Thursday, June 26, 2014

the court of human rights.

I am mapping out the road and the days of the travel and the journey from now.

its where i intend to be.

I have a crowd to garrot for what they have put me through for now over six or more years.

never in all my life did i think i would be treated so badly.
but i have been.
yet we are in Ireland, the holy ireland.
there is an evilness in the carers of our citizens and seems to have always been with the mother and baby homes, the draconian mental health services and now the physical health services.

if you become very sick like i have become we have down here where i live a care team from hell, especially the managers who refuse me everything when it comes to care everything.

since the time of the wetroom debacle over two years ago everything i request i have been denied, deliberately
sofa risers
bath chairs.
social worker
psychological support
ongoing physiotherapy
wheelchair powered one
all denied with the weakest of reasons.

you are witch hunted if you go against the hse, they can say absolutely everything without any redress or reprecussions.
they are nasty.

why am i still up at 3am in the morning.  i have been weeping, i am that frightened living where i do now.
i cannot stay, i am too ill to stay and fight this shower.
i wanted to make it my haven of peace, i thought i had found a beautiful gentle town.
you must be kidding.
ignore the notice by the entrance to the estate 'the best place to live in, 2008. my frient that was 2008
its a far cry from 2008.
crying so i am.
really fearful.
we have no family, know noone here and less chance of either.  we are lost beyond measure.
i just never expected further trauma inmy escape frm trauma to come here for more of the same again.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I have many questions to ask of the HSE!

when i am old and grey, i shall wear purple and rattle my stick along the railings.
spit and lie down when i am tired.

but although this quirky poem has the right ideas and ideals, we don't do this.

we do not just let it all hang and chill when we get old or older.

there is the pressure in modern day society about actually being SICK when you are old and the worry that can bring.

In Ireland i guess this is profound, for we now are growing and going the way of most developed countries, down a road i detest.
its called 'inequality' and we have that in spades.
during recent times of austerity we have been butchered to death with cuts, those of us on benefits and public health provision.

There is worry.
Severe worry being sick in Ireland.

It is strange that the middle classes and those of that ilk cannot see how this can happen.
The worry, that is.

Its strange they cannot see why i bother to educate myself on my rare condition i have as there is no cure nor treatment so why don't you just 'live.'

They also do not understand the awful fight we have with our detestable HSE.
They see two individuals as they call, being cared by the state so why worry.

It isn't like that.
Its like this....
you need a better mattress and cannot afford one, you never worked.
You ARE entitled to ask the HSE for one, they ARE entitled to help those in public health care with providing items that make life worth living and pain free.

Thats in the old ireland and in an ideal world i am afraid.
You fight for this mattress to lay a weary head.

The difference so is this.
The poor and public - fight
The wealthy and private - walk into a shop and hand over the credit card.

For the poor an item of need can take as long as three years.
For the wealthy or middle income bracket it can take tomorrow to provide or at most, a month.

Imagine too if you have a neurodegenerative disorder and need a wheelchair.

The wealthy can say shocking things if you suggest you are going to fundraise for these.
They will get angry and they will feel a level of shame but also have a right to say 'other people are worse off.'

Yet the poor have to say 'i cannot take the fighting much longer. i cannot continue the awful stress of it, its killing me.'
It is,  for two elderly women!

Remember for the wealthy they just buy the darn thing and no middle man!
For us in the public care system we fight and have to fight, there isn't that option at all!

It is three years now with our blasted fight.
We have had assessments by the score by many many people such personal intrusion and prodding and poking, yes no person who feels themselves superior would stand for this!

We have had critical letters, objectionable letters and excuses and prevarication on a grand scale.
Secret meetings about you have taken place without your knowledge.  Assessments dressed up as something entirely different have been done in a very vile and coercive manner.

For the wealthy they just buy the darn thing and there is no middle man.  They do not have to have the indignity of facing three health officials you have never met and have a scarf rammed under your bottom to try straighten a kicked out side, this is called the scientific method in the public health sector!

