Monday, May 16, 2011

yep, yikes did i swallow the words so quick!!

What was positiveness yesterday is negative tomorrow, and with the Queen coming an'all and ill prepared and ill.
hence the negs.  the twin in the Queens, literally Queens square neuro hospital and the Queen over here, you'd get mighty confused and as we say in the queen;s own language here, its mighty ironical.
thats what they say, ironical.
I am not positive, and you can sense it, I do!
i sense it, feel it and am it, the negative.
it was caused by sickness, yep and yike in that too.
i wasnt always so neg, more poss than neg i was indeed and you'd never know what i saw in the mirror. no.
my hands are on FIRE, my feet are on Fire, and so too my knees.
i feel sick as a parrot, that is 'i wanna get sick please pass the sick bowl, whoever has it.'
I hope its not the Queen for i wont be able to ask then.
tonight due to fright i have one sleeping chi on my elbow, which is debilitating and another licking her paws by my hip, there i feel a whisker against my skin, and the skin is exposed cos everything hurts so badly i cannot cover with sheet nor blankets.
it does get worse, if i elaborate, it does get worse.
and what else is news.
i asked those in the Irish Times, via the letters ed and if it gets published you will pinpoint where i am on the globe, on the map, in the province, of you know where, well i asked them did Mr. Grimm ever write a fairy tale about a little girl lost in the dark forest singing and crying for a real home, aka bricks and mortar, if so, did she get it, and if so How? for i wish to tap into the knowledge.
i guess both Grimm and girl are dead by now, and maybe that knowledge has gone down with the ship, for it sure ain't here.
In this house, the one called a Unit, its supposed to double up as a home, but its more like Alcatraz, or Elba, er, did i get that right? spelling? or even the bloody island in the film Papillon, which frightened the bloody life out of me, so i guess this is Papillon then cos this unit has the same effect.  but i am not in the humor to watch the waves and jump at the seventh one, i guess he went with it and ended god knows where, probably into netherland or heaven, whichever.
I have been stuck here for the past year, post shoot-out between an eleven year old girl and a defenseless sickie who shot with the camera and came up the pic of all pics only she is eleven, it cannot be published but she IS seen holding the gun.  I was, in effect target practise, as was my queens the chihauhaus.
I cannot release the body from this goddam awful social housing unit.
In a deep sick depression, the visit of the Queen and Obama and also the leader of the gov in England, no one is bothered and seemingly no one can afford to help.
it didnt seem to cross anyones mind of the amount the gov, our gov is spending on visits from the elite, whilst the disabled and sick have their disability pension slashed twice and an embargo on further housing options, well no options really as not one spill of ink has been made on a drawing board in county hall which will demarcate a square of a house plan for those in round wheels, aka wheelchairs and their ilke.
in the twenty first century, the visit from the Queen, the Leader of the world and the leader of our x-colonial enemy and we pomping up to be the modern ireland yet no one has drawn a square here, not one square for a circle, and the circle does defo not fit the rectangle it is presently in.  cos a circle cannot be conformed to a harsh corner.
there are many in the 'illegal' sense, 45sq metres is not legal but it doesnt say that in any rule book and sure doesnt say it at county hall.
did you know, that a single person, in full health, without the burden of a second person hanging on, with the need for one bedroom is legally obliged to be homed, privately or otherwise in an area space of 55sq metres, i come up short, very.
and in my very short metre space, its known for people to go insane, true, absolutely true, and thats what i feel like and its happening here and now.
why did they demarcate an area space of 55sq metres, cause the sanity evidence has been proven.
there will be another statistic added shortly, watch this space.
so the blog has become a wandering mass of words, of no real consequences but to the blogger who is feeling very sick.
we shall cut to the chase,
i am very sick, proven.
Please someone tell my gov, or the queen, or obama, or whatsit from London that this sickie needs to get a proper home to be at peace, she is in the dark forest of madness, insecurity and is a sickie and getting sickier by the day.
all boats are out on this one, many sank, are sinking and drowning down.
every single person on my map, it is albeit a small map, knows that this sickie is sinking, but alas we dont have movers or shakers for all the pomp we shall dish out in millions of euros, looking down drains, removing trash cans, banning cars (and adapted vans) and enlisting the entire army, navy and police to the cause in protecting one person, and two others.
so when the protecting is gone, watch your home for the burglaries, and the thieves, for you money is gone that way or by the taxes to support the visits.
so wham gone too is sense in this here small bankrupt country.
if they had that, they would ask the visitors to pay tourist visas to support the cause of the sunken ship, we need the hydraulics to raise the relic so put your money where your mouth is.
yep and yikes, hey ma'am, will you give us a copper please, we broke and there is a sickie heading to the lunatic asylum as well, for God's sake.

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