say, or tis my mind anyway.
Deficit, community et al.
When the HSE at the top, that is the top of the pyramid, the tastiest part of the pyramid or is that actually the part you eat less of?  well, the part you eat less of, those, that are more toxic tell us that community is the way to go, thus i think 'community' is the carb part, the part that gives you energy?
Consider 'community' according to the boss at the pin head top - its a collective of all (pros) working for the better of one (usually the negative cons, we are the downside to the pros). When i waffle a little longer the pros get the pay, and its for life!.
Here is community as it stands - All are very sorry for the plight of one, sorry you are being shot at and near attacked, up a long avenue with 18ft high walls, alone and vulnerable.
Have they seen this before, I ask of one Pro?  No, actually he hadnt, no he hasnt had a client like I, in the position i am in.  And sorry too, there isnt a damn thing he can do about it.
So, seven months on, and even the council admit its not suitable and i have to wait for someone to die off, with a place fit for a disabled i wait the vulnerable wait here.
Now community again as in the famous 'Community health care' which is 'the way to go' really and truly.
right, in the community (the way to go, dont wait to eat), it took nine months to find out where adapted spoons were, and no i never got it through the community.
and it took FIVE years for four sessions of physio, when my body shut out with 'chronic muscle myopathy.'
It gets better:  I am entitled to public heatlh care, oh and social housing by the way and what do i get of public health care - i get a kindly neurologist and a kindly 'tooth puller' of a dentist.
and that is it.
I have to pay for the opthalmologist - how long would it have taken public care to tell me i had macular degeneration, rubella retinopathy, catharacts and the steroids i take for crohns disease are hastening this.
I pay for endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, physiotherapist and rheumatologist all at roughly E150 a shot.
when you need these constantly, thats a lot of money!
thats only the consultation by the way.
How long will it take to get a proper knobby thing for the steering wheel of my adapted van, tis called a 'spinner' and about the same size as an adapted spoon?
How long will it take to get a moulded brace for a spine that is degenerating and has scoliosis and a body veering to the left?
And how long will it take for a knobby thing for the door beside my seat to grip when i go round corners while i grip the knobby thing on the steering wheel?
Yes, I got the go-ahead and assessed to continue driving!
what was the test and what was the cost?
it cost E40 and my blood pressure was taken and i was stood about six feet in front of a eye chart and told to read about four lines of letters (i managed this, without veering to the left and holding knobs left and right and being braced for the task of driving the eye test board.
yep good test that eh?  For mobility and dystonia and such.
Spec Savers could have done the same test i am sure, and did so when i got  my eyes tested recently.
So when will i get the extra lift on the left shoe after they stopped my special shoes a year ago?
they never added the lift for the short leg, which makes my scoliosis worse and my body more painful.
I am also waiting for a special pillow for my degenerating neck which is closing in on the spinal cord, the overbed trolley, the bed risers so that i can reach the window to open.
I am still waiting for a home i can call safe.
as i write this, i am home alone with 18ft high walls and no life on either side, a long avenue and  if my GP says she is afraid to come up here during daylight i have had to come home here in dark for the neighbour, the stronger of the two alchos seem to have fled to england on a funeral errant.
and i am left on me own and vulnerable.
some community care and service for us eh?
who is angry, who is frightened, ask anyone with a disability if they feel vulnerable, we all do and I DO tonight!
I am livid with the services in Ireland for twins touching our sixtieth who are going downhill and left just left.
Implementation deficit disorder Yoa Yoa.

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