For the wealthy it can take as long as a month to buy and making sure they get it right.
For the poor it is taking longer than three years.

Remember too what this item is for - mobilizing.

Now we have it again here,  the difference.

the middle classes can say:
 You can walk and other people are worse off!
Don't shame us.

We say we cannot walk!
we have too much energy depletion to walk far and dystonia free, muscle wasting free, these days, we also have too much severe pain.
I don't mean to shame you but i need the frigging wheelchair.
I need to fundraise for it, its awful being without.

people are very blinkered on the provision of health care when they have it one way and many have it another.

The people who are covered by Insurance and back up wealth cannot see that those in public health care actually die sooner and quicker than they will!
this is FACT and known to be fact.

Why should i be wasting away in terror (of the hse) in stress (due to the hse) pain and disease (with no consultant) and little communication or services?

Also when a middle class or wealthy person gets on in life, its easier to keep up with the crisis and the degenerative process, even if its just getting older.
You just get out the credit card, or you may have the professionals as actual friends, due to the strata you mix in anyway.

Many of lowly ways do not.
It is never that easy.
It isn't easy at all.

You have to negotiate your ways around the fact that it can take a year for a doctor to tell you the results of major medical testing!
Whereas if you have private health insurance your doctor will ring next day and explain and explain in real terms, nicely and in a conversational manner.  After the explaination you go about making amendments to living arrangements, a wheelchair for wealthy can take a month for a sick person it can take three years.

If my mathematics are right on this, the wealthy has sorted this in one month and one day.
the poor have sorted this in a year followed by three, making it four years.

here it is in stark figures:

Wealthy -  I day + 1 month
Poor       -  1 year + 3 years

i can see there is a vast difference.

If you are 56 yrs of age when you started this process you are 57yrs 1month for the wealthy when sorted.
for the poor you now are now an old age pensioner aged 60 and have jumped another barrier far too soon!

But if you are in the public health system the doctors will do nothing outside your six monthly visit.
they will not answer phone calls, emails or letters. period.

this is something those with money  don't realise.

So for one even within one family the stress can be enormous around health issues.

I priced a med or suppliment prescribed in the UK, at a centre of excellence,  for me yesterday.
it was 36e for a months supply of 100mg tablets, 30 in the box.
i take three of these morning and night.
sure where will i get that kinda money?
its not on the public health prescription list yet its the only med proven for my condition.

i presently am not taking it, its believed to arrest further decline and slow down the decline. Wealthy people do not understand this.
A few extra outings give or take and they will have the medication to prolong their lives so that the outings missed may actually occur, given time.

Depletion now from the circumstances have my twin and i bolting away.
Firstly to get information on our disease as it certainly is not forthcoming in the Irish public health sector, and we have to do something.
We are also removing ourselves from the profound stress of our daily lives.

Our life now is centred around health.

All morning is engagement with health issues, leaving little time and energy for enjoyment the rest of the day, usually taken up by being on the horizontal.

Wealthy  1 phone call - to the doctors
               1 month - manufacture of wheelchair to                

Poor      6 months - to get the doctor
             3 years fight - to get wheelchair
             3 years to resolve

We are presently depleted.
From the fight.
Depleted BY the health service, the HSE and the doctors who will not communicate or even help.

We are stressed, a situation that actually makes our disease worse for being an energy disease stress eats into our well being like no other condition does in its own right.

My bolt will be to rest, not be hear within shot of a HSE officials.
It will be resting, and thats it and thats all.

Flat resting.
Then we have to come back and face - the HSE.
the fight for the wheelchairs.
bath chairs
communication with doctors who refuse to communicate
and stress over prescription charges,
hearing aid mending and acquiring.
heat for the winter
and so much more.

I ask a wealthier person do they have to do all this on top of the disease itself.
i want them to also take back the notion of

'you are looked after by the state, you should feel lucky, others are far worse off!'

thats for another debate,
right now i am sick to the teeth of the blasted HSE.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

staggering ability of the Irish to abuse

'Corrosive Ireland


We know how to do this in Ireland, 'save the soul', give the scattered crumbs to the scattered shattered lowly people.

