Thursday, November 22, 2012

very few shades of colour in disability

you get simply one colour and it is called - TIRED...does it have its complete complimentary, yes, ALIVE.

and being disabled is just about as dead as you can get, inside.
but not because you are you... can be VERY PROUD of 'you' but you can not be ALLOWED to be proud.

the most we get is wait for it and do not be alarmed...the most we get it...ABUSE.

there are many colours to this one we do know that.
the worst being, your word...that is, YOUR word.
are you believed if you say a reasonable statement in arguement, no.
are you considered sane often?  no.

the professionals can dress in any shirt or dress, they are a collective evil against equality.
they ban together like glue in order to support each other one with the other against...the individual, in this instance, the disabled.

how many disabled people are believed in a case of a health dispute?
if you say 'well, actually she left me without...'
'ah no she didnt, you are imagining that, ' or 'i believe my'  oh yes.

in other words, you are a pathological liar with murderous intent with violent tendencies, when even you raise your voice in distress.

when you raise your voice in distress, its called being 'abusive' in my country.

if you complain and ask for review on the person who wronged you the review gets twisted so badly it ends with, 'this review finds that in order to have to apologise first!'
so someone may have said or done something to or against you as a disabled person and you put in a complaint, only to find that the review decided that you brought all this on yourself so if you want them there services, apologise and you will get em...

there is one thing i can say about my country ireland, it was born on the back of deceit and we lived and survived by wit alone, decades of it, since cave times, a little island going no where fast had to try to survive in the rise of the powers all around, how they did that was by back handers, sliming, deceit and in modern day, brown envelopes and back handers.
and the collective rounding on others to save face.

do i believe for instance that faith SHOULD BE PLACED with the HSE TO hold enquiries into what happened a young woman denied the right to abortion and so die, no i dont.
in a small part of ireland on the other side of the same country, a disabled person has been so demonised within a snuff of a request for review you would think that person is the devil incarnate.
if you think i say wrong here, you can ask for an eminent person in another country, as we say, an independent witness if i personally say wrong here, that person will
i have watched the process, and seen how bad it is becoming.
we are what we are, a vicious, conniving, self serving, grovelling little pest of a country who no more has honest peoples' lives in their heart than our friend who is frying down there in hell..that one with the horns and fire.

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