Monday, November 1, 2010

You cannot pick your family....Independent Living not on THEIR agenda!

Ah the 'bloody family' how many able bodied and disabled people say this?
Its always angst when you are fighting.  Angst when the fight is right, or you believe so.
When do you 'put a person away?'
and the family say "its not like that, you can be independent and get on a bus!"
Yes, you probably can but its in THE PSYCHE of a person who is disabled  who knows what lack of Independent living really is and means.
You start putting people away at a relatively young age when the person is no where near senile or in a veg state that person loses their soul in the process.
When i quote a person i know who has muscular dystrophy who is still at home with carers the sis says "she is a very wealthy woman!"
Ha, now we really have it, in this statement.
SO, you can be in your own home when you are wealthy but not if you are not so wealthy eh?
'We are in an economic crisis" comes the next defense, and my social worker stating that 'all the family are asked to pitch in with their disabled relatives.'
"All?" I ask of him.
Well not all of mine pitch in.  None in fact, NONE!
So its to the workhouse, basically, if you are poor and don't have family enough to care.
the next was "i have to go, i cannot deal with this, i will only get depressed, i haven't seen the news all day so i have to go and see what is happening.
Well, i am depressed every day and do we really want to see the news?
tis all bad and Ireland is down the S-bend anyway and that would depress a saint.
there are few of them around too, accordingly.
Bloody families.
Well also mates of many, you shoot yourself in the foot for even carrying on a discussion of this nature.  They disown you then cos you dont actually comply to the 'dying cages' theory.
They disown you if you suggest that they offer a tenner here and a tenner there for a bit of home help or such.
I dont ask them to spit and polish personally, no never but if the wealth is there and we are in an economic crisis on a power next to never before, war like, then a tenner here and there would go a long way.
It wont get me to Istanbul, canada, france, venice, wales, france again and australia all in the one year but it will get you a meal!
thats the difference between the 'sheltered accommodation' and 'dying cages', tis best for the poor, see.
There simply isn't the money!
There is actually.  There very well is, and your ma and da had a social consience but they didnt produce the same moral fibre in their kiddos for some odd reason and less in the next gen and the one after.
well there you go, the news is over now, so one sis is probably very very depressed and this one is probably happier, because i knew i was depressed anyway!!! (i didnt watch the news)!

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