Give the least able the least possible.
Offer with one hand and most definitely take with the other.

We have a culture here.
We give up on the least able for Christianity pounded into the chizlers from all classes,
the erring ways of the wayward and lost
was the forgotten.  Ever and now.

'Dumped' being the Noun of preference.

We dump all upon the church and state.
All we never wanted
All we felt had wronged some precious moral code.

We dump them away from sight in institutions
We had many grounds of high surrounding walls.
There to rot.
The righteous to get on with their lives.

The Ireland of saints.
Always known but is it now or was it ever so?

Suffering profound poverty,
small without industry.
Industry was at the core of the soul and if you could not contribute you had to go.  You still have to.

The many who walked away never counted the cost of the precious soul they abandoned to the state.
Can we say it was a self preservation or profound guilt?  Can we be the brave new world of the intelligent and the enlightened, to acknowledge the wrong we continue to do?

We shall never know why culture takes hold in this manner but yes, the scholars will and say they understand.

Presently, We never grasp the concept of what we do to another
We have not the soul left to care,
We have not the soul to seek out consideration.
Battered from the hungry psyche of disadvantaged times.

No matter.
Many a class found their ways to spirit away the wayward.
It was easy.
The institutions were not to be missed.
Standing high from the grass edge huge monuments of grey granite.
Standing high from the priest on the pulpit pounding down the words of recklessness and the hell,
The damnation of the downtrodden,
The castigation to the sinful repentance that you had now but also have to endure for ever.
For evil ways.

Once in, your life will never be the same again.
Enlightenment came but the saving was a dying in itself.
You had been abandoned and far from light or lightness
You were catapulted into extreme darkness
 called Loneliness of soul
Abandonment of spirit
Forgotten for the love
The child was now part of a past and all moved on
Without you.

If you had a difficulty, difference or became too distressed
An answer was found
But found and dressed as the christian way
‘here, my dear you will be looked after’
a euphemism of deceit and deception.

You were not the looked after
The person and society who benefited was another.

How many made it through the initiation rites?
The few that stayed the course and with affluence, wit and influence.
The rest were ‘inside’
Many walls.

The rage that now is history was never so.
It continues apace with a modern way
The disabled are beaten to a tiny hovel
The mother is offered a bloodied mattress in her abandonment
The wealthy have the seaside view to sit on swivel chairs
Watch the big yachts sail on easy the pay packet for the life of Reilly.

The forgotten are at the back.
Facing the wrong way, the other way.
Further and further away from those who held the high moral ground.

How crushed you became when in spell of church or state
The care of both became the capture.
You were in for life and no mistake.

How easy too if you had been taken in and taken there
To become that victim of abuse thrice times over.
Today aged sixty i can say that released from one institution
I am in the clasps of another
They can be no different in the Ireland i know.
We only know one particular way.

You manage with cash and carry to live a life of self authority or you surrender under pressure of disadvantage.
Not just that aspect you may not cope with but the baggage you carry
That baggage is a burden forever
Let no one let you forget.
If the state has responsibility,  the state will dress up the responsibility.
the state will be the first to let you know -
You are a withering thorn in the side for their need to bother.
You do not count and never can.

You can escape the hard way and triumph but if that is done then that is taken again so easily.
Nothing can happen a soul who has erred, in Ireland
You have to do it alone or be captured by state in all its guises.
When this happens the road becomes torrid.

Your wish for the freedom of others rebounds in a statement said.
‘Happiness is not a right.’
How strange.
I thought it always was.

So who, when they say this, are these people?
They are the ones on the edge of nerves with worry
That one day you will extract a care from them that they do not wish to offer or give.
This saintly child of Ireland institutionally attached to the institution of the Mass.
You have no direct right to happiness
But I have they say but never you!

