Friday, November 26, 2010

Back with Bang and Hitting home!

One must, unfortunately, some time.
two days away and you sort of forget 'home' or 'unit' or 18ft high walls and you reinvent self and your environment, whether internally, externally, both or otherwise, is sort of entirely up to oneself.
I defo reinvented self, which was the real Self, and did so by extricating the self from the stresses and pain of living, and that too, should be in capitals as well.
the real Self is amenable, fun and enjoys being herself, away from those who snatch and snip and scratch and claw (not the dogs now) at the real Me and cause Self to become 'self.'
so that the larger of the two comes to the fore when bloody left alone from the strife and put-downs from you-all-know who!
Environment gets sort of reinvented in the mind, oh gee aplenty of that, and its invigorating and energizing on the imaginative level to be reinventing the homestead.
You do that by saying such things as "Ah, hens!"
yes, that is strange alright.
there were a few strutters amongst the trotters alright, and i had been talking of coops etc, for hens (not self now), and my coop will be part of the shed, which will come with me and will turn from the x-studio (it became that with temperature drop and more so in fury) into a shit ridden hen coop that i shall visit daily to scoop the egg for breakfast for the protein then the shell shall go back to the soil for the...
GRASS, plenty - plenty of that i saw and so Grass is the next for the environment, of the mind at present where the cells are being activated and stimulated into a creative hub for the studio pods and bean, pea pods Ann shall have along with the hens, and Velveteen the Rabbit, hopefully and the chihuahuas and another, hopefully.
Body reinventing, alas rather superficial but imaginative as well, imaginative in the sense one has to pretend on its reinvention rather than do so hopefully or ..otherwise.
One must transcend the body, as in levitation (off the massage table 'slab)? Yes, actually, you do that, in the brain department, if there is any left, you levitate and then come back, see?
cos you cannot imaginate the body away, and i have coined a new word which i think is a sign of dementia, well making up new words is a sign of something, cos i read that somewhere...and i forget where,,,, which is another....sign of :(

In truth two days absence from base, gives soul, mind, body and brain a break, not a breakdown, or break-in just a break.

so i am now IN the cooped unit, with the chis, and  Self, and please note, it wants to be permanently  written as Self, so if anyone wishes to claw at or spit or worse at the self, go find another Self to redue to self, I in the meantime will levitate beyond, the massage table, the 18ft high wall, the bloody pain in the legs that is still there,ditto hands etc and the f..humidifier is still on (well it was on at the hotel as well, i have to say).
so this is called HITTING home and its all too real, really.
And on the 40yrs and half a day, the twin and i are again living apart and in two days out of 40yrs and a half day, we didnt scratch or claw each other either, so lets hope Reality enters and reality exits...if you get all that you are 'a wise woman!' Sorry boys, this gal rather thinks more on the feminine than the masculine for reasons best known to self and the inner circle.
and the men in my life are actually in that inner circle too, so all is well with the world (i didn't say Ireland).

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