Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Let there be no misUnderstanding

perception, interpretation, assumptions, or concepts.
words, all very very loaded indeed.

but i have one word today - there is no misunderstanding about what has happened me with our wonderful HSE.

the battle, Oh mother of God the battle royal with this crowd and its been one thing after another for the past year, a full year and no resolution.

well not just millions of battles actually, just two, with a few capillary entries, but to get these sorted has taken millions of by ways and cul de sacs and no roads at all!

It isn't sorted.

Not by a long mile.

Lets not forget da famous bath!
My famous bath but to the HSE its Theirs, and theirs alone, and my house, is theirs and theirs alone until after just under a year, yep, that bath firmly belongs to the owner - me, or does it?

well as soon as the battle to win this bath is over,  i had the clip board bearing woman asking me for her signature to make sure i never asked for anything more of the HSE when it came to bathrooms.  Not on your  nelly are they getting a signature of mine after all the grief they put me in.
but still the bath is mine and here to stay, thanks be to God above.
but when the Occupational Therapist uses the builder as her secretary to get him to tell me She would be here yesterday to work up the dimensions of the bathroom space, we find that the HSE still do not get it, that is who actually owns this house!
Not the builder, not the HSE but me here and it was to Me or I here, she should have asked was it ok to come yesterday, was i doing anything else or could we make this arrangement to come er, yesterday?
instead of telling the builder to tell me she was coming so there be it.
well, i still wasn't sure, cos etiquette for me was she inform me and she didn't so i had it in mind that i didn/t know, really didn't.
when she came i was surprised and told her so.  'Well didn't you know, i told the builder to tell you i was coming!'
and when i saw her with the clipboard standing on the pavement at the end of my front garden with the builder and me at the hall door, i remarked that any chatting about my home would be done here, hey here, here is the home you are to be chatting about with ME!
they came.
and they discussed the bathroom dimensions, amongst other things.
but then the Occupational therapist turned to the builder and informed him 'John, grey tiles on the floor;  Heh? i said, 'huh, grey tiles?  NO miss OT, ann doesn't do grey tiles (she doesn't do grey or black but colour see), "well it was to hide the dirt"  i remarked' "that is my dirt, and i don't do grey and you don't do interior design you do 'health and safety etc, but not dirt and my dirt nor interior design, that's up to the owner, who is me, standing here, see?'  I think she got the message.
outside we had to discuss the ramp.
well, soon it was apparent that it was the OT and the builder discussing it while i stood by.
then after the discussing was over, i heard the OT say, 'well, John, are we happy then!?' with much glee.
I remarked as is my style, 'are we happy?' and shot daggers at the OT.
'yep, ann is happy!'
and off they went.
seething with anger at the intrusion of the HSE constantly in my life in this way i told the builder John, 'i don't like these people.'
'I think i got that message alright ann'
i was allowed to giggle then, loud and clear.

All not over with the HSE today, that is the day after the day before.

a meeting was to be held to 'resolve issues' between the HSE and myself.'
so i thought.
the meeting date was stamped and i was asked to let them know if there was anyone i would like to attend.
there was.  two individuals who cared for me in the last county and who would be able to enlighten the new area how they found me and engaged with me...character reference as this was a sort of issue down here.
I was told that these people would not be allowed attend!
so we now have the HSE again telling me, exactly as before, just telling me that no, actually the "hse won't allow that,' just like the Hse wouldn't allow me keep the bath.
I then tell the same bloody awful power hungry HSE that the meeting was officially OFF.
i wasn't going to have this consistency of disrespect and bossy and power driven maniacal behaviour of the HSE over a sickie.

when the HSE tell me and my twin that 'we have to move on' that is get over some very very dangerous statements made down here with no sanctions against the person who said it, then no, actually we do not move on.
we move on when there has been a resolution and the person brought to task for doing what she did to me, only then do 'we move on!'

the HSE still do not get it, but actually i think they do get it, they do, what they don't want to do is actually lose face, do something they should have done long ago and for which they will not do.
so, we have no meeting until the HSE fully understands the seriousness of the issues involved and until the HSE is fully committed to the process of righting the wrong doing against me and also committed to 'equality' for which they have no idea whatsoever about in any shape or form.
and only then do we have a level playing field.
the HSE must be made aware, that disabled i am and will be but in order to feel that they get respect from a sickie then they must equally show the same to me, an individual who, if it wasn't for me and many like us they would be out of a job!
that, my friends they would not like.
but what i do do like, the way is being paved to er, 'disband the HSE' because its got too big for its boots, yes, really.  far too big and too unmanageable.

I also hear that the local area home help service is being taken over by a private concern.
there are theories as to why.
i ask another, is it because the department of health will no longer be responsible, as in accountable, and as its a private concern, the wages will then be lowered as we have public sector wage agreements not the same as private sector.
i say if the private sector can offer less pay does this mean too that less paid workers who are less qualified will be asked to fill these jobs and give a less than perfect service.
i think the person to whom i made these comments to was in agreement, 'put it like that, yes.'
remember, the Department of health is over health and commercial outsourcing should never be entertained as it opens the way for abuse.
we have enough of that already.
who will watch over the private firms who work now for us, the sick and less able?
the Department of Health do not want to.
its called 'cost saving enterprise.'

oh, and the public sector are up in arms about cutting wages now we are in recessionary times. they threaten strike action.
not one disabled person had any say whatsoever in the massive cuts to our care and services in the last budget.
we had to take it on the chin and suffer, ah but not so our public servants!
they wont stand for it.

this myself is the great divide!

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