Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i have neglected yeti 'blog'

well yes, it feels like the yeti disappeared on me and yet it didn't.
i had known, yes i had indeed.
awnyah had not written up, comments, views, nor had an 'attitude'
so what does one do about all this?
she finds a place in brain and time to have this much loved 'attitude.'
a lot has happened indeed.
two friends have experienced very severe shocks indeed.
life events, trauma as they are known.
just yet my friend, i don't want these for myself but realize that persons' bodies and minds are but frail.
when can i know that one day i shall too receive a severe blow to this body or to this mind?
i will not.
What i do understand right now, increasingly, is how difficult too many people are finding it right now and it is shocking.
the difficult times we face, as i speak for 'little' people are not self-inflicted but sent our way via the greed pole, that my friends are the strong-er, the men, usually, at the top.
they are the ones in charge, or so we the little ones believe.  Well, they tell us they are in charge...yep.
they are in charge of my money, your money, my life and your life.
greedy greedy seedy men and the odd woman thrown in and they have disabled us.
hook line and slinker sinker disabled us all.
we now have this around our bloody little necks until the day we die.
and what a burden.
it will be even more so for further disabled people.
here i speak of Disabled bodies, and the minds.
Lets give a few examples.
on the stats side i can say that ireland now has a mental health budget second to none, its the grand sum of 5% of total when before over ten/fifteen years ago it was 13% with this percentage now we are about the lowest in european spending  to support the mental health  of our nation.
i do not like this.
when we consider mental health so badly, not worthy of input we also engender this attitude on all, that those with mental health difficulties are not worthy of our cash and cash is in short supply.
All will experience a mental health crisis at least ONCE in our lives. what happens then if you need this care?
there is no money.
well, there is so little that what there is is not giving adequate help to our most vulnerable and needy and its perceived as either not a worthy enough cause or a waste of cash that our nation does not have.
Let us think of how little money there is in the pot for health now.  mostly the health of again another tragically dependent and vulnerable group, the disabled man, woman and child in our country.
Our adaption grants have been frozen in some counties.
our 'one pair of shoes' a year has been stopped due to lack of cash, now consider this...we all have to use the feet!
and when the feet are not well, sick and deformed, well what do you expect us to put on them, especially when unwell, sick and unhappy feet need specialised care when chosing and fitting a pair of shoes or boots whatever?
will we go out now in bedroom slippers in the snow?
or freeze the nails off the toes by going without?
hard times indeed.
dark ages times indeed.
Lets see further....a freeze on consultant appointments, second lowest consultant numbers of neurologists in europe.
not enough rheumatologists and indeed not enough of any highly specialized expert in this nation.  Remember, you too will get sick, be of no doubt about that.
young children in need of specialist attention in the classrooms are being denied this because there is not enough money for special needs assistants, well the moeny there is cannot be given over to this spending (why? is it not worthy enough, the next generation of our nation)?
Wheelchairs, disability pensions, personal assistants, home helps all cut back.
Lets put this plainly in common language for all to fully understand.
when my country is in economic crisis, the money to help us try to recover our cred economy is taken from the pockets of the least able to support this.
those at the top, the greasy pole top, the ones who decide who gets strapped, will not strap themselves.
nope, they do that to you and i and leave themselves out of it completely, yet they are complicit in bringing my humble little country to bankruptcy for you and i couldnt not have done that, we had no say and less money!
we have far less say now, because of them shits at the top.
excuse the lingo on this.
when i see suffering mates, i can call those who cause suffering every name in the book because suffering is suffering and there are few words to describe that, other than one - hell.
when people do this to vulnerable others then them people are not worthy for noble words at all.
and that is blunt.
shitzers abound the world right now.
its a worry too for the likes of me and many with disabilities, you do worry.
what will be cut next?
right now we have it up to our ears in worry. able bodied and less able bodied, but at least you can walk on happy feet if you are able.
if you are not, we have pain.
and more and more and more.
now will all the sit-in's around Wall Street and Dame street make a difference?
doubt it.
really doubt it.
this is the stuff of democracy my friend.
and we have now discovered that democracy doesnt really work, its not very democratic, see.
but then neither was communism in any shape or form, so as the night grows longer here in my dribble, scribble, i have not solved the worlds difficulties, have i?
but i am worried.  nonetheless, i am a worried woman and i am stating this in the name of worried women, men and chizlers in my grubby little country.
ah, i didn't name this country grubby!
another commentator has, and i grabbed the grubby about two years ago when said commentator said so!
Very shoddy indeed.
I have had my say - tonight...good night! sleep, if you can

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