Wednesday, June 17, 2015

the twins spoke out at the Ist Assembly after that wonderful event

we were at Ist Assembly in athlone, afterwards we were interviewed in a relaxed manner in in pantomine gear!

we have a real message though:

Saturday, June 6, 2015


it has been far too tough
Those who are honest and brave, will never go away.
those of us who care are equally unable to stay silent or disappear.

those who feel utterly tortured will find that voice to speak the truth.

this leads to being hated.
it is the net result for speaking out.

the type of hatred in this instance is cruel, vindictive and unwarranted.
to say a few truths about ones own health care should be met with acceptance and solutions because a health care system based on sick people is a healthy health care system.
this is the face of a sick woman they left at home for years before she had to flee her country to seek out proper medical care
again, try this for over two years before managing to get to UK for care as inpatient
one based on utter demonising of an individual for both being sick and loud is corrupt.

How it came about in Ireland is any one's guess.  My guess is we as a nation 'hate to be found out'
we are small, lack the gravitas of major more populated states, we lack belief in ourselves and confidence.
when you lack these things then you slither in an attempt to hold face against (as a nation) the world scrutiny.
we are after all 'the land of saints and scholars.'
we are neither.

We are on the verge of being questioned about our Human rights towards the vulnerable, the sick and disabled.  towards the low wage earners and the poor and homeless.
the voice of strong clout has spoken out, Emily Logan Human Rights Commissioner has been saying it a long while now.
Austerity measures cannot under EU law deprive those least able to afford anymore cuts to their ability to have a basic standard of living and care.
what Ireland has done is exactly this, it has broken this law, this EU law.
we are in effect violating the code of Human Rights ethics and we can claim to be the good ole christian for ever but to be vicious towards the least able shows a shoddy country at work.

we must uphold decency even in the face of hard times.
we cannot be cannibalistic just because the economics of our country goes down and goes down through greed, none at this level could have had an effect or dint in the finance, high finance of Ireland but we are paying for it.

Emily Logan also pointed out that the Disabled groups suffered the most in the past many years now of Austerity as we see our cost rising alarmingly and our inability to act even as a basic right to move about in the community, participate and be an active citizen worsens by the day.

Many of us and my twin and i can exemplify this effect of austerity on a personal level and personal life.
we have been taken to the lion's den and butchered.
there isn't an easier way to say it.
we have been slaughtered.
it is nothing short of evil to demand this scooter back when it was giving me quality of life when so much had been taken from me already -
giving up my dearest friend was the hardest thing i ever did - i was bullied into it by our HSE.  this machine was taken from my home by a man who danced on it as he drove it to the pick up van and into the hold, danced on it showing off his glee in expertise.  i watched my beloved being taken from me - after just paying out 450e to mend it.  EVIL HSE
ANY health care system that denies sick people a means to mobilize in the way they chose so that they can smash out a piece of enjoyment for what time is left to them violates Human rights Law, codes of ethics and morality.
Any health care system who denies a sick person a suitable surface to sleep on when suffering a chronic pain complex and muscle wasting is evil, for sleep deprivation is torture and isn't allowed as a means of extracting information from prisoners or criminals.  what the Irish do is turn a blind eye that i cannot sleep on the awfulness of a surface no one has tried to sort in all of four years i have begged for help.
i fought to save this bath only to find the HSE would not provide a means to use this therapeutic aid and with snapped shoulder muscles i have to slider down using grab rails monkey style, instead of easing pain then it increases it and creates further damage at the base of neck, shoulders and spine, HSE is wrong to have been so vindictive.
to deny too a person with snapped shoulder muscles a means to lower herself down into the water of a warm bath to ease her pain, dystonia and insomnia by the throw away remark that 'its your fault you have that bath' is again violating the ethos of care, this is health care not some other department in our state.

when others say in any defense 'why should they provide'
i will tell you why, because its in our law and statute books that they will provide for the least able through a public health care system!
we have no other.
there is no other.
you cannot in Human rights terms just throw away the key!
you uphold European Human rights law, you uphold the WHO dictates for sick and vulnerable and you uphold the UN charter for the vulnerable groups throughout the world.

if a tiny country such as ours, feels its OK to gravy train the money out of health to another jurisdiction and banks and leave their own to suffer i suggest they just hand the full country and its operational guides back to where it came from, because we seem to not be able to manage our citizens in a decent and humane manner.

we are no longer the land of saints and scholars.
we are descending into that pit of corruption that is endemic now around the world.
people just do not seem to care anymore.

but personally speaking, Ireland cannot claim to be the good country it is when the truth is out and the voice of those capable and brave enough to exclaim 'the emperor is wearing no clothes' has been heard.
i want to see more of this bravery.

but to be honest again to be honest.
what happens a good person who cares enough?
What happens an honest person who is good enough to voice concerns over abuse?
Abuse so endemic in Irish terms.
Abuse is riotous, out of hand violations against the sick, the poor, the vulnerable and the disabled. Abuse make U the least able for austerity.
Abuse has broken our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS and we experience violations against human decency, professional responsibility.
There is LAW.  WE HAVE  human rights law and Human Rights is this country, we claim we adhere to these and uphold the policies and directives internationally.

We who are honest are punished and this has been the case.
Name calling on files.
The HSE LIE, are slick and adept at 'cover up.'
 we will shout from the rooftops that lies have been the lynch pin and methodology in the ways a large institution such as the HSE operates.
it is soulless and similar to the Mafia.  their way is equal.   If you do not honour the 'family' you will be shot and those who speak against us will be shot down in the street.
we are effectively doing this to people who stand up to the hse.
we have NO HEALTH CARE ETHOS of care in Ireland.
and the answer for change is simples too.
you sort one problem and move on to the next.
not neglect one and have years of emails, letters, phone calls reports, answering questions, legalese, and more time wasting because that is money wrongly spent to be crass about it.
to sort a problem is the honorable way to treat a person.
not start down the road of vitriol and attack of them and a barrier growing of self defense in the face of the indefensible.
We now have to answer serious questions on our Human rights in this country by Europe this month.
we will be asked how we behaved in law and in actuality and we will be asked why we did what we did to the less able.
we will be asked why the 'convention of rights for people with disabilities' has not been ratified in Ireland, and Ireland remains only one of two who has not done so.
we will be asked how on earth can a country operate against its own citizens in such a vile manner.
and if truth is needed for this  ask my twin and i about this truth.
we know about this.
because i believe we are brave enough and possibly MAD enough to say it as it is.
Irish clothes on in the fields as good only, but we are naked in abuse of power always and we have been for most of our existence, we seem not to be able to turn the country around, to what the perception of it is, 'a land of saints and scholars'

there is one morality and it is this, each person has a right to life.  when we are older and sicker we still have a right to life.
we do not have to be abused in such a vile manner.
we do not deserve it.
we are like your family - i say to the HSE managers.
we are no different.
we just happen not to be as advantaged as you.
we are beholden to you for our basic care.
what we feel like is fodder to be walked all over.