Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I lead a very exciting life - SERIOUSLY

You do have to retain a sense of humour i guess.
I am going to now write with a posh accent on this one.
whether it be a faulty towers accent, a middle class accent, ummm the english conservative posh accent, well one has to use the imagination.

Yes, this is not imagination, best part of a week in bed in pain and exhaustion and the delivery of a bed cage to keep the blankies off the body and a humidifier i myself bought to keep the air moist (yes moist, as i now cannot sleep on the swinger, did you feel the temp out there, not to mention the motion of the wind)?
No i need the moisture to counteract what bit of heating i have on - none at present and the window IS open.
as i was cosseted up in the bed, wrapped in the 'going slowly' in order to try rid a sjogrens flare and prevent the bloody steroids being added to the cocktail i hear a 'rap rap' on the door, dark, the said door was bolted. the curtain draft excluder and the sausage dog excluder should have been excluding but nope.
my teeth went in, my dressing gown on, my hearing aids in, my glasses on and i face the yapping chihuahuas growl at the potential intruder - turned out to be a law enforcer!
Dead right, one of them.
with FIVE summonses to appear in court, FIVE.  yep, AND what is worse, its to appear on the day before my birthday, the day i hoped to escape to enjoy two days pampering with my next in hair colour and age!
to say i was startled was putting it mildly.
i rang a friendly guard, whose wife is an avid gardener.  she gave me a massive lesson on what to do with my raspberry stakes, my cuttings and bulbs and do the prep for all the frost which will be thrown at us.
the uniform was hung as the body underneath was in a shower - at home!
I asked her would she bring a orchid to decorate my cell and could i come round to continue the lessons when i am let out?
the gentleman was now clothed, laughed and reassured me 'you are not going to prison' he knows of this case alright.
it happened a while back and the said enforcer was packed off to the midlands for she was deemed out of order, but not before she did a sting, there is a similar word used in the law enforcement agencies, a sting is a stake out where you find or get someone eh?
well she has put the stake in...this should be very interesting indeed.
i rather not spent the day waiting around the courts actually it can take hours and pain is rife in a sitting position for that lenght of time.
so we now have the distraction of a different kind.

this isnt by any manner of means, the case of A being the cause of a fatal road accident, but rather a case of a person with a tax disc out of date but i am tax exempt and it says so on the disc and i wasnt carrying drivers liscence for a very short journey, no bag, i said i would bring to local station and i did next day.
we shall fight it out in the courts, dont the film stars say that?
they go to court over the colour of their partners socks!!
well my moan and rant was of a more humous kind but i wont be feeling that after it, pretty much the same as after the incident, in bloody agony.
yikes the life i lead is sure interesting if nothing else - i wander am i a reincarnation? and what on earth would or could i have done when i was on the earth a last time, and if it aint going too good this time round, what will i come back next time as  ---suggestions needed....imagination is needed too on this one....c'mon, i need to liven up the blog, for the error of my ways what shall i come back at? and i deserve comments for putting my life on the block, er. the gilluotine is temporariliy out of order - yes, TYPOS! woo


Awnyah said...

I would love that, a bird!

I could see the world from a different perspective, if there is a world to see.
I could shit on heads alright.
but when did a bird not give pleasure, apart from the pigeons and vulture type.
i shall come back flitting and pretty and i shall make the old women smile! on the days i wanna be i shall be 'johnathan livingston seagull,' cos i havent learnt enough in this life!

Anonymous said...
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