Saturday, March 19, 2016

In this blighted house: Coming Home To Ireland

In this blighted house: Coming Home To Ireland: For 42 years I lived away from Ireland. I left in 1972 as many young Irish girls go nursing in Great Ormond Street Children's H...

this is my twin sisters blog today, just after the high jinks of celebrating our national day of loving ireland to bits and back.

Loving Ireland, loving being Ireland is not the same as 'caring ireland, and caring for the irish nation, its vastly different to be fantastical about OIRISH around the world to being in the midst of the hard, painful grind of living it and being in it.

its torture.

A collective initiative is needed as in a case against Ireland and its human rights against people who are sick,disabled and poor.  we have a major HUMAN RIGHTS issue, even on the european commissions site by all european standards we are dragging our heels to bring human rights to Ireland and Ireland is the last to even acknowledge we owe it to the citizens to uphold human rights values, because their actions are against everything that is central to human rights in what we or they, (enda Kenny, acting taoiseach stated in the Dail) 'we are a modern society.  PUKE stuff.

we also do not seem to have it in us to fight back, this appalls me that we take this on the chin, because the suffering is immense and all stand by and leave the most vulnerable unsupported.

this fact too is recognised in europe and we have been hauled over the coals about the measures Ireland took to deprive its citizens their human rights but what next.

where is the collective thinking and outcry, you cannot expect things to change unless you are prepared to stand up and fight for change, and you cannot expect to do it alone, if Europe can admonish us for our human rights violations and dragging of heels, why is it not entering the fray to support the vulnerable, are we not in the EU together?  and have we not handed over OUR money to YOUR banks in central Europe?

we have, and yet you name our suffering and do nothing about it at all.

we have a Europe that isnt working as it should.

a Europe only intent of helping a few, not intent on upholding what was once known as 'society'

i feel ashamed and equally sad at the end of my life, to think that whilst we celebrate 100yrs of what was called tyranical oppression, we are now in the depths of both oppression from the inside, and oppression from Europe, we should be calling for the 'second revolution'  not celebrating the first.

sure after the first, things started going all down hill again.  nothing improved for the Irish here.  to day even more are leaving than ever before and those left behind are oppressed.

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