You are spirited away
Into the care of the state
You go in one door and then another till your life is over
That life spent to get out
The paths may be winding within the power of the few but escape is not an easy way or an easy adventure

Escape is the only word
Never happiness
But state care is nothing more than a bitterness from state
To have to bother.
It doesn't resemble social responsibility.
It resembles hatred of your very person.
Hatred at the core of care

Abandonment of respect
Abandonment of love.
You do not deserve it.
You cannot expect happiness, it isn't a right – for you.
For me yes, but for you never.

You have to bear this tragic consequence of difference.
We demand it so.
You cannot expect the others, who have jumped that wall of easy entrapment before ever arriving at its shore.
You cannot expect the Irish Christianity so warped now in the perception of the world’s choice, who wonders and still considers our greatness.

The green flag flies on the one day of our country
The world wants to be a part in some sick way.
We flash that colour boldly from china to Istanbul, from mongolia to Paris.
All the while the withering of the most precious continues in a callous and cruel way.
Our ways are imprinted.

We do not do this on the conscious level.
We do it at the level of belief in ourselves that we have this right to abuse all.
We can abuse and we will, no matter.
We do not have a civil or moral code of care
We abandon the least able at whim.

So that the privileged can continue a life worth living.
They can get the Sunday Mass in for their soul’s insurance
As long as they can leave the thorns within a holding place,

The life of those trapped is never the same again.

When i say my life is being abused i mean it.
We see it now in the guise of health not housing.
But you jump from one to the other and as a different way and worry you jump straight to the abuse of another.

Why do they feel they can do it?
They do it as part of a self righteous belief that the fallen are worth not a jot
By falling we lose our right to be placed alongside.
The problem in Ireland being, if you fall here you stay fallen.

Only the ones that got away became free
And it is these that signal the great Irish for the great Irish abroad to emblazon the nostalgia of green
It is not for the downtrodden but the triumphant.
No one ever triumphs or wins
In the care of the church or state in Ireland.

The evil runs through each department of our institutions, whether they give a roof over your lowly head or give you health meant as a constitutional right.
But you have no rights, mark my word without affluence you surrender to abuse.

To one i sound the trumpet loud.
My abuser right now has become the health care system for the public poor.
That system that colludes and shatters the joy of escape from housing, you plummet now deep in depression awaiting your fate at the hands of state.
No one cares and you do not matter.
Reflecting my own i see an evilness within Ireland.
I have no idea how it can escape such ways.
The only thing i know is

Feeling the effects of a grubby nation's need to abuse the least able.
You feel it, eating away like a cancer, even within a health system designed to offer succour to the poor.
You feel it, in every way.

Once more i wish to escape
Not unlike the mother with the child.
The mother and child who could not live up to an ideal of only a few.
We do this you see, with incredible ease.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

waking in staggering disbelief

Sunday June 8th 2014

the wind is raging, the air is chill.
i wake in awful pain but i wake too thinking of the hated HSE.
i get out of bed with extreme difficulty and in extreme pain.
i just feel in shock.
i am awake yet stunned.
i am awake and the pain of displacement, abandonment is so great i feel in a fugue.

there seems no release even after six years of hell on earth.
there seems no recognition of our struggles and what we have done here.
no uplifting other to hold the hand of those who have fallen down psychologically.

i really am talking about er, FAMILY.
yes, i know we live in very different times.
but surely to god not so different that women who are sparky and spunky, intelligent and warm  should be left alone to deal with the muck we have to deal with - alone?
surely to God we didnt commit such a crime that we are left like this.
Seemingly we have.

when i think of Family and some will sneak in here and view for the tattle of anger does filter around from one to another i think of the word 'charity'

How many of you have sat down with an old lady and tried to calm her pain of depression.
how many have gone into a social housing unit where there is deep distress and difficulty.
How many have brought sweets to an anorexic lady of overt 80 slowly dying in the lost and forgotten row upon row beds in a back hospital ward?
how many of you have seen the slums and worked there

Charity is about loving enough.

