Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How DARE they!

Anger can be for good or evil.  To day it was for the best, and drove me further into thinking alleviate not devastate.
To use Anger constructively has to be the AA and here that means Anger Action.  As in 'implementation deficit disorder,' mentioned in the media recently of our government, i do not want to emulate ignorance.  Sis Julian is reading this, and Sis Julian told me and taught me 'Action not words.' So too, will Sis Julian know that another HCJ'er is carrying on the message amongst the christian community of 'victims of clergy abuse of children and vulnerable adults.'
How dare my 'gang' be dumped like this!  How dare we humans do this to all...once we get we have human beings who are bright, articulate and we have human beings who are depressed and bored out of their tree, knowing full well they are just waiting to die.  they get up, they are fed, they are sat around a table with a cup of tea and half an orange, they say the angelus at mid-day and then they shift and shuffle off to dinner.
most will go back to their rooms to read their braille books or listen to the radio.
They do have relatives.
Some have been dumped and forgotten as children to this place, others after 17yrs of age and others when they get acquired blindness and stumble a bit.
And we all shall stumble, lets not forget, what the bible says 'do unto others what you would want to do for yourself,' or sommut like that, when Sis Julian knows how to comment back she shall tell me the truth of this bible message, i hope i know it, i think i do, I KNOW i do.
It isn't about placing the elderly in dying cages.
Right now all who read week in my area is 'Social inclusion week,' yes, i didn't know that either until i picked up a leaflet today, if you care, adopted a granny somewhere and show them how you care, how much you care and most of all WANT to, and there are Grandpas out there too......just waiting....I am not being sanctimonious about this.  I am Bloody Angry at what we do, and ever since i have been with 'Friends of the Elderly' in the 70's i have seen this outrage visited upon the weak and vulnerable.  whatever it was about me in my psyche then (I was a very troubled young woman), i loved the elderly, then at 18 and now at 58.


Dr Margaret Kennedy said...

Yes there are these 'cages' for those not wanted, or cost too much, or are difficult. all judgements and mostly wrong. imagination and laziness a bad mix, no need to do too much ...just enough to keep alive.

Awnyah said...

yes, agreed twino, we have no imagination, cos we prefer to be lazy! Its far easier. Funny how no one ever, ever thinks this could happen them and most probably will, so why cannot they put in place what they would expect for themselves at the end of THEIR lives, be it a very fruitful one, or a disadvantaged one?