Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can Awnyah today have two says? grim mental I am

Well, be very careful how one uses this final description, it could and would ruin your life and it has mine.
Today, unawares i think is Mental Health day (or that could be week) and for sure, this week is Social inclusion week). Where that leaves me is anyones guess.
Gripe one is thus and get to grips with this.  I took the chi, Maggie Mai to strutt her pet power a day early
elderly were all waiting.  No staff visible, i seem to have suddenly been upgraded (without pay) to be the tea/coffee lady, the therapist, the entertainer and organizer, yep, i was supposed to just bring a furry to help depressed women, not be in charge with no qualifications of people with hearing and visual difficulties.
Which reminds me i must ask what i do if someone does throw a wobbler of collapse on me in charge - alone.
How do you keep eye on a running chihuahua and expectant elderlies, who have nothing in their lives AT ALL. (The chihuahua does, actually).
we get moving on the one hour i have.  Excuse the pun, but yes, it was like PULLING TEETH.
You see, no one asked them about their lives, who they were, where they are from, so its difficult to remember if you can speak or ney.
No one asked them either what would they like if they had a wish to do one activity for an hour, if they had a choice.
Well did anyone actually believe they have a choice.  I DO.
Swimming and buying 'proper cloths' was the order of the day.
they have shut the pool cos it was too expensive. they have no braille book library and no talking book library!
they were a tad bit 'difficult' today.  Why?  Well they got the unexpected, a question on - themselves, they shut down.
but i filled the silence with who would like some music, yep they were on for that, Brendan Shine' OMG i announced we have him every week, so i say who would like Johny Cash, YES, a winner and 'I'll walk the line" yikes, but they listened.
then came on a jazzier pieces, one lady tapped the table, one tapped her foot.
Ann here, Awnyah shouted, OK, tap them feet, clap your hands, bang the table'  The cat is OUT.
AWN Yahhhh...ah,....got the biscuit tin, the tea bag tin, any thing.  and put them in front of each, took a hand and said, 'beat that' (to shit)!
and then came out the spoons from the cutlery drawer, each had two spoons and the banging was mighty with a loud WOA, from one when the music stopped/
woa came aplenty, what a surprise when Breda started thumping the tin with her closed white stick, and who says elderly dont  has the initiative? By the way, Brenda is not elderly, she's dumped.

And no we are not in the dessert making music with stuff for the lack of funds, we are in a supposedly modern society where blind are left with nothing, no books, no trips, no pleasure or luxury and we, yes we are beating them drums as if the life depended on it. and the young lad brought the metal tea pot, (empty) to one and we had a zingier sound too!
And they smiled, they left and agreed it was THE BEST hour yet!
the young lad from Blackrock College down the road was also happy and said he had enjoyed it.
I ask him his age, he was 15yrs old.  I asked him what class tutor sent him down and what would he do when he had finished his stint.
He was sent to 'observe' as part of Religion class, which is compulsory, but the exam isnt!!1
well, in MY view, this aint got nought to do with religion in the true sense, its about moral and ethical responsibility  to ones fellow human beings.
to send pre-pubescent lads to observe the oldies hardly equates to participation and education.
Setting a project to INTERACT with a human may have been, not watch the monkies, so to speak.

Now, second gripe and i told you I had two.
Mine entirely, i went home depressed, angry and sad at the lack of humanity in society, I met that bloody long avenue with not a person in sight in the three units, me in the middle and eighteen foot high walls.
No one in the land can have any power, it seems to get AWNYAH out of a knowable (is there such a word) dangerous and vulnerable situation in an alcoholic enclave.
Even if they did, there is no where to put me - except in a sheltered accommodation where i would have to scurry for mid- day meal when the gong goes, sort of thing  - again.
thats the beginning of not having anyone ask me what i wanted.
No one, not one person in our health service, that is no one from social worker, director, doctor, psychiatrist, minister anyone can make the county council move me to safety and quiet at the end of my life with a neurodegenerative disorder!
so who is running this county?  it sure ain't the ones who are employed for professionalism, that is university degrees and experience of disability etc.
it is the daughter of the father of the grandfather who put in a word for the daughter to get the typing job and work up there that damn ladder.
who never clapped eyes on a disabled person, who slidders important doctors support letters into the bin not to be seen again until this BRAT, thats me, asks for my files under FOI, (they dont like that) and discover the most powerful letter of a consultant was is missing.
and, every single consultant i had gave opinion to the contrary of moving me to here.  Everyone, all ignored,
so, if you want power, be a civil servant.
if you want to help someone, be a human and not a civil servant at all costs.
now the bottom line is a Flowery Van on protest at county hall tomorrow 4pm, with duvets and sleeping bag, Dr. Margaret Kennedy and the BRAT, Ann Kennedy, thats Awnyah to you, are having a 'sleep down' at county hall dun laoghaire, 4pm onwards, until the medical emergency demands other.
come cheer the damn awful embarassement and the levels it takes for notice of a damn frightening situation.
right who now runs our country, if you can answer that, let me know, for i want to string em high for ruining in entirely.
Finally, dont forget we all, absolutely all, end with the worms for good - OOO! no exceptions to this rule.
while your are alive, don't make others miserable. thats not what humans should do, Phew, its out, thank god, i wont need to go to the toilet now!

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