Friday, December 27, 2013

In this blighted house: Chritmas is over-2014 becons

In this blighted house: Chritmas is over-2014 becons: Yes, I'm pretty pleased too.  It's exhausting to one soooo sick. The stress of it mind-boggling when everyday matters like putting o...
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Monday, December 23, 2013

there is more in society than children of the future

why in ireland do we worship the children so?
we give all under five a free medical card INSTANTLY, its illogical.
we give all babies and mothers such profound care in the public health system that the poor nurses do nothing more than baby clinics for everything these days, leaving vast amounts of vulnerable unattended at a fragile part of their own lives.
Mothers and Babies actually do very well in this country, there will always be some that are not doing so well.
but we do know for sure, most people in the catagory of disability, ill health and old age are not doing well at all.

Let me consider one group as a group but they are indivduals, equal to you and i.
they are what we call 'the elderly'
remember too, that no one is 'disabled,'  no one is 'vunerable'  no one is 'needy.'

why do i say this?
because these are labels.
we are People living from birth til death.
when adverse circumstances occur we are pigeoned then, so that we are 'seen' easily or in most cases not so easily.

we lose part of SELF when we become part of 'disabled,' 'elderly' vulnerable and needy.

we are all humans.

so why then do we forget my biggest group for worry, the elderly?
tell me why it is ok never to think of the elderly as needing as much if not more care than the under fives?
why are we ignoring the parents of the generation that now has under fives.
are we actually forgetting them for a reason and if we know the reason will someone tell me after they have read this.

because when we 'forget' these groups, and the elderly are about the most powerful. we forget what they can offer society.
no, we may have to pay for it, but then all service providers do get paid!
what is the wealth of the elderly?
how valuable is it?
it is vast.
the elderly oose wisdom, through their ways of getting by, the ways of passing time, the ways of education, detection, instruction, giving and seeing.
they will have seen far more than an under five, therefore they could give the children who have past five to say under ten a wealth of experience of how it can be done, if modernity has worked.
because not all in the modern age is working.

certainly to produce mini emperors and queens, is not going to benefit society long term, for its an unbalance view which will become a type of psychopathy and sociopathy, people will actually not be able to feel for another, if they believe only they count, and thats what we are now producing.
children who are made to believe only they count and that the world revolves around themselves.
they are going to get a great land when they reached 60 and onwards.
they will be dumped, and by the time they get possibly a decade earlier than this the way society is running so fast they will be dumped sooner or exterminated as useless sooner.

they then will forget that they created this for themselves.
what the elderly can and do do for us is pull in the reins and make us think of consequences.
and the consequences of divorcing from family of all ages.
within the group i speak there is unspeakable loneliness and global neglect.
not only have the children abandoned the very people who have given them everything so too has the government and society.
we corral the elderly into nursing homes.
these are not homes by any stretch of the imagination.
they are a form of control for cost effectiveness, and even that isnt working because its not cost effective.
the children of the day think the elderly are cared for in these places.
they are not.
the only thing that happens in these places is, that they are kept alive longer, to realise how lonely they are, longer.
and we do this to them.
instead they should be in the hive of activity,the centre of the family, embraced for their contribution which is anything but small.
they should be in their homes, with the help we can give them, not neglect and distain for staying alive longer.
we are creating a society that breeds neglect at every level.
and when this happens society not only loses soul but loses the chance to fully understand.
we are producing a society where more and more are bored, lonely and on their own for too long each and every day.

if we could understand more about why elderly are important, we can make their lives a living joy and healthy living for their end.
rather than the misery that detachment from this group has caused, this same detachment coming sooner with each generation until not only do we have the misery of detachment, loneliness but the misery of living, sooner rather than later.

we must embrace everyone as equal, and that means our elderly.
our grandparents and parents all those who never married, the aunts and uncles and then we all will truely be alive with connectedness to the wealth that if variety in the human experience.

embrace the elderly for Being human is being alive and being elderly is being human wanting to be alive.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

bankers, bailouts, charity and disability - dirty words

to me, fighting is the disease of being who i am.
it reluctantly is part of practise, part of knowing there seems no other way.

what do you think i may be fighting over?
it isnt anything that most would be because this part of most lives is relatively well managed and controlled so that it isnt a difficulty problem or either isnt really on a personal agenda.

one day it could be.

