Sunday, May 15, 2011

To be Positive and Move on!

Believe it or not the Positiveness 'drive' came from two people this week, my dear friend Mags B and my Cous, Mary W, both instilled a feeling of 'worth,' the worthiness of going the long mile in Life.
Not to sit and chew the cud on the past and also both gave me the sense of it all being very worth in in the end - and to the end.
My cousin did not get re-elected to the Dail, but none of her party did, but still she is smiling on the top of a mountain, wind tossed and enjoying possibly the freedom.  I doubt her party was to blame at all at the downfall of the country.  No, that took years.
She is going back to Nature, on the trails of snails and other - and a lucky woman she is now, and i bet, far the happier for it.
When you see that so quickly one can get back to a solid path of what life is really about is astounding, but is it?
No, this is Positive Thinking and literally 'moving on' in Direction of Plans for what is called 'Blessed Life' tis that.
Mags B, comes beaming into my abode, small though it is.
she takes a strong, direct eye at the coffee machine, but i had already started it up.
we talk about 'forever homes' and we then toss about on my 'metadating and house keeping' a very serious business there i have to say.
we are praised for the metadating, even though 2stars were found amongst the 3stars and one actually is a FOUR star having appeared in 'Waggy Tail' the mags for 'Irish Therapy Dogs.' well thats my twin's actually, four star pic.
testing folders to view future metadating we came across some good images, the word 'Exhibition' came up.
'Gud Ann, you should have an Exhibition' and we talked some.
yes, thats the future way to go.
And i am energised and positive-iszed along the way.
Mags B went on her merry way (she got the strong black, no sugar coffee) as i had to deliver a poo specimen and give my blood at the GP surgery.
she promised me that she would meet at the hopeful 'forever home' in the Noggin.
True to her word she came.  I was SO pleased to have that support on a day i was hoping to get rid of more money than i ever had, all in the space of a minute.
No criticism of high hedging, just wandering with me and talking about ability and disability.
and since Ann is positive but now, also wondering why the vendor has not said yeh or naw to my offer.

A trip then to the Interior Design Show at the RDS was another thing altogether.
the above, take into account - nature and creativity.
the idea of the second being - hard sell to go the way of the mighty designers when in fact, one at my level and increasingly most can hope and do no more.  But the style in the 'would be' customers was Style with a big S, and the S in dollars followed the flow of their flowing garb for sure, and their beautiful designer children.
a luxury cushion for the cost of E50, well thats the esb bill gone unpaid.
the fantastical lighting, and sweeping curves of table legs, going where no man ever went before were astounding feats of carpentry etc.
to go all 'retro' and do the fake and cost us an absolute fortune rather defeats the idea of creativity.
once one design agency goes Retro, then everyone else does too.
we are now looking at Repo Retro and probably not as beautifully and tastefully as the real thing.
where is all this leading - cost and lack of incentive and lack of creativity.
One amazingly well cut with a Jig-Saw electric, shelving of chipboard, recycling is our day now, cost over 1,000k and its compressed chipboard! ah we fools or wha, it looked fantastic but cost so too.
In my cous's new endeavour, the air and the bugs are free.
in Mags B enthusiasm there are possibilities that may indeed cause half the ESB to be forfeited for a few months anyway but hopefully one sale at a fraction of the cost of a Repo Retro will fill that gap and i can shine on thanks so much.
Awnyah would not be Awnyah if she does not revert to her own specialised hobby-horse.
that is on the Agenda of the Day for one so, is the one so for many so's or sods, whatever.
the person in the extra wheels, that is two below the bottom or two extra wee ones just ahead of the steering.
the ones of us who use scooters and wheelchairs, of the electrified variety.
At the Interior design show a wee, just talking babe was taken out of her push chair and ran toward me with outstretch hand shouting 'what is THAT?" pointing to my mobility scooter, "ah that, i say, this is Special, and there is only ONE in the world, I am lucky eh?' she stands agog, 'would you like to press my elephant ears and hear the noise?  I have a horn who asks politely for people to part the way, or be careful and its a plastic elephant's head with a big hooter.
she did and ran back to mama.
Oh and the mamas were So mortified.  the horn is never needed as once seen we have a red sea situation. honest.
now back to my hobby horse.
Ireland - no disability social housing - i have to buy one myself and it ain't really that assessable.
no "Trive" as in and the Occupational therapist hasn't a foggiest idea how i will mow the lawn. I tell her, there are these wee buzzy robots and you place them on the grass and they whirr, as they whir they bump against the edging and whir the other way, in the process each blade of grass is sliced.
what you do with the sliced up is anyone's guess cos a robot has not been thought to brush up and put on the compost heap!
And the 'hedge' she moans, Ah the hedge,yes the hedge. Any suggestions, you haven't seen a hedge like this!
now we have - the no accessible home for the disabled, with that, no help for finding a suitable one either for the wonky footed.
you are on your own with and
and all the OT's and specialists can say, we will keep our eyes open on and which is a waste of time for there are four eyes already doing that day and night.
what about accessible gardening for people in wheelchairs?  where is the creativity or the will to learn on this one, not here, but can be accessed via and other, especially TRIVE who BELIEVE in gardening - er, twenty minutes of gardening a day makes you happier and healthier, proven.
where is the accessibility in Nature for us.
Once belonging to BirdWatch Ireland and the Dublin Naturalist Field club, also all the wildlife organizations there were and possibly still are, i cannot partake in practise only in principle.
How many love nature equally to the cous and the birders, many i say in the wheelchairs.
and when little is provided for those with wheels under their bottoms we sit rather glazed out the double glazed winda's and the bird table near enough for the shortsighted.
I WANT to get to know my mushrooms and my millipedes, especially the arsonic type.
but i cannot do that half way up a mountain, alas, and i never shall see the top of the sugar loaf again, alas.
but surely there IS flat trails or gentle sloping land in Ireland, or has the volcano gone and shaken the style of the land too?
My nature is not pontoons from which to fish, steadfastly with the breaks on, for some but not this one.
i want a windy, windy wobbly way with a view and the lush of the wild under (or beside) the wheels that help me see.
No housing.
No cushions
No nature
No trails
No, ah no, not so Ann is hopeful and all will be provided either from her own hands or other.
watch this space, and maybe we will have a bird trail or a nature trail and an idea materializing, i shall watch too for while i hope my mind is on the matter of putting a roof over two heads, but two heads of others can get together and rattle the ideas thus providing what is there for the able bodied, can and should be done by the not so able bodied.
Hope is a Living thing.
We shall live - lets hope all equal.

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