Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I feel a strange feeling coming on. humans get a day off!

well, not so much 'love' but lets say there is a truce.
a very nice gentleman helped me on the short distance i made with the chis up Killiney Hill, by chatting to me and staying the pace until i could go  no further.  It was not patronising.
I also received an email from my older sis, which was a daring and very kind thing to do and i thanked her - now is that a magnanimous gesture?
Heart felt it was too.
We had a few combo's that added to a slight shift in thinking.
i am at peace with self today.  i am taking things slow, because my body dictates that.
i have received a bed cradle which is great and much needed too, and a surprise bed table which i put together, fantastic and very very discreet not at all like a hospital one.
that was courtesy of the HSE!  Long since put in for.
its these little things that help a person like me so much.  they will last forever and be helpful for ever.
I hope the dumping of crutches and such will be banned when the budget comes in.  the old are now thrown out for some odd reason.
most orthopaedic equiptment once used gets the thumbs down.
its about infection i think but surely by now we have a way of disinfecting and we have used apparatus over and over without causing the 'black plague' before.
many times you cracked an ankle given some crutches at the local hospital and you brought them back and they were put in the store for the next person.
now all you see is heat sealed brand new crutches and no obligation to return em.

so this woman has a wheelchair to find a forever home and some crutches too.  Damn ridiculous someone cannot get the benefit of these items.

This woman is pleased, the wireless broadband is up and running again, ditto the phone and placed in a better position by a kindly technician (that restored my faith in mankind too i think).
my printer is working, my computer housekeeping is going really good at present.
I havent got a 'forever home' for myself, and neither does twin who will be virtually homeless before christmas. (that is a rather big negative actually, and not a positive)/
my sjoggies flare is dissipating due to time out from the stresses of 'thinking' of need for two.
there has been a calmness in the past few days, and i am grateful although i do have to appear in court.
that should be very interesting indeed.
I refrained from paying a lot of attention to the bloody news which is like a rough sea giving everyone sea sickness and there is no remedy, bar - jumping ship or flying to foreign lands.
certainly mortillium will not solve this illness for sure.
Valium might calm the nerves, i would suggest some of the TD;s take it for men are very prone to heart attacks under stress, but i fear the same effect can be got from whiskey etc and thats more acceptable and far less stigmatising than the people denouncing the guys as lunatics and i told you so.
by the way, lunatic as a noun is a derogatory word, much used for those who are different.  (Sorry, i had to get that in, anon will be giggling on that one)!
Well the pep in my step has been R&R and a fine rest, no sleep but rest yes.
I am pondering on having a chicken coop and another chi and a rabbit at my next 'home' and i shall be the very example of the estate mini farmer, eccentric to boot.
Hens dont make noise i believe!
Rabbits have a short life so i shall treat em well for the duration of the short haul.
chihuahuas have a long life and i shall treat them brill for the long haul.
now, i wonder where the humans come in.
Can i treat them brill for the long haul.
well anon, i am deeply suspicious of malicious intent, as in 'sheltered accommodation' and such, as a solution for the short haul to the grave and i aint in for a short haul of incarceration when i wont be able to chose my wallpaper, but have to put up with magnolia, i wont be able to choose my main meal menu or time i wish to eat it,  nor will i have a garden to plant the beans, have the hens the dogs etc and i may increase the snake population as well, well, they will increase after the budget for sure.
they will be human too, the very worse poison as well tis produced by em.
oh as a nation of gazers we will have another english wedding to drool over.
does anyone realize that when you go to London or other, the news does not even include anything  iorish at all, unless its something on the grand scale of the UK bailing us out as we are 'friendly aliens' but here, in the republic, most of the news actually does include english politics, law, international law, war etc.
we dont even get mentioned until the ship is sinking - ah a remedy for the seasickness, i forgot that one entirely.
now i am going to see if the twin is alive on the other side of the world, as its usual when i am thinking of bed, she will be thinking of the day ahead and may first look at her own emails etc so strike when the iron is hot, i say.
bye for now.
sleep well.

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