Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blogging allows for reasonable justice to be done

it has been over a year and a month that i crash landed in my new county....literally.
I was so so tired that my adapted van went out of control and i hit a neighbours tree, taking out the tree and the van.
I was the crash, the tree or the van.
I wasnt so lucky with the area HSE which is our Health Service Executive and the local area care teams.
You come to a new area an unknown, but does that also say that the new area makes up their mind on you within a month and thereafter you are literally 'outted' by the people who are about the most powerful in your life.
if you have a disability and need these powerful people the HSE then you have fouled up your chance of best care.
I didnt foul anything.
i fell foul of the HSE and the care provider.

blogging gives way a sense that someone hears you, unlike the hse who do it 'their way'
and whilst they do it 'their way' the most cruel, insensitive, undemocratic and unjust way i say what i can here.
because so far justice has not prevailed.

what can you do against a powerful body who brandishes you 'a danger to staff.'
yes, syou would be mortified to write such a statement in a blog.
but i am NOT because it isnt true.
i wouldnt hurt a fly.
but a year and one month later i am still named as such and services in my new county are a scandal.
This, too I have to say because most disabled people in Ireland have gone underground for the fear that is within them.
and i say it because to receive a label such as 'dangerous to staff' is an outrage in itself.
to receive little care is just as outrageous and if we do not speak of it, then the country, its health service and its government is no better than producing a weakened population driven by hitlerism ideals and a 'pathwaying' which we know is happening even in the UK right now.
i am 60yrs of age and refuse to be silenced, refused to take a label such as this lying down and refuse to be pathwayed out of life after a life pathwayed by the HSE and its consultants which was torrid in extreme.
when you find a voice, become a person who wishes to both engage in society, be responsible for ones life and not do silly things anymore i do have a right to be considered equal and this i am not.
once you feel equal, act as if equal and take measures to be the best person you can be and contribute to society as i have done then no one, certainly not health care professionals will spread rumours and inuendos and condemn me without recourse to 'right of reply' you put your response in the blog.
Justice for me must come for now i find that i took measure to improve my life after the hse left me sitting duck to children with guns and boozing men who attacked me with verbal abuse and end in more abuse dished out by the hse.
it has to end for me and my twin.
we deserve...i say....we deserve better than this, far better.
both have been passionate to bring best practise to those vulnerable, both qualified to bring best practise and ease the burden of lives for people and train up others to do the same, as my twin did, and i trained to encourage elders to feel better about themselves through Arts & Empowerment and they did, i showed them some ways to do this, and i also brought them relief from the monotony of once again our critically ill nursing home care homes.
so at 60yrs of age i am now on the receiving end of such injustice i found in the nursing homes, and my twin found in the places and circumstances she found through her social work career.
I will not allow the HSE to bring my twin and i down so far we reel in the gutter of despair.
the way forward is to speak out and speak out using every vehicle available.
this is one such way.
please speak both for us and for all suffering in Ireland today. there are many

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