I do not mean the celeb balls, the leaflet dropping nor the offerings box at mass.

i talk of real people eye ball to eye ball contact.
suffering - face it.
One day you will be alone with this sort of stuff.
maybe you will have a person there at your side most do but if not then think ahead of how you will wake weary day after day with no human contact from your family.
how you will wake in shock at the abandonment for there is no other way to feel but this.

take every religion known to man from the day we humans had time to write, reflect and consider each other.
every known philosophy has at its basis, sharing love and kindness spreading equality and community, giving and uplifting.
none advocate walking on by,  none advocate, turn the other way, and none add 'judge first and spit next.'
we talk of staying that little while and help so that even a year would be better spend after a month of giving.
even a day would be better spent after an hour of giving.
this is called uplifting relationship with the family of origin.

meanwhile my blog extends its tentacles to many countries now.  this i am pleased because i speak from the soul and heart after a life of disadvantage.

I say to my family who yes, i love and yes i yearn to see and connect with, come visit, come help and come laugh alot.
its myself extending out my hands in friendship.
i cannot do much more, but all have known where i am, all know who i am but all chose one thing, to do the very opposite to what good people have considered as the art of being a human being.

if this hurts or sends a dart, its meant to be a plea to reflect on one thing only 'there but the grace of god go i.'
and i would never abandon those who have had it tough in such a thought out way as my family  have.

All who live within a tweny mile radius, all who drive and all upwardly mobile.
you can do it, you chose not to.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

HSE (Health Service Executive) and secret meetings

i wish to say catagorically, that secret meetings about citizens in this state should NEVER TAKE PLACE!
we have rights here.  Well we thought we did, until i for one discovered a secret meeting had taken place about me, well maybe i had long since rejected the idea that i had any rights at all, actually!

I was outraged.

it was summoned by the HSE which is the Republic of Ireland service for the sick.
it provides health cover throughout ireland as in care, respect, assistence, hospitals and other.

to hold a secret meeting as a team, that is Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and GP, is outrageous.
this being done without the client/patient ever finding out or even being asked to be present or have a representative be present.

Of course, i shall contact my solicitor.  Of course i shall seek legal advice and of course i shall request who was there, what was said and why it was done in such an underhand way.

my gp, general practicianer said it was unusual as it hasn't happened this way before and he has been to these team meetings where the client was always present.

have we stooped to a new low then?
or is it just the area where i live, which is in Wicklow Ireland.
Yes, of course i say who it is.
its the Wicklow HSE community and primary care teams, who now have some answering to do, to me!

there are only very few situations where this can happen.
in an emergency of life and death.
if a person is in danger
if a person is suffering dementia
if a person is too ill to be in attendence.

but certainly it should never happen if a person is alive, is of sound mind and has always advocated transparency above everything.

i demand explanations.
i have been through a brutal three years in Wicklow with this team and i want them out of my life, period.
no one should be brought to the verge of cracking under the stress and strain of this service.

no one should be reduced to nightmares about the HSE when the HSE primary concern is health yet its destroying mine!

i have asked the local area member of Dail Eireann to look into this.
I have asked An Taoiseach's office to look into this.

we cannot start having such situations where control is being visited upon persons in this state which leave a person powerless and helpless.

but we have already seen a secret pact in wicklow from the local elections between the two main political parties.
so we know ireland has a long way to go.

transparency is not our greatest asset.
we have the Tuam babies now, which is horrifying the world audience.
we have the catholic church scandals of abuse rampant in an ireland of not yesteryear but only recent and near recent.
we also now are finding out about secret drug testing on unsuspecting babies and children born out of wedlock or placed in orphanages.

there is no excuse i feel to carry on such shananigans in todays world.

Ireland has truly shown its colours
each citizen has his/her own tale.
each citizen has a violation that they can recall instantly if they want.

what can you say openly now?

i say i have had nurses in my bed in hospital.
I say i have been raped in a hospital grounds in Dublin in the 70's not just once but a few times.

i now can say i have had a secret meeting about me.
to determine my need for a powered chair.

now remember, well you cannot for i am unsure if i ever told you...
no medical expert knowledge had been given to the HSE prior to the end of last week, so this meeting was held without any medical information, although in recent days i have passed over this, before i heard of this meeting taking place, but after it had taken place.

the HSE have overstepped the mark by a mile here.
i feel like a worthless pummelled bit of shit.
abused when i should have felt safe.
abused and witch hunted when i should be finding peace.
i am saying right now i am not that in love with the Wicklow HSE.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to become a world Super Power!

well my friends, a commentator states to me that Ireland is a backward nation and the trouble is we do not realise it.

