Friday, November 19, 2010

All is well with my world, maybe not my country!!

Ah indeed, the world (inside the head, someway), but definitely outside the head it was.
Crisp, brisk and with an edge to a warm heart.
Just the way a sjoggie likes it.
Started off in a ghastly manner as unwell, couldnt breathe and legs awobbly.
but with slowness on the legs, carbs in the belly, few letters written and stamped, dogs and birds fed, the floor exercises done along with the balance one on the Pilates Ball (recommended), i seemed better.
we all stepped out.
I called to my area PA manager's office.  within ten minutes the sweats began, the bloody energy efficient lights kill me and all luppies are saying they are f...dangerous.  well i had to escape and couldnt sit under them, thought i would collapse.
You do FEEL it.  Some law that was, thanks to the  Green party.
Now down to basics, i escaped that alright and went to get some new eye shades, these have had to be about the 20th pair i have got off the RNIB, i am sick of it.  I lose them.  Just vanish on me before my eyes, well not quite but pretty much.  So more again.  This time two, to prevent me going down there again.
I did the pier to the bandstand with stick, the two chis were let off, now that was a bad idea as they went in different directions.  I am convinced too, that Maggie Mai wanted either a cold swim or to commit the ultimate act so she got reined in.

Great fun with walkers, great chat with two elderly women, who ask me if i find men for them do let them know!  Yes, the conversation had taken that twist ok.

Onwards we went, well this part was NASTY, getting back to the van, i could hardly was a shuffle. a right shuffle, the legs slid in agony towards a low sun, very dramatic, but what was happening the pins was oh God, dramatic, flippin agony.
for some bizzarre reason i wanted a coffee and prepared to go to great lengths for one.
This is my level of addiction to Caffeine and i am not supposed to drink it either.
so i decided legs gone and too tired to drive, get out and all that sort of thing, so i took the scooter out.  sorted the chis on my lap in a scarf and off we took, the smiles and oohs and aaahs were plenty.
i went to the coffee shop that has a reputation with me!
Meadows and Byrne.  I asked a passer by to see if a girl could come out.  that was done with complete kindness.
A young Polish girl came out.  She was struggling but in the end my Large Latte and a muffin was presented out in the cold.  She sat down.

Er, yes, she sat and told me she was hiding and thus came the truth of the matter.
" people can be so nice and yet so horrible!'
"why, what happened?'  (tell aunti awnyah), she did.
"well first coffee i serve in the morning i was told by a woman 'education is the way, huh, i didnt even know her.  First coffee!  Do i need an education to serve coffee and do this job?"
Ummm I pondered the psychology on this one and a sad young girl.
"well, young lass why are you STILL bothered about it, its 3.15pm and still the first comment of the day is still on your mind?"
"hum..." the young girl said.
"Why she so nasty?"
"Why you so bothered, it sure hit a nerve eh?"
she shook her head.
"Now, if you are STILL thinking about it at this hour, it must mean that you are intelligent enough to have taken it in and it did something to you, if you really didnt care you would have forgotten it by now."
"Let me ask you want to be serving coffee at 50?"
"I am saving money, and maybe i then go to college."
"You can do what you like, dont mind any Irish woman telling you what you should do, but we Iorish hold great store by education, and thats why she probably said it, not to be nasty."
"yes, i suppose so."
"Oh it is cold out here, in poland we would have all the jumpers and gloves and coats etc"
"You are not supposed to be out here, you are hiding!'
I warmed to her.
"I sat here cos you have such lovely dogs"
"HA, and what about ME?"
"Yes, you are really nice too.'
She smiled a warm smile had a little think and said she would go back.
"you go back now and i shall see you again eh?"
"Bye, thanks for being so nice."
Oh she was a lovely young girl.
we talked more about 'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy' etc, she giggled at that, she seemed to be having little fun, all in the effort to save.
I went on my merry way.  My latte was stone cold, my chi, the fat one nearly got garrotted by the lead which caught in the wheel and snapped away from the collar.  that gave me a fright, but she has a thick neck!

I will defo be more careful there.

The bloody radio is still spittin out 'ah its a sad day for the republic, my grandfather fought in the war for independence...' Blah.
I learnt a lesson and so too, i think the young polish girl who probably is still thinking of what the woman stranger said to her at 8.30am this morning.
I met a man i had known in a recent past life.  First thing he said "thats a great yoke there', the scooter.  It is.
"Ah, i never knew you had these two."
No 'Hiya, Awnyah, long time no see' but he saw the scooter and the trotters.  now thats a lesson in itself.
best go and see whats happening my poor independent country!

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