Saturday, December 8, 2012


This is a considered email of a person i know,

 an email sent to every TD she has been in contact over these past few years as a person with severe disabilities.

Please see her breakdown of her basic payment through Disability Pension : 

in total 
Payments                           Deductions

Flat    193.50                      Phon:     20.00
Fuel     20                           ESB:      15.00
Laa        7.70

Tot Pmts  221.20               Total Deductions  35.00

Total amount received   186.20  THIS IS WHAT I AM LEFT EACH WEEK TO LIVE ON - not including deductions made now for  the following:

Prescription medications  : 
morphine patch
sulpha quinnine
macular degeneration meds                                                                  18etooth paste to save teeth as effected by sjogrens syndrome                   17e
fish oils  - brain nourishment                                                                  10e
eye drops  gel
ceoliac pasta/cornflakes/breads      eradicated from med list                 25e per week at least (no tax rebate as i do not work)

12 chargeable items now TREBLED in cost leaving a bill per month for myself of - 19e monthly

Cost of my medication per month will now be          18e
                                                                      _____________                              89.60 per month in costs.

my weekly pension after deductions at source is now -  186.20  if i divide my med bill in four i will then deduct again from this the sum of 
22.25  leaving me with a basic living fund of 103.95e

this does not include Coal
  -  van insurance - petrol
  -  VHI payment  ( i certainly could not quarentee best practise for crohns surgery to the public health sector with the high incidents of     post-operative infections, my first surgery nearly saw me die in @@@@@ from post op infections, see their latest rating on this matter)!.
 - phone bill.

please explain to me how on earth i am to live on this?

in the last few budgets i saw my basic rate of disabilty pension cut twice and an increase of medication payments.

to consider major items for my disability have already been funded this year 

- repair to my mobility scooter -   500e
- acquiring a Lidl rollator                99e
- spoon and knife                          37e  I refused to pay this - specialised protective clothing in  summer as the sun rays are so damaging to Lupus patients
- specialised wrap around sun glasses to protect eyes from sun, loss of moisture and cornea damage - see conditions above.
- back supports for computer chair.
- hearing aids     E1.500e eachwhat you have done to me has beggared me
                                               threatened my peace of mind
                                               put the fear of god into me for my future
                                               left me cold this winter (there isnt any oil in the tank at present)
                                               i am fearful of best medical practise at the mercy of a very suspect local hospital. 

 I hope you sleep well in your bed tonight after seeing the above detailed outpouring of one sick individual living alone in this state where the European charter for people with disabilities has not been ratified, when all other european states have done so. 

if anyone call inform me how a person can live on this with the cost of living here in Ireland higher than most of the rest of europe and add on taxes, levies, and so on so forth.

this is one individual and there are many many more that this goverment has brought to its knees in utter terror.

this email had received no acknowledgement this morning and i will await with held breath to see if one comes, on second thoughts maybe i should not, for i then would surely die for lack of oxygen.  

Don't you just love politicians especially the ones devoted to being Leftish creative, eg our labour party?
  Labour, you will never get my vote again ever.  If i can help it, neither will people with disabilities ever believe you are on our left side serving us, the ones who depend on good decisions being made on our behalf.

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