I am trying to think aloud here when i analysis this statement.

We are a small nation trying to be of imperial status.

we can never be.
we have not 'the history' of experience behind us.
we have not the 'education' over generations behind us.
we have not had TIME to stabilize the way we run our nations business.
We have little confidence in our own ability.
we are trying to be something we can never be - at this stage in our development and history.

but we do have SKILL.

Ireland is KNOWN for all things other than being a super power.
we are trying to get known to being Super!

We are not.

that said, come back to what we have and how we use what we have and use it well -

We produce some of the finest doctors and research scientists in the world.
they move away to be creative workers in the third world and in the top research centres of america and other centres of excellence internationally.
They do not stay here,  due to mainly i think, utter chaos of organisation here.

We produce the most loved pop musicians in the world.
they never stay and become tax exiles.  this is a waste.

We also produce the finest designers of clothing and hats whose work is desired by leaders, pop stars, hollywood and others.

We have people working in materials which are home grown that would be relished in other nations portfolios.

we have people who understand colour, design, using materials and crafting.

People working in metals, silver and sculpture.

we produces some of the finest writers and poets.

we have some of the best farming land in the world, with farmers who understand the land.

we simply cannot MANAGE.

As a country importing raw materials is a horrendous cost and burden on enthusiastic workforces.
the basic workforce demands too high wages for a small country to sustain and compete with 'super powers.'

We use TIME badly and this is not cost effective.
WE use Communication badly and duplication is all over the place and everywhere, the public service being a case in point.

when we have the setting up of review bodies after review body when things go wrong we are duplicating on costs.
when we get things wrong we incur further costs.
when we do not have solid law and law reforms, things can go very badly wrong.
when we employ 'experts' and yet have people being paid to govern, we are wasting valuable money and it leads to lack of learning, because someone else will do that for us.

We are expecting far too much too soon.

We must learn to use what we have NOW, not expect to be something we cannot be, without experience, history and centuries of trial and error.

We are losing our best through inefficiency of management and greed, expecting high wages of european standard and actually in a lot of cases we pay the workforce far greater amounts here than other countries.

 In some instances cannot attract anyone to the top jobs because the chaos of management is so great no one will come and work here and our young people will be attracted to efficient use of their time where harassment, chaos will not be visited upon them, unnecessarily.

We sit on 'policies and proceedures' for decades without passing the laws, agreements and other which will allow us move on and inch closer to modernity and experience.

we have a cultural, skillful, educated brain drain, costing us in economic terms billions.

we cannot continue to sell off our state assets without actually looking at the present moment and seeing how we can retain a force of educated people who leave as soon as ireland has spent millions doing the educating of these people!

When we look at supplying equiptment in the health system -
you can get for half price, wholesale walking aid for those who need walking aids for less than HALF of what it presently costs the HSE to buy ONE!
proven, we have done it, and told this by a member of the HSE.
In Africa a very poor nation, they make their own hearing aids, using the sun to power them.  I kid you not, these are cheap and work for a nation that can not afford the top end of the market.

we have skills here in Ireland to do just this in so many other ways.
we can teach a workforce to make all manner of expensive appliances.  Not continually repair and repair ones beyond their 'sell by date.'
this too, creates employment and a skilled workforce.
working in metal we can powered wheelchairs, i see no reason for the young are interested in all manner of mobility aids, eg the fast cars, the motor bike and as the young men do, have their heads under the bonnets for hours, tinkering.
this tinkering can become a very useful skill.

Poor products never last!
maintaining poor products to work on string is not cost effective.

For every doctors appointment you can get two letters stating time and date of these, two instead of one.

