Saturday, October 9, 2010

I did LEAP for Joy!

tis not everyday, indeed every month or year that one has whats called 'the perfect day,' and it wasn't for me, but, it was a great, great joyous day.

One of them days you are glad to be alive, and when did i discover this?  As i was driving down the leaf golden avenue of the older sis, who was away.  I had had a ghastly experience - in the toilet, the crohns has gone a bit mad as i was sweating and near collapsing on my dear twino's shoulder on crusty crispy dying leaves, i felt at one. "will i go home to bed?" that was the question, the answer "yes" so i went down the avenue and stopped.
"Will I?"
Because a crohns mini minor flare can dissipate after a small rest, as one i took to take a breath in the driving seat, on the way - home.
it turned out to be "lets go to Kilquade."
For lunch.
I missed the turning and twino decided on the Delgany turn off.
I whined "there is nothing in Delgany."
but there was, great twisty road of country, twin and i rarely see that side.
and when another junction, instead of going was onward and downward...toward Greystones.
I found a bit of a biffed jade dragon in the charity shop for E3.  It was not a great quality of jade i do not think, rather watery but i shall investigate this rare find!!!
we had a bagel with cream cheese and ham sitting on the pathway at a round table.
Saffi in either my lap or twins and drawing a smile from passers-by.
It was warm for the time thats in it.
we then tried another entry to the beach.
Seas were high and crashing, spray hit the cheeks and the seaweed scent found the nostril.
it was scent, not smell I can assure you.
'Will i or will in not, let Saffi off the lead?"
"Go on," i say, "she is young, would love the dogs"
there were pugaliers and pugs and crosses between the pugs and cockerspaniels, so saffie the cockerpoo, joined the mottley.
she went crazy with joy, bounded and leapt, sniffed and played, she ran like the wind, what a spirit that gal has.
no one need tell me these wee animals do not have souls.
Did you see Saff today? No! She had SOUL!
When the twino and i went back to the van, whacked out, i told her it was the best day i could remember, just the best.
So imperfection is not a bad thing, for without the bad bits you cannot enjoy the good.
And, without the milk you cannot enjoy the tea....
I came home....and had forgotten to buy the milk!

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