Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I have not enough pitbulls for the hse

another day and the same story in holy ireland.

We have a problem in ireland and i am still trying to work all this one out.
Ireland that is.

I guess the reasons why we are like we are is we are a small island and our history is steeped in gossip, slander, roguery and interbreeding.

its the only way i can fathom my country now.
its lack of modernity
lack of morality
lack of intelligence (the ones that stay that is)
the lack of diversity (the gossip elements)

we just seem never to work as a nation, ever.

the hse is a case in point and why do i say this?
because although about to be disbanded, it is relatively modern endeavour and when we discover now its gone all pear shaped its being scrapped, for another type of health service provider.
God knows what will come next, if the last two brigades didnt suit will anything?

We will shoot with the 'intelligence' bit first.

You get a powered chair, assessed for it.
you already had a powered scooter (but its clapped out, and known to be)
you ring in to say the wheelchair now has 'gone down with an illness, and it may be terminal.'
you ask what should you do with it
and the answer you get is...we are coming to take it back because you are not allowed have two powered gizmos at the same time!
now thats intelligence.

What will they do with a broken powered scooter that has been done to death on the roads, which has mrsa probably attached to not only the handlebars?
will they give it to some other poor sod eh?

or does it go the horse meat way?
or is THAT actually the horse meat way?

the powered chair is already a reconstituted bucket from ballyhaunis and how do i know this?
they told me they were reconstituting them up and sourced a place in ballyhaunis to do just this, but this isnt even the horse meat way cos its been found out, i have this item less than a month, and its already terminal.

I can also say that in the beginning of the year both my twin's scooter and mine were taken out by disease and the van died due to being in a fatal crash so we were effectively left in our estate without any means of getting to doctors appointments and other and no other way to buy food or set ourselves up, no we do not have anyone to do this we are on our own entirely and so we relied on the odd taxi.
this was paid for out of our funds.
not only that, but we nearly went  mental in the process, holed up in a place with no name.

mine has now, its called 'wicket' i kid you not, and not without reason.

so we paid for taxis until we couldnt afford that anymore and the mental status got me to ring the hse and ask when the two scooters were to be fixed.
'can you wait another two weeks?' was their answer.
Am i still 'with the' intelligence bit or have i moved on to another category when i mention this phrase?

No we cannot wait another two weeks, came the response.
now you know why my home is named thus.

they were fixed.
by an outfit being sued.
the scooters didnt go much better and so we got in another crowd.
this cost us plenty and no, the hse didnt refund us this either.
so this scooter, which they want back has now been paid for IN FULL.
its about ten years old anyway and i kept it serviced and spruced, so i feel its mine and i have earned it and loved it.
i dont love the ~HSE, but they know that, i have good reason.
they don't seem to get it and tell me that the staff feel dispirited with my attitude.
well i am the one feeling disgruntled with attitude, i can tell you personally.

then we have a case of economics and the way the health provision is run here in ireland.
we have a case of the saluki dog and the pitbulls.
those with the saluki and cash in hand can get bloods done instantly.
those who havent money have to have enough pitbulls to fight and you don't usually win but do end in tears as i did today when the gp tells me that he doesn't get paid to do bloods.
I needed to know my muscle enzyme markers and my autoimmune markers as i had a flare during the week which saw me in the wheelchair (the twin's one, remember mine is sick) and also because i am seeing the neurologist and absolutely need to know the status of my muscle enzymes because i have a muscle wasting disorder and this is my attempt to get OUT of ireland to no. 1 get a diagnosis and some class of treatment.
the only diagnosis i have to date is they know i am in a wheelchair and i am on morphine, other than that, i dont know why and thats what i want to know.
if i dont before i did they will not get my body for scientific research which i had promised but as they have done little when i am alive i doubt they will get my body when dead.
i cannot be worth MORE when i am dead then i am alive and its looking increasingly like this now.

we also had a bath-bad situation with the HSE too. they refused to me allow me keep it, even in my own private home, my first private home.
if i wanted to avail of the adaptation grant, they said i had to get rid of the bath and have a wetroom as they 'didnt want me coming back for more', this was a hse decision.
fearing me not being able to avail of the adaptation grant to allow me make the place suitable for a wheelchair  i had to agree with the wetroom, even if i had no choice, never met the person who was making me do this and i told the council i would still try to save my bath by discussion with the hse.
months and months and months went by and finally i managed with the help of the local td to save the bath - and this is about the most useful medical aid i have within these walls.
the bath helped my severe pain (i am on morphine).
i have generalised dystonia - a neurodegenerative difficulty.
i have a muscle wasting disorder and restless legs and fibromyalgia.
all helped by taking a bath.
none could be helped by a hole in the floor sitting upright in a hard chair.
so when i fought hard for the bath retention, i then lost the 20,000k. one old 1980's bath and a blasterboard wall saved and yet i lost 20,000k in the adaptation grant.
this had me driving around in the van in tears.
when were the irish institutions ever going to let me have the peace i yearned for.
how is it that a semi state organisation can MAKE you do something to your home, against your will all because 'we dont want you coming back for more.'
this wasnt about disability, it was economics.
an identical twin with a doctorate wasnt even quizzed queried nor bullied in the same manner.
i was, they knew i had nothing, absolutely nothing.
so they could interfer in my first home, which i paid for with an inheritance from my deceased dad and my deceased sister.
we have the state interferring in my life now DECADES and will it end.
i ask you to decide and make real for me.
but then when it comes to disability and the people who are disabled people in Ireland, it happens us, all of us, not just myself but us as a group.
this is what terrifies all disabled people in ireland, the disempowerment if you fight back.
and i will fight back.
no one can deny i will fight back.
if the HSE wrongs me, i will be on again and again and again, blogging the fact.
it effects me you know.
i have brain damage and asperger, but i will not, cannot let this sort of abuse go on, it goes on for all with disability in ireland.
this is not only my story, its the story of the saluki against the pitbulls.
and i walk tall and gracefully as a saluki but fight like a saluki, but the rich man's palm is not mine, i rely on how strong the teeth are and how i can hold on vice like for justice.

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