The raw materials ARE in Ireland.


We have poor management.
Useless forms of communication.
In some cases we still do pay rolls for a large organisation using a pen and paper fgs!
How long has the computer being invented?
is it used in Ireland?
Yes it is!
so use it to programme the pay rolls in half the time!

paper and pen caveman like is taking up weeks of an educated persons time, when her skill can be utilized to operate more effectively in the job she is trained in.

defunct laws and laws not adhered to.
we prevaricate implementation of most things through utter fear and lack of confidence in our own judgement.

But most of all we have the legacy of 'the brown envelop' or the borrowed cow.

Its a system of 'you scratch my back and i will scratch yours.'
The legacy of poverty and dominion when we needed those who could do us a favour, 'kill the calf and i will clothe you tomorrow' mentality.

 This isn't the modern way of doing things.
In modern terms it is called crookery now and we should be past this, 'favourtism' and chronism.

Also, in farmyard parlance we want to put the cart before the horse.  It never works.

We cannot expect to be as the UK is for instance.
They ruled the world since time began, and learned along the way.
We ruled nothing and still don't.

So how on earth can we expect ourselves to move on with crookery as our best bedfellow?
How can we maintain our workforce and not lose them immediately they qualify.

Where should we be using our present skills.
Here of course.
We get it right for the workers and we stop creaming the people to pay super powers when we crook our way to the top and it goes pear-shaped on a grand scale.

We do things in a dignified, less devious way and we become confident that learning well and working out how we can do it will in the long term be the best plan rather than being as we act now.
We act as if we want all NOW!
We want to be the super rich super power modern society.

Well, Enda stood up and said 'we are a modern society.'
Sorry Enda, you forget a few things.
We put more people away in lunatic asylums in the 50's than the whole of Europe combined and we still sanction ECT when this is a barbaric method of treatment rejected by most modern societies now.
This is in modern terms, today and yesterday.

We also dump babies in slurry pits and tanks and manage to try and persuade the people that these babies are only resting, we always intended giving them a decent burial!

we do not know how many people we are killing (HiQUA - May 2014)
we are NOT a modern society.

This is the starting block.
not being something we probably never can be or will be.

we have a delusional power base here and a crooked one.
all milking the system rather than improving a country.
If any one had the chance to walk through government building or our Parliament workaday floors, you would be shocked at the opulence.
i have done this on a few occasions, i am astounded at the dripping wealth in architecture,  flooring materials and wall coverings.
you think we had an oil rig planted somewhere and the drums being sold to pay for a style that none of Ireland is used to or ever had in their entire life.
we are, as the nuns once told me as a a child during a case of misdemeanour 'acting above your station!'
also in my enthusiasm to get to a hockey pitch i ran hell bent through the school until pulled up short by a nun.
Walk!  Ms. Kennedy WALK!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Care and Mobility show

this is aimed at the Irish Health Service, both the Health Service Executive and Minister James Reilly and Kathleen lynch who has special responsibility for disability services.

in 'Mature Times' yesterday i see Minister Lynch proudly standing beside a beautiful young lady in a wheelchair, claiming that disability doesn't have to impair quality of life.

OUr Minister is telling us this but who has she heard this from?

MOST in the disability field are telling the MInisters of the day that Quality of Life has gone down the tubes in Ireland for the disabled sector of society during our austerity years.
With blanket wiping out of mobility grants and motorized grants, plus major increases in cost for prescriptions and no provision of adaptive aids the health service is causing hell to all with disability.

Our system is not the same as other countries.
Private health care and insurance goes a long way in most countries, if people can afford this.

Here in ireland we pride ourselves in being able to provide for both those in the public health system and the private health system, but it seems glaringly obvious that both are faulty with the departing CEO of HIQUA stating that 'we do not even know how many people we are killing'

This is frightening.
it should be the destabilizing factor for the Irish population.
Surely if nothing else, knowing that a top inspectorate believes we have a dangerous health system, even capable of killing its patients without even knowing how many we do kill is enough to have many screaming to Dail Eireann gates with open mouths crying.  Save ourselves from being killed, those of our loved ones and more besides, from the vagaries of the health service provided in Ireland.

