Monday, November 8, 2010

ELECTION PLEASE-to have a say who is in-out, of the HSE!

Yes, you can say I want a peoples' choice of who should stay and who should be booted out, not by proportional representation, but first past the post.  We are talking HSE this time.

I worry, you see, who will elect themselves to go, and for an easy life, and those who will stay for an even easier one - with pay!

I do have ideas, there are many all across the board i would tell to go back to the skilled jobs they had before they decided, whoppsies, i better use my degree before i get much older as the day job is not producing much now.
Yes, they exist, too many.  Sorry if i offend, but those whose career was a mother, or a craftsperson etc, needs to do re-training before they launch back into the workforce.

I believe little is offered in this respect.  As one astute person (within the HSE) told me, "i think the inadequates are there purposely."
I would tend to agree.

You would worry, wouldn't you?
But a collective response for the citizens of ireland to put on the ballot, 'Please boot out that bloody shitzer of a consultant who is so RUDE!"
or more politely "Boot her out, what does she know about knob spoons or spinners?"

It kinda gets awkward for instance, four physiotherapy sessions in five years within the public health sector, is that an admin error, communications error, purposeful error, or bad mistake that?
Did someone forget to put the stamp on the letter, or lost the physio on the way to work?

Or, have i made a record here, certainly i have one of the musically vocal kind of a screeching nature, and a type response to discussions which were not allowed on because of fears of litigation.
I have been refused publication in our fantastic Irish Times, lettersed too, yeh, i tend to hit bones on this one certainly.
Ditto Joe Duffy and Drive time.  Well the former know i am a ex psych patient and since discovering this fact i am 'off air.'
No, i didnt disgrace myself, i hit close and a lot of people don't like that much, you get zipped if you get close, litigation again, i have no doubt.

I contributed my 'expert patient' knowledge for recommendations for change in the Mental health service, which after years of Experts input, hit the deck pretty fast, indeed it never got past the off the printing deck, and indeed again very nearly never turned up in print form the day it was launched, supposedly by Ms. Mary Harney, but she didnt show, her dep did.  I wasnt impressed.
the Vision in 'Vision for change" is just that, as predicted by a beautiful woman with a sad son in Dundrum Mental Crimminal Hospital whom i met at the launch.
I was very skeptical then, but many were visibly  vibrant about Visions.  Myself and the Beautiful elegant woman were not.

Craziness is not in my mind, but we do have a crazy country with crazy services for the ill, bewildered and disabled.

It is worrying too to find that a day centre for elderly can be 'manned' by a young boy of 16yrs., an ex psych patient (vetted by police though, so i guess i am ok there) with a tiny dog, all unqualified except for the dog i think, for a few hours.
Yes, elderly, frail and vulnerable with not a pro in sight for all that time, and no lessons in first aid, emergency call in, or out.  Nothing.  What do you do, sent the chihuahua to alert the reception that Mrs. K has hit the deck and then get the reception to alert the Day Manager who alerts the receptionist to call an ambulance, that is after the care worker has checked to see if the elder person is alive and still kicking and to verify she hasn't had a fainting fit rather than a stroke, and not a doc in sight and the chihuahua has not passed its term as intern or other at a major medical teaching institution.

Yes, may sound very funny, or shall i add that to be examined in a very busy local A&E, in the corridor, having my top pulled up for the stet, while a young man leant against a door post watching.  I was on a trolley in the corridor, he was taking time out from a cardiac arrest invalid, beside me in the cardiac special care A&E.
great entertainment for him to see a boob or too of a middle aged woman,yep, that would keep his mind off his job at hand ok. with fright rather than arousal too.

I dont know where we are going, we have a structured plan for the HSE development yesterday and today we have loud noises (not mine) that the HSE is gonna be demolished.

So we have a third health service being dreamed up in a stretch of nearly the same length of time, well thats a stretch too far i guess.
it will take treble that time to get this structure and communications and all on high tech, rather than doing the pay slips for thousands of workers by pushing pens for days on end.
And by that time my friends, like it or not, most of us will be DEAD, yep, friad so, gone with the wind in the willows, DEAD!
Sorry to upset you but it cannot be as bad as what is happening in real time eh?  and i read about quantum physics last night, time and such does not exist, ask Charity!

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