Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well, hopping all over with disadvantage

Yes, like snow balls here.
Tis very interesting to see the contrast in thinking on these.
The economic crisis is a must to address.
the Crisis in abuse in all areas of social disadvantage have either been denied or argued about and fought over, who should be accountable.
Firstly we all know who is accountable in the banking system, so too, everyone knows who is accountable in the social schemes and schemings of disadvantage.
We had the fight of tigers to get a sense that someone outside of Ireland can decide that the Magdelane Women should get recognised as being let down by the state, the health boards and the civic courts and just about everyone in fact.
And they are the women and children who posed such a threat to decency and the honour of men etc.
We always got the message on this one, fear not we did, maybe the clergy and oh, the women religious who too, were saving 'honour' of the women and the men, but in the process used the 'less than honourable' as virtual in house slaves, who were passed on to more dishonorable specs of horror on our planet.
So we have sorted one thing anyway and i want the world to explode with shame, anger and social reparation for all abused in such a horrible way in these laundries.
Now we get on to my pet hate, this has to be the horror of horrors, its not that one is worse than another but this seems to be so dreadful.
I call the activities in and around the 'dying cages,' the lack of respect, honour, humanity to our frailest and most dependent of our human bretherns, again i guess, we have a spell mistake there and probably a misuse of the noun as in single and plural.
But let there be no mistake we are talking on 'plurals' here, hundreds of elderly sitting it out, at the complete and utter mercy to all and sundry while they waste away and die more of depression than anything with abuse to their person, which they cannot voice in most incidences, abuse on their intellect, they STILL have a working brain!  This seems to have been forgotten along the way.
We have abuse of the worst kind, these are the elderly who were once young, your mothers, fathers and grandfathers and grandmothers.
Under the guise, of 'its best Ma' that you go and be properly cared for, these old people are literally dumped away and basically forgotten.
when the HSE deny so strongly that they have not created a misery for these people and also a misery of great uncertainty in the financial abuse areas and more, its like one more stab onto the cruelity of what one person can do to another.

It means really that the top 'brass' pleas innocence of misuse and abuse of the far more innocent in our society and go to bed after the draught of whiskey or whatever with peace in their minds and sleep the counting of sheep in the form of the euros leaping into their own off shore accounts.
many women and men are trundling off to bed in a darkened annoymous ward, thanking GOD another day over, and maybe thanking god too for the draught of the sleeping pills that will keep them quiet so as not to disturb the night staff on duty who would rather sleep than think of their charges.
I feel we have a partial response to the Cystic Fibrosis young people of Ireland.  This Unit at St. Vincents is going to serve need, but there has been a proviso that it will also cater for others too, so how secure in our economic times, are the beds for the vulnerable young with a life shortening illness?
How quickly can these be allocated out to others?
IN all matters Irish and medical, it depends who is who, and what they can give, by way of economic or social status to the ones at the top.

Also like a bolt from the blue it has been discovered we have very bad governance, poor governing policies and laws and all should be reformed, monies capped but please note, the mercedes stay!

When abuses come to light and fight for the side columns of the papers for the crisis of economics are stuffing our brains with depression and stuffing ever letter space on each line of every newspaper, social depravation continues, and we all have to 'pull our weight.'
I ask the government, when there is a general election, where will all the people BE when needed to vote?
I would content, most will have emmigated, others will be in the lunatic asylum, many will be in the homes for the bewildered and many just couldnt be bothered now.
What are our choices on the ballot papers, I couldn't cope with Enda, I kinda now don't trust, Eamonn, I fear for the Socialists, Sinn Feiners, and the extreme leftists, so aint much left.
I hope to be bottled down to a quiet end decade, will pluck the weeds from the garden.
feed the birdies and the chis, hopefully stroke a black rabbit who i have given a name to already 'velveteen'
try to keep my twin happy and self of course, but i am anything but that at the moment.
but before i do this peaceful old person thingy prior to getting to the miserable 'dying cages' i have to find a roof over my head, away from the fist slingers and the underage gun yielders popping shots and lingo and more such in my face.
Peace, yeh, comes dropping slow my friend.

Ps. didnt get to my 'gang' dressed ok in the uniform and all, but the legs were very wobbly and the breathing very suspect so it was back to bed and a upset cancellation, believe it or not, they, the gang give me the greatest of pleasure, every wednesday.
and if you read this, are you ok about the design and pic change to the blog, i was BORED last night, nothing like being bored and sick and alone to go changing your face around.

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