Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CRS rules OK!

Well CRS is a big 'hit' it seems as peekers and peepers looked and read a bit about the dilemma facing the Rubies.  All is not rosy nonetheless!
NONETHELESS, i am asked to deviate from 'misery' and a constant whine and gripe.
Should i or should i not?
HUMMM....for once...just once.
Well, yes actually just once, so be uplifted and enlightened and delighted.
I am deviating...not much..just an inch.
Away from the reality of more of the same.
Ah no, not really.
Spring is in the Air, children are screaming on trampolines...yikes...beside me in my new home...yikes. God bless the children?
What about the wrinklies?
I shall say nothing and take my hearing aids out and fully understand that our 'clocks' will deviate.
I shall awaken to hear the birds and they shall be struggling with the shoe laces and school bags and then i shall be in bed, hearing aids out once again, when they have their play stations full blast and couldn't care a shit about the adults all around.
Well, hearing aids out i shall be fine.
When my shed is relocated..away from the tramps and the visual impact i shall sound proof the thing and take the hearing aids out...again..and all will be well with MY world.
Not my country or the fiscal state but my small wee world where from time to time a peeper shows out of curiousity.
When curiosity wears off, peepers go and hearing aids will be out again!
That is, if i am not up at dawn listening or trying to.
Ha! Do you remember that wonderful day you tripped out with BirdWatch Ireland, 4am was it not?
It was.
'Oh, did you hear THAT?"
"Two o'clock, there!"
From a stance of twelve i look two o'clock, and i didnt see the bloody thing nor hear it.
It was a resounding disaster as not one tweet did i hear and discovered it was counterproductive to awaken from sleep to go listen to others awaking from sleep.
this is an occassion i would have benefited from staying absent from.
I have since and pretty much benefit but miss not hearing.
Crows and Magpies aplenty, small birds - NO>
Well...I compensate...I feed them so get to see them, close, up close...usually very close.
I am happy with the solution.
Now the jubilation of it all, i am on the move again and pretty much moved by it all.
I simply have to stop going for twinkly things, as in Magpie fashion.
them wee things that facinate a person of my inclination, snatched for a pittance from the jaws of a rubbish tip in the guise of working the community service by adding to the charity box in a charity shop, i go every day and come away disappointed if i am not uplifted by a 50c twinkle.
the kind that sets a small beat flutter at a 'coup of a find' well, for 24hrs, anyway.
That too, is a coup, believe me.
So the move is moving apace as all my stuff is IN, and some has been booted out and just a tiny left to shift and i then follow the body and then i can finally say, the move is complete.
After that my friends i am never moving again until i go out in my eco-friendly designer cardboard coffin or a mug.
Ah, bonfires are not allowed on private property.
thats another idea scuppered.
So, it will have to be the eco-friendly lightweight coffin.
So enthusiasm for life is on the upper after the howling at a full moon last night (i have just heard the twin scream from the kitchen, so enthrawled at her computer she burnt the pots).
most of her dinner now is a-shrivel.
Well, i was barked at for reminding her on her pots last night, over and over reminding her as she was glued to the glowing rectangle that is laptops.
so i barked not.
i remained glued tomy own and kept my peace.
the potatoes burnt up and so too the saucepan and no lessons will be learnt on that one.
a jaunty trip through a blog on the seriousness of disasters and traumas for one evening is about to come to an end.
I now have to seek out a nice snazzy adapted van that can replace the silver bullet that hit a tree last week.
Insurance is paying up for repair, and after that i am shutting the chapter on the pink and purple flower encrusted shape of metal that once brought a smile to the chizlers and their mamas on their way to the school.
When the shoe laces were well tied.
My van has been tied, and well tied up the backside of a tree and there it shall remain.
some other eegit can drive it but i will not.
so suspect is it.
Panic rises to think i will or can or should.
so a van is needed and i must seek out.
I hear goddam awful screams from the glow in the corner, the twin has turned on some reality show as twin eats what is left of the potatoes and her dinner.
I am off...jaz

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