Sunday, September 9, 2012

Protesting is Normal

Being a disabled person doesnt mean that political activity is not part of the remit.
Indeed it is more part than not so with a zest and zeal like none other, the pink hatted twins stepped it out, well half and half really.

We desperately tried to manually push a wheelchair with our bodies in it, this isnt easy with a muscle wasting condition.
we then desperately attempted to push a wheelchair with our bodies behind it, step by hot step on a very hot day.
I could not sustain that pace and commondaired a passerby, very obliging, hansome man.

I look back at the times when i was a volunteer with Friends of the Elderly in the 70's.
How i thought the old ladies and men's adoration for us young ones so sweet and endearing, and did so rather patronising the frail beings who gave us the confidence to do what we did.
- i felt all good inside to help.

-I am surre my handsome young felt all good too, but i personally sank an inch deeper in my  wheelchair and felt a little less sure, a little less confident.

This confidence, can be eroded by dependency.
small acts can bring it home in a very embarrassing manner.
the day we hobble out in pink with bowlers, all pink all identical and doubling up as only we can do.  for being disabled for me, means my right hand man/woman is also that as well.
its cringe stuff when depending on others in such a massive way.
In other words, for all the bravado and the reality of the fun which is it, its major cringe and major distressing - denotes -

Its a fact of reality that someone has to do the job.
being a person with a disability, that is.
Without us, there wouldnt be a fair bone in anyones body.
Why, because we are seen and people learn a thing or two.

Protesting with disability shows the world, 'Oh Lord, they can do THAT?'  "Oh Lord, yes we can"
Of course we can.

a Protest is good for the soul if it yields results, which the last weekend did.
Its good for everyone's soul for the very reason i mention above.
It is not a matter of cringe pathetic to watch disabled people protest so we get results.
its a matter of personal inability to deal with severe government cuts and what it means to us.
We had to do it, and you cannot put disabled people down.
Nor, can an institution ignore this fact that the disabled, like the poor will always be without.

why in gods name do people once in government begin to feel that you can actually destroy a human being in this manner as if worthless.
the polititian of today or yesterday may well have been the young good looking chappie who did a bit of social awareness when they were green under the gills.

this time the reporting of protest is, we made a punch of effect and had a proposed cut withdrawn.
Independent living or lack thereof withdrawn.
but like an onion there are layers to this thing called provision of care for the vulneralbe

My family rounded on me a day later.  and it was devasting to hear the sort of thing that seemed to be the crime in the act of protesting.

To actually do it, as one of the siblings said, 'looking for attention.

so explained written i end with a steep pull up and put down,  WE are Worth The Protest and most effectively - WE GOT THE RESULT!
now, shoes, "Did i hear anyone say something about shoes?"
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