Friday, October 8, 2010

Disabled In Ireland- BRAVE NEW WORLD-AH? YAAA!

You are on 'edge' if disabled in Ireland.
I chose the words carefully because it IS the state of mind always, now and forever more, amen, for me and for many others.
'On the Edge' too, would be an added phrasing of our situation for many with disabilities have little money and can afford few luxuries.
Take housing and work, two basic human Rights i am told, for everyone in the entire world.
Not so here in Ireland.
As a disabled person in social housing all my adult life, when becoming even more disabled they placed me in a frightening and terrifying environment which i have to return to daily if i am out and sleep alone in a cul de sac not suitable for one so vulnerable.
I would like to understand how anyone can be sane in this position.
 Sane too juggling such things as housing need, health needs, family lack of interest (a lot of this in most families who have a disabled person amongst them, here i am not alone, i guess), attempting to carry on with a certain amount of dignity and attempts and stabs at my so called - right to work, in as less chaotic and meaningful way as possible.
Dignity goes out the window as well.
you seem to have all sorts of intrusion one would never expect from people whom you do not know.
that is care team workers, some good, bad and indifferent.
but you always have to be present when they are here.
you dont feel 'free' as in Freedom of Movement.
You also cannot work when they are around, because it is not a situation you are used to.
The psyche gets jumbled and in disarray.
No matter how often you request of the workers to keep clothing and other items in the same place every week you may want a top one day and its in a completely different space.
this is a rocketing of your energy and nerve levels.
Panic prevails if such things as mobiles, hearing aids and keys go astray.
so edge-ness and panic are normal brain functions of the disabled.
think of housing too.  You have no choice.  You are poorer, weaker and tired.  You do not have the 'expectancy' of humanity prevailing.
You cannot expect the once thought of notion of christianity, it is not there anymore.
You have to rely on wit and luck.
"How will i keep the adapted van on the road"
"HOw can you get that adapted eating spoon, which last time took nine months to sort, and having to buy it in the end, my only one has been mislaid now!'
THAT alone took three trips to the capitol!
when social housing is precarious, no units adapted for disabled people anyway, certainly not in my borough, my twin has had to sell the roof over her head so that i can be got out of my dangerous situation.
You then have another innocent individual involved which should never have happened.
Charity yes, but this is ridiculous!
My twin has PD, so starts the edgi-ness and panic for now she is - homeless.
You have no family, few friends, all charities i have contacted have come up with nothing and there is
little support on the level of our individual conditions.
Once a month meeting for twino if she wishes with the PD association.
but still its basic, SO basic.
Tis all makes a mockery of 'People's Rights'
And a person wants to hold onto 'Dignity, Work and hold a safe environment, have health needs addressed, friendship and family and living where one choses.  You also need to be viewed as equal whose brain has not gone to the boots because you are now ill and wibbly wobbly even wonky!
Does any of this happen? NO, in any shape or form, the exact opposite occurs.
Very much so.
Forget 'your person' when you become disabled, violation of many sorts is just a speak away.
Ask anyone who is disabled if so, the people, my friends on the CRS forum.  And others, too many, whom i meet who are struggling - badly.
Brave new world - for who????

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