Thursday, September 30, 2010

It was a rough day defo

Is there really such a thing as "when things go well, they go very well, and when they go bad, defo sour as - hell" or are there the better ones "it will get better, promise?" now is there a magic wand out there with the added 'promise' from the god or fairy who says this.
Is that the tooth fairy again.
The mood was rough,
the mind was rough
the sadness was rough,
and the sadness of another was v. rough.
there were tears caused by the swirling howls, from the ligntning whip tongue of a relative, and the tears of calm dejection on the other persons part.
there was the mad dash for the god and fairy promise from a friend.
then there was the mad dash to more water and roughness the sea and the hurtling rumbling, tumbling surf and the spash like tear shaped drops fo salt and the frothe of bashing hard onto what a hard surface.
to unit we were all churned up.
was that the reason for the belly down as i scabbled on the stones, and you hear that squnch of the stones grinding togehter and making way for the body and the feet and anything else inbetween
while i laughed and giggled and felt the breese and watched the chis explore from just about at their level i began to experience and out a body, sould, heart experience.  I was engulfed with joy and togetherness and murged further into the nature that was all around.
a thundering surf, ominous clouds, contented snoopers of chis, snuffling.
who could not be happy.
good shots too.
A man walked by with a soft hat and made a comment for which i couldnt catch.
he wasnt young, could have been fiveteen years older.
all along the shore he walked and disappeared.
i too, soon after the bather was out of the water.
i piled into the van, i wasnt so good  now, shattered, feeling sick and in pain.
well art equals pain, 'old  man's tale' but to day true.
i went to the vico, the clouds too good
who did i see coming up that hill - the elderly with the soft hat!
"you didnt WALK all the way here did ya?"
I did, was his reply.
we chatted.
'And i was wondering how did you get here before me.
"I drove" i confessed.
ah, we giggled for a second 'fix'
he informed me the dolphins on Sunday were a mother, daughter and a grandmother, now doesnt such info do the heart good?
it did mine.
he then headed down again, clipping his car door shut once he grabbed a bundle, his togs.
down down toward white rock and he was ducking in.
and i was fecking off...home.
by diverted roads but home.
half a day completed and their was more stormy later too

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It was one of the 'best of days' to be sure!

It was, a good day.  I was upbeat and sorted the receipts for insurance.
it was a good day too, weather nice and we, that is Herbie my PA, Maggie my sis (in her wheelchair) back of van, a bit wibbly wobbly but it did do the job perfectly.
we then had the trotters, two chihuahaus and the large gorilla dog, but gorgeous thing, saffi, thats the twino's brat-at-present, still growing up - we all set off for our potential 'foreverland,' i think right now in me head that its Fairyland, as in wonderland.  we have spotted two bungalows, on opposite sides of the road, yep!
wait for it, both the same design, more or less the same garden size, and we can wave from kitchen to kitchen and still the road would be the 'nomads land' when we stress it to be so.
Ideal yeh?  YEH, now for the money part, we havent sorted that yet.
bit of the down side there but its 'work in progress'
Now, for the end of the day - all spilled out at the twins residence, so that we could switch driver,, self propelling (oh i wish), but actually i got into the passenger seat and realised, "Ann we have done the switch" i hooted and hobbled over to the drivers pad.
twin got in so did the woolly and back to my prison-at present,  in a sense.
we had half hour breather and out again, leaving a dangerous woolly and praying like mad that no wire or worse is chewed when i get back.
Filming and editing/directing course was great, and oh boy the buzz, what ever happened the body here?
did it really get this old this fast?
It did.
It sure did.
but one has to dream that tomorrow the tooth fairy (besides bringing me teeth) might bring me the bounce and energy a twenty something has so that i can do the five minute short or even write the ideas up.
Five minutes is LONG, that is LONG, i had done this in animation.
well a satisfied Ann ends the blog.
Sadly she knows the twino aint much better than when she woke.  She is shattered after London and very Low.
So, if anyone reads this and knows the twino, contact and do best to the rest, that is cheer her up now, thats what being human is.
So says Awnyah, yeh?
and good night from me, no wires chewed or nothin'

