Saturday, October 16, 2010

when birds are better than cow-ens!

Yes, well you must admit the small garden birds are pretty, funny and interesting.
As i sit, pleasantly, on a pleasant opening day through an open window letting in musty, crisp and frosty air, i watch my beloved birds.
When you try to relate these to the politicians you are all over the place.
the little uns are colourful, dont engage in mouth to mouth fight, or should that be beak to beak.
they are individuals who dart in, grab and
up the scale in size are the house sparrows, these are an endangered species and they fight like tigers, their small beaks are put to good effect as are their bodies, wings and feet.
Larger birds like the woodies, pigeons and colour doves, strutt their stuff in the name of the morsel by size intimidation and the waddle of coure.
"watch out now mates, i am doing my waddle and look at the body fat index!"
it works to a degree, for the little uns have to be cautious, but not that cautious, they feel it is 'bluff' and it usually is as the fatties can do the 'i'm bigger than you' but the little ones do 'i can get away faster than you' and grab the morsel.

get the brain thinking now, and decide who is who in the penguin house.

reason why i have not been on of late, i am in bloody shock.
No other word for it, after a tv programme called 'prime time' which opened the box to the vast amount of rabid greed there was up to th final crash in our economy and financial status.
Just gallumping, galloping greed and selfishness and idiocy to think the sort of engagements bankers, builders, politicians, and all trying to get the exta 'fix' fair means or foul.
well instead of the hit of finacial fixes, i saw the reality of foolishness, a young man, on the streets in our capital fix himself as he shots up into a blue vein.
near him another man is peeing against a wall down a side alley.
bottles of liquid, cans and froth, blow, tingling in circles.
its pretty much what is happening at Dail Eireann right now.
reason for no blog, shock got to me big time.

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