We have such criteria for health that is so low at its base that arguing for the scraps from the table seems the way forward, and reducing a client/patient to shreds in the process.
Reducing patients to near nervous breakdowns is counter to good health, and should be seen as such.
it also should be seen as a human rights issue.

we should not be forced to feel near crack-up, like torture, when we beg for services regarding help and appliances in issues of disability.  Disability is not bought over a counter from the sweet jars, its sort of crashes to a person, usually giving an awful fright, but when the services to help do even more and give more fright then we are in deep trouble.

we should not be subjected to vitriol for attempting to plea for aid, as in powered wheelchairs, medication, physiotherapy, support and services.

ALL the requirements that patients with disability need are basic for living.
a means to get around - wheelchairs/ adapted vans, motorised grants, etc.
a means to keep the body healthy and well - proper physiotherapy.
means to feel less pain - appliances, splints, special shoes, eating aids and wheelchairs.

we are NOT talking about open heart surgery, the fine hands of the top surgeons.
we are not talking about transplants or brain surgery.

we are talking about hardwear and some physio.
it isn't a lot.
surely to God it isn't?

The Irish health service is non existent.
This is fact.
Known to be fact.
Feels fact.
Is fact.

waiting three years for a proper wheelchair and all along the way mountains of paperwork, even more requests for documentation and more anger, bitterness and bitching takes its toll on the body, the mind and the psyche.

waiting all the while for services that never come.

It's 'on the edge stuff'.

When i see that the difficulty of the European bank crisis has been paid for through the irish tax payer to the tune of 42% then we have to look at our Health Service as being a European one.
the EU effectively took it away and demand more cuts.
This, Minister Reilly says we cannot do and so the Haddington Road agreement will not be able to be adhered to.
We will again have an overrun of our budget, we already do.

Who can stop this farce that is a european construct and an irish population base of only 4million trying to bail out the whole of the european banks and losing not only our soverignty but also our health?

We can stop this tomorrow, i believe.
We can fight back.
We can demand that change should be made.

We have to stop this fiscal drain from our country leaving resources so depleted we cannot sustain the good health of the nation.

we have to stop Europe being so demanding that they are crucifying us.
in turn our own workers on the ground, in the health service and Minister Reilly's office and Kathleen Lynches office, literally 'lynching' us, the sickies and the disabled.

i am angry at the lack of response, the lack of urgency around issues of health in ireland.
i am also angry at many on say the social media ''facebook" creating such anger if health is even mentioned as to slit throats of those who speak of it, or complain about how bad it is, and it is!

The self righteous attitude of Minister Lynch telling us that disability should not impair our quality of life when she has made our lives a virtually  misery!
The self righteousness of those on social media, those of family and those well healed telling all who speak of their health issues to 'get a life,' there are far more worse off.

Well when you and they all say 'get a life.'
All with disability are asking for this, 'to have a life' and many did until austerity and we were crucified during this period and its not letting up.

In times past people did care.
I for one do not feel this now nor does my 87yr old neighbour.

No one does care.
This is why the health service is being diluted and services for those with disability also.

You wont be doing anything but complaining and moaning and crying and screaming if you end disabled in this country of ours.
it is not something that you lie down under believe me, when you feel it, you scream.

I scream.

 When i see or talk to those at the Care and Mobility show next weekend i will speak plain speak and say how MInister Lynch, MInister James Reilly have both turned away from two sick, very sick individuals and hardly had time to write or help in any shape or form whatsoever.
I will say this.
I will speak of the state of my present powered wheelchair.  This was given almost two years ago,  it was then ten years old. It lost a wheel this time last year and died last week, only to have an OT ring and ask if she would send a person to repair it - again, when the technicians report was damning saying it wasn't worth doing that, yet the OT saying thats what she wants done!  It was already terminally ill when given to me in the first place!

Irish health, service certainly is never with a smile.