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One day here and another day THERE

Variety, they say is the spice of life.  It has to be said I and one other had that in spades.
We, twino and I sped to the rescue of a sick person in Ireland for the very first time.
She was a bit worse for wear and panicking rather badly.  "what kinda place was it?' she asked, 'It was awful, people gettin' sick, people drunk, it was mayhem, more like harlem, " she said in disbelief.
"what do you know about harlem, sure it couldnt have been THAT bad?"
I was a COP in Harlem!
'Oh," that put it in perspective.
a taxi man had driven her from the airport, (dublin) to the nearest hospital, there is a question mark which one as no labels, no receipts, no scripts could be found.  But she an Irish Hospital - setting, yes, hospital Irish stye- or should that be - Harlem style.
A fantastic documentary winging back to the US of A in that one, and again SO embarrassing for our drunkard nation.
Now, on another day, I had the need for the FAST lane, home.  It was of course that of the Bus Lane at rush hour.
it was fast, believe me, it was fast.
I had been to a hospital, setting.
it was, er Florida style.  Clean, welcoming, plush and had Koi in the lobby pond, a big pond with some big Koi, "do not feed the fish" there didnt seem a need to, they were fat fish, some fat and some only tiddlers.
I make it to the floor of the consultant.
Ah she was loverly too.  absolutely.
everyone smiled, even the patients.  very expensive looking patients, you see what i mean?
Eyes, look after them now.
"what is the verdict," after some unusual testing.
A bit of macular degeneration, two forming cataracts...and..."where are the cataracts, are they bang?" "Yes, bang in the middle."
you need to know that actually.  right, a giggle is expelled and a doubt too.
you have a bit of rubella retinopathy as well and the sjogrens is playing havoc with the corneas.

the rem is thus:  tinted glasses, so trip to the National Assoc for the Blind.  "now dont get a fright," i am told. (I do). i need special kinds as i am 'an artist' well, trying to be anyway.
and 'we may have to consider (do you like the we bit?) duct plugs to stop your tears draining down your nose passage into the stomach passage and out the rear end passage"  My words, not hers, but it means the same in any language.
script for a drug to protect the eyes,
appointment for glacoma testing.
and a last shot of "well, the steroids you are on for the crohns speeds up the cataract formation, we may have to consider..."
and a final final last shot "the sjogrens is causing the bomb out extreme photosensitivity where I HATE light of any kind...out...
I speed, OUT, fast into the fast, forbidden Bus lane, not a bus in sight, i speed to the twin.
cuppa, slight rest and all is well with my world as i sit close to twino and ask her not to abandon me penniless (I am) and we watch black Saffi the cockerpoo and blonde Indi the Retreiver play."
now THAT is good medicine in spades.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Professional opinion...

Yes, I can safely say it was not too difficult to decide on this one today.
a 'primary care team' meeting involving the primary person in this instance Awnyah no less.
there was a pro there, apart from Awnyah who will affirm what i say, we had two professionals and many kind people bar one who was a horror and thats putting it er, kindly.
To decide if the two groups should mix at all is now open for debate.
Surely they have souls too and a home to go to, to wrap up safe with partner, hubby, dog or duvet.
whether i can call this 'unit' a home is also up for debate.
it is not often a very sick person is shot at and an attempted attack is made while in your own home.
Even the social worker has never had such a case as this.
well i have decided we lack professionals, no one was actually up in arms (!) on my behalf, all looked sad, dejected and 'not a lot we can do' hung dog sight for sure.
nothing was promised, a waste of HSE money, a waste of emotional energy and some not even spending that either.
it does, too take a rather lack of professionalism to stick to the rules like mud does to shoes instead of lateral thinking.
i am all for lateral thinking.  we look up, down, left and right then right and left again.  you aim high, and you aim lateral....professionalism in a nutshell or bombshell, whatever