Monday, November 15, 2010

Working through Flare and its working

Yes, I am!  also the brain is MUCH calmer today.
Lots of sleep yesterday (including on the swingseat outside) and a walk on the seafront.

It was a day for inner calm.  At times it kinda saddened me how few humans were in my life but then again, i have never quite known what to DO with them.  Its not if they are comfortable being on a lead for a walk up the hill or by the sea and sniffing poo all the way, and as for peeing on the wet and frosty leaves, oh what a come down, Ugh sorry, and yes, tad bit tickly frosty on the butt i should think.
but you cannot then say to em, "ah good girl' or 'Just a bit longer now and i will dry you when we get home"
I DO talk to my dogs, and I fare better than with the adults.
There are some gentle adults, tall and short, some spirited and spiky and some don't say a word but are sweltering with venom-spiky inside, that comes out on 'their good day' DO not be at the receiving end of this sort of spikyness, worse kind and worse effect, depending which side you are on.
They are the Malamutes of today, the ones that are just hell bent on picking on a small beastie a tinch of their size.
And a Malamute did just that to my Maggie Mai yesterday, but luckily all Maggie got was a fright, as she looked up at me and the hip dysplasia was surely displaced with fright!
i got the fangs in my legs but luckily i had very thick trousers on.  I got a fright too.
Like the malamute humans, these walked away with a sort of giggle and not much else leaving the weenies traumatised to get on with it.

As reported i slept on the swinger, i had to remove all the water, dry that off, go get the cushions which were in a long cushion box at the end of the raised bed and then came out the blankets, pillows, cream, artificial tears, sunglasses, a drink (soft), hearing aids, mobile and a hot water bottle.
for best results too, gloves and a foot warmer piggy with floppy ears, PINK.
that went on my head! yeps, he did or should that be she did.
the ears got in the way a bit, and i giggled.
Maggie mai and Ana soon joined me and slept under the blanket on top of the hot water bottle, we all snuggled up in the cold, eskimo style and i loved it.
watching me intently with glistening eyes was a pigeon, one, with glassy eyes staring and watching, when he fluffed up his feathers and went down on his belly i knew my enemy was in for the long haul.  But he was cute, being the only one, and curious too.

Do you think it worth it for an hour to do so much prep only to abandon for the bed.
Yes, how could you replace natural air, the sounds of the birds, and the vegation that exudes that special musty, grassy smell, it is all a joy to the natural senses God gave us.

inside your body does something, it fails to understand artificial heat.  your eyes go crazy with grit in, well no grit in but it feels that way.
and you squinch them up, trying to find the tears in a bottle is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Oh and on goes the humidifier.
Sjoggies, i do believe this is a MUST in the dry air of electricity.
I did to prove i am not too lazy in illness, clear out the wheelchair hut which held anything but wheelchairs, it does now.  I put two washes on, went and bought bird feed and walked the trotters.
Bed found me taking two valium and more painkillers on top of my own meds cos i was in flipping agony.
a chair under the soft blankies worked, to not have anything touch a roaring body which was wrething in agony.
and off to noddy with me at around 2am.
on waking the chair still in place i had maggie mai one side of me on a cushion looking straight into my eyes, and the other, the fatty, propping me up on the other, so i was sandwiched, yep i was literally sandwiched.
it isnt any better now as maggie is On top of ana, and has head leaning over my left elbow to see if she approves of what i scribble.
From that start i hope i have a good day, and i wish you all the same where ever you are.  And g'day to my friends in Australia too.

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