Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We are supposedly a 'happy nation!'

not according to those looking after people with disabilities!
what a shocking indictment to us as a nation when we are faced with a documentary on the lack of services and the pain and suffering that is in our country, Holy Ireland.  I watched like many, 'Primetime' Monday 30th May, on RTE television.
it does not come as a surprise to all that work in the HSE, the community services and it does not come as a surprise to all effected by the drastic cutbacks on the most vulnerable, with cutting care, care packages, support, appliances and the list is endless.
I simply cannot fight the big agenda out there and yet i am told not to be so angry and blousy and tame the pain and hurt and rant.
tell me please how does one do this and also stay sane.
yesterday too, i received a letter from the HSE asking me to attend a Stress management course!
I rang up to ask who suggested i go on this and did they fully understand why i was so stressed out?
I reminded them of my position and that of my twin sister, who has received one hours home help a week after three years!
and my position of barely managing with my own difficulties.
so i am sent this letter...please tell me how can a stress management course help a stressed out person who doesnt even have adequate accommodation for a physically and psychologically compromised woman and where her twin with a physical disability has spent the past six months on my sofa with no resolution in sight!
Yes Primetime was a shocking programme and probably also for those just been diagnosed with a serious life threatening acquired condition, who has to not only adjust to this fact but try and come to terms that she/he may be one of the programme chosen few who will live out their lives in desperation and struggle.
we have no answers here in Ireland for the bigger picture of health decline and services but what we should tap is our position in the world as a people who do care.
But do we, or is this position of the land of christianity, green and luscious rolling hills with the Book of Kells in a dusty library and St Kevins bed in the most glorious scenery in the 'garden of ireland' a complete gloss on us as we really are? or what we have to offer.
We are penniless, broke and dependent on the EU.  we have the most beautiful scenic areas to exploit through tourism but we have little hovels of homes, sickness, Dickensian style prisons with no function whatsove ever.
i want the Irish, the people on the dole, the ones who really have the spirit of Ireland to think about the less able at home.
as an oldie now, disabled oldie i can say, "I did it, when i was on the dole and in college"  most did in the 70's and it was a lasting lifelong experience which actually made me see how others lived.  it left in me a spirit to strive to help others, at all times.
its the education of tomorrow and the present day.
take up your job skills for a few hours a day and loan it to those less able.
those whose skills are oratory and rant with purpose and effect, take up this cudgeon of a defunct, dysfunctional country and attempt to shame it into doing the right thing.
we are noted for that, helping less able ...that is not what i saw last night on Primetime (except the immediate care givers who love their own) and its not what i am experiencing right now as a disabled person, living with a disabled twin sister.
Wake up Ireland, you are in a bloody mess and people are really suffering.

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