when that comes, dont say i didnt warn you because then the disease will sicken you to the core and leave you war weary for ever more.
there isnt a let up once it sets in.

bailout glory is not the glory of the people.
its a glory of 'construct' to the powerful and to those that way to feel 'better' rather than 'dutiful' and 'caring'
being a politician exhonorates you of the latter entirely.

but then who is dutiful and caring.
the people.
get together and raise money to fill gaps but the gaps should not be there, because the money is there.
funny no one knew this!
the diseased did!
once you try to surgically remove this disease new thoughts are coming to the fore, and further investigations take place.
everyone with the disease do investigate and themore they do the worse it appears.

occassionally we see it set in stone in the media.
how long it stays in the collective concience is a bit less well determined.
i should think not long because collectively we are not such a diseased nation to allow it impinge on personal life.
but here it is, stated in the media and not for the first time.
this is a warning.
that the disease will in Budget 2014 are being cut services further, care packages, equiptment and much more will never be available again.
the government of the day are abjucating their responsibilty but causing a culture of vultures in a sector that never was to be a business nor a top up on the citizens of the state who are affected by disease.
Disease here i mean three things and very forcibly i state it effects every family in the land.
its called disability, becoming part of the elder section and being very vulnerable, sod it if you fall into all these catagories as i do as too my twin sister, who still fight the disease and the cuts
we still on the fight for the powered wheelchairs which are as in this article states part of our rights for nothing has changed bar the fact we are losing ability to walk!
please read how eloquently it is put here and excuse the typos in this missive, too tired to go back and correct this time.
talk soon

Friday, December 13, 2013

the irish bailout- is it glorious? i don't feel it.

ireland now is exiting this bailout which caused our county to land on knees.
the trouble being, the knees were those who could least afford this.
we saw far more homelessness, we saw disabled and elderly being crucified and will be crucified for many years in the future because indeed we are told already that there will be more social and medical health cuts in budget 2014.

i do feel that the austerity has been profound for the least able.
we didn't have equable responsibility as a state.

the rich saw no cuts.
no cuts at all.

when people talk today in the media, we are talking about the positiveness of increase in jobs and economy.
but not one person who is working within the disability sector has been asked questions in the media, only those in business, policy makers and economists.
who is asking those who are ill, disabled and vulnerable how it is to be exiting the bailout today?

i can say on the 'historic weekend ahead'  that i have had prescription charges trebled in the cuts.
no services provided for my health care which will make life or my health anyway better or my quality of live, health any better.
i am being denied even a wheelchair of any use.

i have at present a wheelchair so clapped out and reconstituted that it continually breaks down continually lose body parts and now been told that before released to me, that the bolts which hold the wheels on are in fact the wrong ones.
yet always the HSE has consistently said that wheelchairs are vetted by engineers before being allocated to disabled people.
this isn't so.
this one wasn't and this one lost wheels.

i think people have to start to wake up and feel for us.
because as a commentator said today we better not sleep walk back into the future.
can we ask the irish nation not to sleep walk all over the people who are your brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, your wives, husbands, grannies and grandfathers.
because, believe me we are leaving a vast swathe of our fellow human beings unaccounted for in quality for their life which is about the only life they will have.

when i think about preciousness of life i do look on this as equal for everyone.
not just those who can contribute to the pot.
not everyone is equal in this and a lot is down to luck and good fortune of who you were born and how you were born.
but does that actually say 'well that is just tough bloody luck for you, none of my business.?
this is what is being said.

I have not, ever in the past few years been supported by a family who have the means to support two very sick ladies with chronic, neurodegenerative disorders.
neither my twin or i have received the following:

a gesture of a meal at the family homes and extended family homes, only at festive times.
a gesture of a trip out for lunch, theatre, film or a drive, not once, oh, ah yes, once and we had a ball when we were taken to a film "the life of Pi"

further, we have not had support by way of anger by our family members at the state of the wheelchairs we have been provided with, instead we have received the anger from siblings for trying to start a fundraiser for these chairs.

i have not had nor has my twin, being delivered a simple meal to either of our homes, by more healthy family members, extended and other so that at least we might have a meal we didn't cook, have to go to shops and struggle through checkouts for.

we have not had either a family member support us to a doctors appointment, speak to a medical person about our situation and ask questions about our future, or our health or our disabilities and illnesses, they wouldn't be that interested and some hardly know what is wrong.

