Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Being a woman - in Ireland

being a woman in my country you may think the gender divide is far less here than any place else in say europe.
That the Mama in the home is still the Ban an Ti, being the master of all and dictator with a heart of gold.

what we have actually is suppression.
the more i live the more i see it in the different spheres i now seem to cover.
these spheres are as follows:

I am not wealthy, in deed do not even have a farthing in any bank account.
I am sick and do not have a health insurance worth speaking of.
I am disabled and do not have family support or any help from relatives whatsoever.
I am a woman
I am single
I am 60yrs of age.

i havent one category to help me along against the abuse dished out in all of these spheres here in this country.
Money can buy you out of anything here.
If you are sick someone will support and help and money might add a bit here too.
if you are sick and in hospital you may have a family member watching, indeed now the family are a must if you are to stay alive in hospital and have someone feed you if that is needed and talked to the doctors if that is needed and even as far as check the meds - just in case, because mistakes are being made.
If you are disabled you may need transport and mobility, if you have a family member that might help or a friend or money.  if you have none of these you are washed up and waiting.
if you need appliances, you can buy em or ask someone to advocate for these if you do not feel strong enough.
if you are a woman alone you are sunk and can be mashed because there is no one to face shit really if that abuser is found out and this fact is usually known.
men are needed because men have demanded they will neither speak to a woman, believe a woman or treat a woman well.
so the men have to be there so that answers can be got and services obtained.

this my friend is stigma by gender and abuse because of gender.
this is the divide in Ireland without equality nor any form of redress.

you can be called names to your face and to others, very slanderous names and you have no fora to report abuse and receive justice.
you can make representations til the cows come home but unless you are supported you are screaming out hot air to stones.
there is nothing you can do against the burocracy of old stones.

also when a woman alone aged 60yrs you are now on that ladder of importance at the pain treshold of ten and the ladder rung of zero or even mixed up on the clay where the ladder is leaning.
certainly at this point climbing power is so weak its impossible to make an impression.

Reports of abuse, slander, injustice, letters for aid, for assistance, appliances and communication - well for the single woman without anyone these all go against you or get past on to another 'division' or sector and reports can be continually reviewed by another which come up with the same answer, never in your favour and always against you.
the answers remain constantly the same even if grossly unfair or inaccurate and purposely done so to protect the collective good, of which you have no part or place.
you can scream to the winds and no one has the ear or hearing aid in.
you are alone against what is now written in the reports and its known that even if government officials are alerted and bodies set up to oversee the rights of the vulnerable are there to appeal to the answers are the same, there is no justice.

One minister has even said to me and my twin "we are good at doing reports but it means nothing"
this is the essence of Irish moral standards and standards adhered to in the face of most things, human rights, legislation and equality.
you can try but never win.
mentally ill are being trod all over and budgets absorbed into some place else but not into health care in that sector.
the elderly once served well with a type of treatment are now being given the cheaper options which are useless and do not work.
we also have funds now lying there within the department of health to the tune of 18million.
we seemingly have a cache of unspent coppers to this sum there and there are people having wheelchairs taken off them and young women with crohns disease not allowed a medical card.
yet there is still unspent funds for this year to this sum, its a lot of money gone unspent on health care.
this money is being accrued i believe illegally, it is waiting for the next crisis for this to be used, and it wont be health.
we have ministers not using their votes and we have abstaining from votes on major issues of local, national and international importance.
but ireland gives no one answers to anything.

they do reports.
they also have free rein to lash out at those most vulnerable
they cannot and will not allow themselves to be accountable or make reparation.
they have covered themselves entirely every way.
if you are a woman in ireland you are doomed to the sub classes with no power, clout or influence.
you can cry and cry and cry...many do.
i know one.
there are no answers to being a woman in ireland

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