Saturday, September 30, 2017

To be back again - still fighting oppression

never rocket science to me

Where did i go?  
Away - in my head and physically i was and remain tired, too tired for words.

a huge groundswell movement has been reawakened recently at a gathering to remember our fallen warriors of the Freedom movement for those with disabilities.
i feel saddened at what is happening in my small country.
As we face a new and harsh, wet winter the housing crisis gets worse by the day and the government has not really carved out a proactive engagment on this major crisis.
the Healthcare system is breaking down, but then it has been broken a long time now but daily further reports are all the cracks, the detris of a public healthcare system and no accountability to the people of Ireland, those who cannot or will never be able to afford Private Health Insurance.

i want to see massive changes.
i see and believe change only comes about by the use of the words, 'citizenship' and community, rarely does change come through political ideology because at present the shift to the right is causing an imbalance to what all we once loved especially here in a tiny island.

I want to say to my government - we can never compete for greatness on the world stage.
what we can do is provide a peaceful, community based environment where all are respectfully health in care, community, health and equality.

this isnt about politics its about the people.
its about our need for links with each other irregardless of political class and ideology and irregardless of great world movements and disarray.

to bring back an Irish approach of watching over each other, a loss to a small island i say.

We have lost so much here because we wanted to be equal in wealth, power, prestige and bond with a far more powerful world that has far more in terms of resources and centuries of maturity and skills we simply have not achieved and wont for a very long time.

i see harm being done to the sense of togetherness that we had.
it worked in all our times of hardship.

we helped our neighbours, we helped each member in the family, those getting old, those unable and those being born.

now we have a society based on well, individuals and what they can grasp when young and then forget about all else.

it doesnt really work that way because even if you become a wealthy person will that bring you any closer to the young we are driving away from the land?

Would it be a far greater achievement to have moral integrity and care for each other.
civil justice, equality and fairness.

what we are creating is a monster divide.

during the difficult years 2% was taken out of the economy financially yet Ireland has more millionaires now in the time of fierce austerity 2006-2011.
it did matter where they cut the costs and who were effected.
so few of the middle classes were ever hit as badly as the sick, disabled, vulnerable, and home ownership.
when we got hit it was a very big hit.

when we fail to care enough not to do this, then we can call ourselves human beings again.
scathing approach to the opposition in Dail Eireann recently made me sick.
a egotistical attack on the opposition in Parliment shows an insecurity and bolshi ideology of absolute arrogance rather than debate well, it was attack first.
the debate was about the way forward, how disability is seen and used and whether it is about equality or civil justice and citizenship
this isnt the approach we call 'the modern way.' it is the approach of bully boy tactics.

i certainly would like to hear why the Banks like AIB will be tax free for 20 more years and making billions in profit each year.
but woe to the person struggling to pay a morgage and massive rental on a dingy hole of what is called a home for a family or for anyone.

to me, the bullies are wedded to a greed second to none.
where it comes from is europe and massive waves of indignation that a feeling of the poor and sick are filching the country dry when in fact no poor person became a millionaire during the austerity times.

it was a witching out and on the very needy which once we considered a big really duty to care about.
now we see a lynching, hate crime and a selfishness, that to me is sickening.

I am disabled with an acquired disability through an illness i have yet to find out it may be exactly.
at present the government and the healthcare system do not care a toss and i am a prisoner here and yet a pathway in theory is carved for people like my twin and myself.
that pathway was used to great effect but for the past two years we are without any care whatsoever and fail to be able to use this pathway again.

this is a deterioration in standards and belief that we have rights.
is this because of our age as we approach 65yrs?
is this why all help has stopped.
a very real question and a reason to be very worried, and that is for all citizens of the state.

i have heard older people claim that their consultants will not care for them, that they are abusive, denegrate and berate the elder, usually woman patient.
but then i have been on the receiving end of that too and know so well it happens here and happens far too often.

i have a major wish for my country.

speaking the 'lived experience' of "difference" in an indifferent society is what we should be listening to and more so than ever before.

I wish all to embrace the ideas around community and civil justice for all, to forget about money and greed, but think of human beings again like we once did. That would make this an honourable country, not a corrupt, greedy safe haven for the greedy of the world.

it soon won't be a country worth living in.

it will become dangerously cruel, individual with a dangerous crooked way at looking at certain sectors of society.

the beginning of an evil intent to disallow the vulnerable be part of this new horrible world in ireland has now been established for a good while.
i want to see this mould and trend well and truely broken.

I think all need to love again, in the real way and decent way.
we badly need music

we so badly need MUSIC!