we have not in all these years had help by way of  another family member suggest a carpenter, builder, van repairer, electrician or other when we needed such advice.

we just have felt totally alone in everything with the only suggestion ever made being we should go into the funny farms of sheltered accommodation.

it is fact...we are in dangerous times for sick and elderly and disabled.
even some of the carers we have, (and we have only a limited amount we are by no means being 'cared by the state.' a belief of the wealthy family and extended family), been told that most sick and disabled do have family support and its tragic that we do not.
this has been said from the district nurse, by the doctors we have and by the home help providers.

they all tell us that we are unfortunate because in these times, those who have family fare better and its rare to not have family.

do you think then that my twin sister and i are not grieving right now?
we are, we feel the loss of this support and never having it when we could do with it.
we feel frightened of the future.
we feel alone and frightened of the future.
we feel frightened of the level of health care, for honestly, those who have family who can demand better usually get better.
when you do not have this behind you, you are at the mercy of the state who couldn't care a shite about you whether you lived or died.
if you have family who cared, then you have a chance or half a chance of living because they will make sure the state will not kill you off.

if you think this is extreme thinking, its not only my thinking, its that of others who have said the same and to me and also when in conversation with disability groups, media, commentators who are not the commentators on the radio right now, they say the same.

we as a nation need the support of each other more than every before.
my twin and i have no one bar the few home help ladies who come and help us for the few hours they do.

there again the family can retort that we are 'lucky' and feel fully convinced that these helpers are doing everything, that is cooking, cleaning, washing and shopping.
this is far from the truth and is self soothing perception to help them and help them get off the hook with ease.

what about love in all this?
isn't that too part of being family?
we don't feel loved.

we have been told already that one sister is taking out a barring order so we wont go onto her land, but this threat has passed and never came to pass, but it was said,  because we shouted in her car park and some of her staff might hear.  We shouted for good reason, not because we were obnoxious.

we do not feel loved when we were not invited to a family wedding and nor a 90th birthday to a now deceased aunt we adored and the pain of being left out is enormous for myself, i loved this woman and i was not there for a great occassion, because i was not invited.

we do not feel loved for being left out of not attending a sisters wedding before her husband of decades died a horrible and sad death.

At christmas time its about 'where and what will we do with the twins, ' in other words, who will have them.
and sometimes no one has.
one year our first away from the county of our birth no one had us, we were together alone and saddened.

this year i am having my brother and his family and thoroughly looking forward to this and hope i will be able to do it well given i am so jaded tired.
but i am looking forward to this.

but we have all these sorts of things happening right across holy ireland right now.

wealthy still wealthy.
some have support and others completely and utterly abandoned no matter what the social class or criteria.

we must all pull together to give everyone a chance for equality.
that means the disabled count.
the sick count.
the elderly count
and family count.

all count in a fragile world where we are living for only a very short while.
does it feel that fair that some are abandoned to constant pain, struggle, fear and lonliness and poverty and homelessness and suffering?
especially when we all can do more and do our bit to make it easier.
if you helped you are giving and the feeling of giving is more than the feeling of taking.

i am angry tonight.
we will as a country not change much before i die.
and i am dying believe me i am dying and dying in pain and misery left as a piece of shit amongst both family and society.
the only reason why i have a roof over my head is because of my dad's wonderful gift of leaving my twin and i the home of my sister above us who died prematurely.
we owe the roof over our heads to the dead.

but myself never having worked, only have a disability pension.
that is it. final.
so will my end be that.
i am a frightened lady.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a grubby galling, perverse state (ireland)

yes, we can chuckle as the best of them.
but we are cunning, cute and crooked.
to the bone.

bone crushing crooked.

we write these wonderful reports all around the place, pat on backs of our colleagues, and all in for a bit of stroking each other as if this is some kind of sexual disease.

we stroke and stroke and cover up with many layers of blankets.

we do not want the truth out.
we also do not care much about others, not really.
again report after report says we are so jolly friendly, and we have the best environment to work in and we care, oh we care so much.

we care more than most.
we still have a morality in our humanity.

not a bit of it!
we lie, we cover up and we shore up the crooked the wealthy and damn the least fortunate.

the recent image of the red faced Reilly and the distorted smirking Enda just about says it.

we are winning the health battle says Reilly.
there, the disease again.  the chuttling cackling laugh.
it isn't funny.

pain and trauma is perverse.
pervasive and all inclusive, within the disability groups and within societies least able.

