Friday, January 7, 2011

Post Christmas Kick-in and all that stuff, again

Nope, i cannot say that the Christmas of 2010 was the easiest, in any shape or form.
But I can say that it was glorious in nature, absolutely glorious.
We had a white christmas, snow very thick and soft, crunchy and shed a kind angel over my spirits for it does bring me great joy.
to put it crassly too, it can bring you back to the camera and it did.  I have taken some really nice ones that please me a great deal.
My twin and i took a trip to Glendalough, it had to be the most glorious and beautiful trip.
the air was heavy with soft dampness, the snows had vanished after the festivities and all was very  wet, musty and soggy.
there has been a causeway put through the valley and twin and i walked some way with our three dogs.
many were out with children and dogs.
one such fella, a dog that is, with a strong backside, a waggy docked tail and stumpy legs took a shine to all and sundry, he was a vagrant of the valley.
No one knew who owned him, he was filthy but funny and happy.  he trotted after one lot of people and tried to play with their scrap of dog and then turned tail and latched on to others, as he did our lot.
many were concerned, who owns this feller?
he skipped freely along as time and paw took him.
he was happy and it taught me a big lesson.
this guy was alone, finding a bit of fun, enjoying what was there in his environs, just out for joy and a laugh.
a swagger of a trot  with seemingly not a care in the world.
for the brief half day, my twin and i were likewise, as were our own pampered pooches.
we ate outside by a stream afterwards.  That was exceedingly expensive but i think worth it.
and then it was over.
it was so fantastic, colours all muted greens and purples, mist hanging low on the mountains, drops of rain on every bear branch and the weak sun shining through to bring a twinkle of the natural kind on our walkways.
it was back into the van and off.
we had to leave Saffi back to her minder and return to the stables.
we didnt linger long as we were having a problematic time there so we came home to our two roomed social housing unit.
In the first week of the new year it was laden with a lot of heavy stuff and work.
seeking the cash for a shortfall for better homes for two very sick and disabled women.
seeking therapy to sort a shattering relationship due to the stress of it all.
a deep realisation that all in the camp was far from rosy nor as expected, this was a truth that was a hidden secret and shocking and sad.
but the truth must have been there for we were waking to the realisation that our historical past would have told us, all in life or none of it, is easy in any shape or form.
it isnt now and i guess never so.
i guess to realise the worst, it can only get easier.  thats my theory and i am sticking to it.
My twin and i softened the load by retail therapy, books magazines, small nice things and seeking ideas to do up our forever homes, once we acquire em.
slices of wall paper swatches, a bit of that etc for our 'mood board' on how we would envisage it all come together in the grand scheme of things.
we picked up twin's scooter outside her previous home, covertly like two old spinsters feeling they were doing the wicked, sneaking the scooter into the van without being seen by the new owners.
as we did so, we noticed that a lot from the home had been dumped so they were back into the van too, a great tricycle job there as twin had found these in skips and made em up, and now we were recycling them again.
as i drove off with frosted finger tips and a giggle twin handled her painted drawers from her kitchen cupboard and whimpered "just think of my beautiful work on the skip" and i laughed.
"and the money,"  oh it was a funny trip and we have a great capacity to enjoy these simple and doddery outings laden with sticks and lack of balance and legs we can do this with smiles and laughter.
so it is in fact the simple things that make one a happier and joyous person.
the beauty of St. Kevins glen, the glistening of water on bare trees, asleep for now.
the bobble of a strong butt on a short dog with a stubby tail.
the silliness of sneaking a very heavy scooter into my flowery van and a Mrs bucket style exit.
we likened ourself to Mrs. Bucket's relatives!
and we enjoyed that status, enormously.