Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In this blighted house: The complainer is mad, the complained about is san...

In this blighted house: The complainer is mad, the complained about is san...: In order to have your needs met in Ireland you must become a 'professional' in disability, health, law and advocacy!  You can no lon...

this is an excellent blog and i know full well what my twin sister is referring to here.

to look at the brown files is testament to the amount of energy they use in defending their position.  this isnt about healthcare, it never apparently was, as professors have even said the HSE is about managing money, not a healthcare system for sick and frail people.

if they have to justify anything at all, they have a complete and fully operational legal department all to itself, there they spend thousands of your money constructing legal defense in case its needed, and no letter seems sent out to the community unless overseen by a legal entity to make damn sure the position they hold on any perverse behaviours can be legally construed as viable - a whitewash in other words.

they also manage to call you everything under the sun and yet write to you and request strongly that you refrain from speaking about members of the hse in that 'tone' as it can have a detrimental effect on the professional standing.

but far be it for the HSE to take its own advice because i have been attacked in defamatory statements pretty much consistently.  the consistency of it now amounts to torture, harrassment, bullying and defamation of character.

so the equal stance to rights is not even there and never was and wonder will it ever be.

take a bow my sister, we say it squarely as it is, how it happens and use intellect to challenge - is it ever right to behave so badly towards sick people?

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