when we want to ask each other the 'whys' can we actually find the answers?

well, many have seen how it all works, but no one seems to be able to make the people who are paid to deliver, accountable.

we have two systems.
the HSE is there to deliver a service.
they are paid by the Department of Health to do this.
the Department of Health will tell you that they have nothing to do with health, when you ring and say the hSE is failing you.
but they PAY the HSE, surely to god then they have to make sure they are paying people who are doing their job well?
NO, actually, the HSE do not have to do their job well to get their pay salaries.
they just have to 'pretend' they are doing their jobs well, balance the books, in pretend fashion and cook all around.
the HSE only have to lie through the nose to cover their tracks of inefficiency and any query asked by the Department of Health, from a citizen of the state, well they lie about the query thus making the person asking the question of the government about the HSE out to be the liar not the HSE.

we know about this at this level.
the disability level.
we see it happening, we experience it, we read it in our files and yet - the Department of Health believes the HSE version and can then go into the media and say "the HSE is 'not fit for purpose!"

If it isnt fit for purpose i asked a 'civil servant' in Reilly's office today when is the HSE going to be disbanded.
she couldn't tell me.
but i say you are a right hand of the man himself and do all his bidding, why can you not say.
she didn't know.
why did she not know?
did she not know?
or is that another lie now one of many.
if you ask anyone in any department head office a question they must be told to tell the caller "say you are just a civil servant."
thats what they do.
'I am just a civil servant!'  Yes, but part of the governments office of Health!

We have sort of shorties from the minister's secretaries, be they the Minister for health or the minister with special responsibility for disability.

'the minister's office is looking into this.'

If you believe that you are more fool than i thought.

we also have a ministers private secretary say:

'your situation is being addressed.'

which also could mean absolutely anything at all, even nothing at all.

certainly the situation i talk of speak of is the only situation i have been speaking and talking of for over two years and they still are not being addressed.

lets answer now the series of innuendos that is put into the public domain about an individual.
if an individual asks a questions many times, they are labelled.

and the label is libelous, but you can say that, and you cannot even prove it, but it is.
why, because these sort or snorts are sent to all the departments of the HSE within your own personal medical files so that all departments are to be aware that your question is a complaint when it isn't, its a question.

what is the HSE doing about my wheelchair situation?
this isn't a complaint, its a question.

when you are labelled a person with a behaviour disorder of complaining, i kid you not, there is an equal one for liars.  its called pathological liars and psychotic thinkers with no concience for the truth at all.
thats actually is a medical condition.
it is known that poor sods with psychosis and sociopaths tend not to be that truthful and have a propensity to lie and not know the difference between truth and fiction and other.
its called blurring the boundaries of reality.
 The HSE and the Department of Health, Reilly's office, that is, has this in spades.

how do you know?
well you would if you were at the bottom of the rung as in being disabled.
it hits you in the face daily.
and leaves you floored.

we have a European Union, well there are a lot of europeans there, and we little nation is amongst that lot.
yet us, that is Ireland is about the only one who has not ratified the EU convention on the rights of people with disabilities.
nope they have not.
in not doing so they are breaking an ethics code of bond which they agreed when they decided to join the European Union but then Ireland is Ireland.
if joining is advantageous they will screw it, but if it not then they will ignore such facts as human rights.

for its own citizens.
but then we as the citizens,  we are not to be trusted, we lie through the nose, and tell porkies so we do, eg 'my wheelchair went into a wall and lost a wheel that travelled half way to dublin'
it isnt a nice porkie when it happens.
i was sitting facing real granite.

