Wednesday, November 10, 2010

According to.....

We shall come to 'According to.....' a tad bit later.

Now a very non womanly quote (but we are all pretty much aware of the status of women and other now) 'it would freeze the balls off you," meaning its turned nasty, very cold. the tender plants are now in their small secure units for a while, although one secure unit wasn't that secure as the howlers knocked it down two nights ago, what a mess!
in bare feet, i struggled to find the cuttings and remains among the mush and more of compost.
After a while i realized, thus was my enthusiasm and fears for the living babies that i have bonded well with, better than people, my tiny feet were frozen.
 they got wrapped up in their woolly secure padding then.
All my babes seemed to be secure then, the chihuahuas fed, so the wild birds and last the self.
that is not a matter of bad priority in the matriarchal situation here, i cannot eat on rising,  it takes a short while for the inners to wake up for the munch so they munch first.
Yesterday was a beauty, no not weather or nothing.
I had to sort the bills so it was down to the main street, i parked some way away, when the rain pours down, so do the disability blue badges hop off the pavement and slap themselves stuck against many a 'borrowed the granny today' car.

interestingly, they are providing my town with one or two extra disability bays, you have to seek out and do a rescue and you feel very grand and happy, but it seems that the more bays we get, the more disability people find them too.  Well, we shall use that word losely when it comes to the blue badge scheme, we have many nanny borrowers around.

I went shopping too, this is bizarre, I have to do the shopping in a large cheaper supermarket so that my 'home help' can cook a ceoliac meal for me.  It was pissing rain, i was on the mobility scooter a good distance from the shop and there i was scootering in the howlers and the pissing rain whilse a warm able bodied woman, (young) awaited the ingredients i was to supply.

the HSE taught up that brill one, to save money!

My sister rings, she the one who has shot me character to ribbons, i am in a mess already and she adds to it.
i put phone down, but am in tears, depression you  know!
do the shop, scoot back to the van and on the way i meet the Manager of the Community Physiotherapy in the er, community, walking up that road to his office, with a very sick umbrella, he welcomes me and i am crying, told him 'i am fucking sick of being sick in Ireland' with their nonsensical rules to save a penny or two.

I park a bit away from the back of the van, he hands me the walking stick i have strapped to the back "i dont need that' i bark petulently, well spell it please for me!
open the van, prepare to drive it in but there was my physio clearing away the obstacles on its floor, i drive in.

 In brilliant hind sight, would it not be better to use his skill in clearing obstacles  within his brief of a HSE physio manager - like more than four physiotherapy bouts in five going on six years?

I also had a visit from the boat builder social worker today.
He was quite efficient, I, as onlooker felt, less pen pushing and he listened, that is a good sign i guess.
Not much offered except arranged a date to have the holey emersion removed and a new one (the third in a year) put in, they must get these things from the recycling centres!
he rang the corpo, still no move on the housing list, no units available for a person like myself. Well, we knew that!
I am still without wireless broadband, changing my provider has meant that i cannot use my 'emergency response unit' (lots of units around here), it seems i cannot use my wireless broadband either, but hope the latter is a temporary situation.
oh According to the Arts Award people I have been given a discretionary 'time out' on completing the award, well that is the jist of my belief, i will have to inquire more, but this is great news actually.

well on the worsts note possible, i have peeped the news yesterday, only a peep, our cost of borrowing has now being upped to eight percent and a pip.  umm.
we aint talking about grapes here, man.
On better news, i visit my grannies and nans aplenty with maggie mai as the 'pet therapy' dog, now these are the genuine articles and i love em to bits.  better spruce up and get dressed and washed, and dog alike for duty calls.
talk soon.

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