Sunday, February 12, 2017

Abuse as a method of control (HSE IRELAND) and other large Irish institutions

Abuse, used to degrade, demoralise, defame and cause harm is unacceptable in any society.
Abuse which is used to cause so much harm as to make a sick or disabled person contemplate suicide, make their physical or psychological health deteriorate, to me is a crime.
lets call a spade a spade.
those who bully and harrass another, usually a person who is unwell or vulnerable to such an extent to cause lasting harm should be up in front of the courts, with or without the 'ratification of the human rights convention for people with disabilities.'
ALL agencies who conduct a systemic, abusive system that is akin to torture and inhumane treatment should be before the courts.
those who condone it as a methodology should be before the courts.
those who sanction it, accept it and turn a blind eye is complicate in a crime.
it is a crime to abuse your fellow human being causing serious harm to their quality of life, their basic rights to be equal in their own country, if denied them, is a crime.

we are in such a situation in Ireland.
i am writing from my bed where i will be until i can get into a hospital bed.

i am writing after hearing of yet more abuse of a sick and disabled woman.
a woman of high intelligence brought so low she began to even doubt her own self and her confidence was ebbing fast.
i am writing as a woman who has doubted, severely doubted my ability to continue on in the face of such systemic abuse by the state of ireland and the healthcare system.

why do you think my fight, my main fight has been one where i receive the 'permission' to get out of a system of abusive power over my whole life and existence.
why is it that, some can have this right handed to them by virtue of them being well, and therefore not needing a healthcare oversight.
so if you are well, you will not be harmed by the state in terms of your health.
i chose, and i demand a right to have an equally happy, fulfilling life as an equal, that is even before the ratification of the rights of people with disability in the human rights convention.
NO country should stand by and accept what is going on here.
when its systemic, it is endemic.
programme after programme we hear of the tears, the pain of the suffering of ireland.
we hear of severe deformity of bodies, as bodies fail and the government of the day deny them the right to walk tall and yet this is seen as a financial issue.
its a human rights issue and one of equality.
while those that can pay can have a straight back, those who cannot and when the healthcare system is in such crisis can have backs that curve to a degree of 96 degrees, this is shocking.
we have the other groups, the adults, who have become sick and disabled, some shoved into nursing homes in their 30's for want of supports in their own homes.
and we scream from the rooftops that Ireland at least have accepted the 'social model of care' and Ireland believe that we should have care in the community and in people's home.'
how can we get it so wrong?

how can we have policy after policy saying all the right things, but the workers at the HSE command demanding you silence the sick, abuse the sick and ignore the sick.

it is not 'legal' to whip away staff from a sick person's home, leaving them unable to cope by themselves entirely.  it is illegal to deny them the right to have a bath and the right to get into a bath because of some vindictave stance of a disability manager who after wining the right to have your own bath then denies you the right to use it for two years, but you can use it if you put yourself in danger.

how did i save this famous bath, saved for its therapeutic values when no therapy is ever offered.
i saved it through the present Minister for Health who intervened.

how did i overcome the wording of being a 'dangerous person'
i have not.
it is wrong to defame an individual, claim they are such and never give them a right of reply and let that hang on files and in offices this side of where i live presently.

it is wrong.
anyone considered dangerous has a right to either be proven as such or disproven as such.
in the present situation you can be dangerous one minute and then fine the next, they (the HSE) can call the guards to the health centre, this is over and above how wrong it was to call us 'serial complainers'  it is also wrong to call the guards on older people who come weeping to the health centre, depressed, crying and suffering only to find the police have been called and a week later banned from showing your face at the public health centre.
this is what is happening in ireland.
you can actually be banned, from seeking help!
you can be instantly labelled in macrabre style, and never find a way to have a right to a reply, correction or vindication.

why do you think i do not want to work with the only healthcare system we have in ireland if its so wrong to abuse in such a manner.
why do you think i chose to do my very upmost to gain my rights to live equally, as normally as possible, the way i chose, away from abuse.

Direct payments WILL come in, but right now i am suffering so greatly i want mine now, because i believe wrong has occurred in my case.
i believe i should be set free from abuse.
i should be allowed to live out a shortened life in peace, away from abuse and bitching.

i have to end such a damning blog on the people within the HSE.
remember, we are thinking about workers who are trained.
i want to ask the very reasonable question = how are these people being trained?
i also want to ask the very reasonable queston - if some can be kind and caring why is it that we keep the abusive players in the Irish healthcare system?
we have very kind and wonderful individuals, all wishing to do their best for their clients and help their clients.
but we then have the complete opposite, those who never get close to their client base, who forget what their jobs were originally (all before becoming managers would have helped in the caring professions).
if you are divorced from sick people and jingle money you are never going to see your clients as people, human beings, you will see them as a STAT someplace.
and then we have the way we think in ireland and the way we have a communication system from hell.
eg 'copying and pasting' accusations from one department to another, and from one organisation to another.
we have done alot of people serious harm by thoroughly bad practises, which are unsophisticated, confused, chaotic and unprofessional.
mistakes get made when the teams are not professional.
most of Irish mistakes in the Irish healthcare system is through dreadful training and dreadful stigmas, accusation lych mob style dynamic always only asking the questions after the horse has bolted.

I want the HSE completely and utterly out of my life.
when i am told that the HSE is all we have.
then give me the good ones, i want to sack the terrible ones.
i also want ownership back of my house, my home, my psyche and my relationships, they can't have it everyway.
stop the abuse.
give me and many others the peace we need and want to end our days with our disabilities.

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Dr Margaret Kennedy said...

I want them out of MY life too. he HSE is NOT about caring for or supporting sick and disabled people. the HSE whole mantra is "don't spend" , "say NO" The HSE is cruel, vindictive and an abuser of disabled people. I acknowledge some front line workers are decent, caring people, some. but not enough challenge the abuses by tha poisonous system of Irish Health Care.