Sisters fundraise after wheel falls off reconditioned wheelchair


A woman whose wheelchair went into a wall after one of its wheels fell off on her way to hospital has launched a fundraising campaign, with her twin sister, in a bid to buy two new electric wheelchairs.
Ann Kennedy, a former artist, and Dr Margaret Kennedy, who campaigns for victims of clerical and institutional abuse, have a neuromuscular degenerative condition and depend on wheelchairs to get around.
The sisters, who are 60 and live in Greystones, Co Wicklow, were given temporary, reconditioned electric wheelchairs by the HSE in spring and told they would receive new wheelchairs once the funds were available.
The sisters claim their wheelchairs are inadequate for their needs and that Ann’s wheelchair is “not fit for purpose”.
Ann said she was on her way to St Vincent’s Hospital for a neurologist’s appointment on July 29th when the left back wheel fell off her wheelchair.
“I shot right into a wall,” said Ann. “It was very distressing. I had to shout at two people in front of me to get their attention and they picked up the wheel and waved down a taxi for me,” said Ann, who also has Crohn’s disease, primary Sj√∂gren’s syndrome and Raynaud’s syndrome.
“I desperately need a new wheelchair. I’m using it everyday at the moment. I don’t think it’s safe. It’s hardly going up a very slight slope,” said Ann who had the wheelchair repaired.
A statement from the HSE said that it did not comment on individual cases.
“All applications for aids and appliances are based on a assessment of need and prioritised within allocated budget,” the statement said.
“All appliances are assessed by an engineer to ensure they are fit for purpose, repaired if necessary, cleaned, decontaminated and made available for reuse.”

The Wheels Appeal: Ann Kennedy or Margaret Kennedy: Ulster Bank, Bray, Co Wicklow. Account number: 11281838 and sort code: 98 53 75

my situation is about the wheelchair, among a few other things and the minister says its being addressed.
well, i wonder when.
by whom
and all sorts of questions arise, but be very very careful because you could be labelled pathological remember your own words, this is a question not a complaint.
which it is, when?

'when' is a question.

This blog is a complaint, about how the HSE and the Department of Health couldn't tell the truth and are people who blur the boundaries of reality and never deal with much at all.
'pathological liars' i call them.

that isn't a question nor a complaint, its the blatant truth.

how do i know this you may ask again.
because i experience it.
every day and its not going away at all.

that is one truth for sure.
the next being, it is recognised that the HSe isn't fit for purpose and that the outgoing ombudsman's real regret being,
she never managed to have an adult engagement with the HSE.
we know certain truths.
we also know certain lies.

when will the HSE be abandoned?
well no one knows.
or do they?

My biggest question today is 'when will either the HSE or the Department of Health learn to tell the truth in anything, so that the citizens of this state will actually know what is the difference between their lies and their truths, we do have a blurring and we need to know.

finally, when will the government of the day ratify the European convention on the rights of people with disabilities?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

to hell and HSE

sorry my supporters on my blog page.
i have not been writing much.
we have a situation you see, its pretty dire too.

I have been sick but alas you all know that much.
Alas you also know that i also have another situation and that is with my HSE care provision.

try as i might i cannot change this situation and its beginning to take its toll.
whether this is the intended response due to no response from the HSe i am not sure.
it does seem this way.

this is the trauma they want to create.
the PA's of the 'managers' all say it isnt, but i say it feels like it is!

try being so unwell and sick and disabled and FEEL but also KNOW you are abandoned?
try feel that feeling of isolation.
try thinking around the fact that no one visits, no one rings and no one cares.
try thinking about having no children, no sisters, no nephew and neices, no friends, no parents and no neighbours, you then can realise what it is to be both myself and my twin sister.

why has this actually happened you might say, its not that normal.
well no actually it isnt.
its not that we are abnormal, this isnt the case.
we are though different.
we would be classed as different and alot of it has to do with 'deafness.'
Deafness produces an individual that has a type of communication that is outside what most would understand.
the emphasis on word and language is different and it can all be veru loud and brusque.
underneath you have in fact two people aching for the laughs, just like anyone, the loves just like anyone and the banter just like everyone but it doesnt happen.
people find it tiring to have to repeat themselves mid conversation.
they find it irksome to see the difference that causes them to be cross.
cross because they lack understanding from the perspective of a deafened individual.
ha! i knew this too about my father, who became very deaf when elderly.  it drove us all nuts.
he thought everything was absolutely fine!
he got angry at us getting angry.
he couldnt understand why he could not have the tv blaring.
'its not THAT loud'  well , er, actually it is.
now thats saying something to twins who only have 30% hearing left.
he never answered when spoken to, walked away when you are speaking to him.
moved off when you were speaking to him.
never responded when you called him to din din, and caused someone to go looking for him.
he never answered the phone and that got left to someone else.
never answered the door, that too got left to someone else.
hardly ever laughed at a joke cos he never heard it in the first place.
never conversed at the dinner table and that was tough when it ended with only parents and deafies like my twin and myself.
it can make for strained relationships.
i guess all were happy when the tv was off, and we sat either asleep in the sitting room or reading a book, peace seemed then to reign, but normal discourse wasnt open to ye when dad was around but dad was old fgs.
so now us twins are deaf and we are alone.
the brusqueness we hated is there.
but not only is my chihuahua a marshmallow so too are my twin and i.
dying to please (the pun intended), and dying for the stroking.
it doesnt exactly come in spades.

