Sunday, January 13, 2019

HSE deny me access to information on my own files

It is very tough becoming ill.

It is even tougher losing the community you loved and served for decades.

It's grossly tough when you knew you had wonderful supporters in consultants and clinicians who gave their advice on what my housing needs were and what would suit me best when I was a very sick older woman with complex needs and difficulties and more and more using mobility aids.

The toughest about all of this is the fact I was rehoused but so badly I do need answers from the people I had trusted - who will never get my trust back in any shape or form.

I have been very shabbily treated.

Working in an Inter-Agency fashion, the County Council and the HSE were discussing my housing in depth for months.
Sometimes I was present as was my identical twin sister.

All references were given in by myself and some even directly sent by consultants, to the HSE and to the Council, good recommendations, accurate recommendations of my needs, my ways of living, how best I could be served and how I needed to be embedded in the community I loved and did so well in.

Questions have to be asked why major consultants professional opinions held no weight and I was shoved into a tiny backwater of prodominantly men who drank heavily and the HSE claim they never got to hear of it all!

I cannot believe this.

My question being, too,  after being shot at in this new enclave I have this to say:

  • Why did the Healthcare service leave a very sick person in a dangerous housing situation?
  • What did the HSE do with all the letters/reports/advice/ recommendations made to them and the council, because they are not on the  patient's community file.  Where are they?
  • Why are pages and pages and pages redacted from my view when I asked under FOI to receive community files.
  • Why did the HSE close the file leaving me stuck in an alcholic enclave of men, alone, afraid and terrorised.
  • How could they do it when it is mentioned at a team meeting I was physically and psychologically declining in the social housing unit?
  • How could they do this and leave a sick person to the mercy of the men and walk away in the other direction, knowing I had made two suicide attempts there?
  • Where is the file of the Director of Public Health on this case.   He was a Director of Public Health of the HSE and no file should be erased during the lifetime of the living patient.
  • Why do they refuse to speak of this time, allow me see the paperwork and claim files do not exist when one or two pages can be gleaned on the files I already have.
  • Why did one consultant who made recommendations who now works for the HSE redact her recommendations to the council from my files after I left as a patient between the time she gave in the recommendations and sometimes after I left her.   I was a patient of hers.  these files are legal documents and are not allowed be tampered with.  They are now not on file in recent FOI requests.
  • Files are legal documents, you are not allowed tamper with them.  Redactions of major recommendations for the rehousing of seriously ill patients, whom you advocate for a certain living arrangement to be missing off the hospital file is a serious offence in my eyes.
to Me, the HSE has many questions to answer.

I have suffered badly having such a health caring organisation doing any community work for me.
I have been left penniless, out of my county I yearn to return to, I have no means to make any decision, no means to attempt to get home.
the consultants all made sound judgements, but these get tossed to the winds.
This is our healthcare service.
this is the only one protecting those who are sick.
did I feel protected when they walked away after I was shot at and attempted suicide in a situation where I was way out of my depth and which was dangerously violent.

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