ah, now on the other level of hse which was actually the title of this blog.
seek and search as i may i failed again to have an official of the hse return my call.
we remain, us twins with no physio, no wheelchairs, no ot service, no social worker, no psychological support no nuttin'
i spoke to John Hennessy's PA, (you wont get top brass, ever)  just like you wont get the president or the thaoseach. she had remembered me from my phone call made months ago, he, John is the director of primary care services in ireland.
so the pa said she would talk to john this guy.
well, have i heard this before, yes.
i am going to keep a notebook of all i contact within the hse on a daily basis and the response i get.  on one page i shall put the time, date and who i rang and on the other i shall put the response.
you can bet only the left side of the notebook will be filled.
it will be interesting too to  note, who said they would contact and how many people both said this and get a tally of how many people you actually tried to communicate with, in say a month.  about something that you needed.
lets set a task then.
i shall try and attempt get some movement for the wheelchair debacle, and i will document that alone and i will get back on here and tell you how it all went.
i have predicted the outcome before i start.
it will be where i start and as i started this.
like, here, as i type.
nothing will move further than this stance i can assure you.
if it does i shall promptly fall down and die, instantly and the HSE would love that.
one less to bother about and one less to provide a wheelchair too.
but this may be the sort of jokey side of things, it isnt that funny at all.
we do not get services, period.  and no one really cares.
its also known within the disability services that the media too will not report on anything much to do with disability and especially if it pertains to adults.
they may get the three day wonder with the kiddies, but you can forget it when you contact media.
they aint that interested and they wont even bother returning your phone call either!
my twin tried recently, but she had the phone put down mid sentence.
that was it, out.
you know we must too be the only country that doesnt protest about injustice of its own people.
there are some areas that people do protest.
sexual abuse is case in point.
people get very aroused over this.
because there is an understanding here when there isnt if you are not disabled.
people also get very excited when disabled or sick children suffer.
but believe me most suffering is pretty much equal.
incomprehension of suffering has been cited in the instances of children suffering, but then children too have a magic set of thinking values.
they do have that to sustain them.
adults see far more mobid feelings around sickness pain and disability.
the wards in childrens hospitals, 'sing'
did anyone ever see a ward for adults 'sing' in the same way.
like murals and nurses all jovial and everyone pulling out all the stops, red noses and angel wings or the best plum pudding on the campus.
we the adults deal with it, sour and demour we deal with it, grim face we have to be that stoic cos 'ah jesus, fgs' will you forever stop moaning about everything.
well, i would if there was red noses around me making me laugh, or sugar with the  medicine.
no sickness is about evened out amongst the age groups believe me.
but you dont do you.
so i didnt win on that but i rarely win on much.
i just dont win.
i want some red noses from the hse too, but they may think i mean bloodied.
they could be right.
there is such a thing as wanting to throttle some of these 'superior beings'.
well, no i dont think they are that. but they do.
so i do want to trottle.
i am waiting to die see, and there isnt much action from the hse to help me die in some kind of decent fashion.
my twin told me today of an individual who has liver cancer.
the hse would fund that over to the uk for treatment abroad but there is a six month waiting list.
he is on the verge of dying now.
so he has gone private and can ill afford this. but you would if its a case of life and death.
he is important to his family of young children.
but the hse dont see a triage system might work in this case, cos they dont think of this.
he is off now in uk and having the tests needed today.
i pray he gets a liver transplant or treatment or whatever.  he wont get it here.
a guy in canada had a transplant and was out of the hospital within ten days and having now to report back only regularly yes, but not that regularly. he had the transplant was walking the next day and out almost by the end of a full week and a few days, i couldnt believe it.
i do know this, its a relative of a relative of a relative by a marriage along the way so i know this as fact.
not bloody ireland no.
Enda, do you read my blogs, so we a 'modern society? ' would you like to say that again, enda, third time lucky,  ...'what are we?'....we are a modern society....'what are we?' ....we are a modern society....'what are we, er waiting for?'  to be come a modern society.
not in my lifetime alas.
tweedledum and tweeledee we are here.