Thursday, January 24, 2013

Symbols for hard rock institutions

ah but dont we have em!
the HSE and the RC.

my distrust of these two are self evident.

the ways now of economic driven meanness in the face of sickness and disability, just visited upon us as if we had not enough to contend with.

when a battle for months saw a type of resolution yesterday am i to celebrate an event or change of thinking when it should not have changed in the first place.

I would like you to have seen the charade today in my 'pad.'

the clipboard holders of the HSE officials, the door bell rings, the hands extended, the teeth of youth and the broad brim smiles of one (i never met) and the other a conservative gesture to a summons from a higher official.

upon that summons the two land on my doorstep just 24hrs later.
they shouldn't be here in the first place.

My bath is saved, my building works are to continue on monday.
we fought my friends for months over a bleeding bath.
Of course they argued that it wasn't about money that i should have a whack of a wetroom.
but it was and i know so and knew so.

the two sat down, and one on the wide arm of the sofa had a clip board pressed to her knees.
"you had said a long time ago, that you would sign to say that you would not come back for more"
if that was a gesture of finance over health well take it or leave it.
I explained wryly, Gail, the HSE has now made me pay for your mistake and i am in further debt from what your boss has demanded of me, for my home, MY HOME.

i said no more, i mentioned no signature but gave the impression strong, of how dare you ask for a very very valuable signature when i was still sitting in a home a year later which has carpets down belonging to a dead woman of 97yrs old and i need so badly to have it shaped up for a 60yr old.
Meanwhile the twin has her home all done and gorgeous, right and proper and so should mine.

the battle kept it undone and nearly lost me my adaptation grant funding.
HSE interference on a grand scale, an admittance of 'we do not want you coming back for more.'
admittance that the person who demanded i reshape a home say 'i hope it wasn't one of my staff' actually it was, and she was saying the same today.
they just never learn,

so while i sat down i watched two women with the measuring tapes tape up the shape of my bathroom for the upteenth time,
they ask me to ask the builder to get in touch.
no i wouldnt allow you speak to anyone before you spoke to me!
yes, you can now speak with the builder.

the HSE, shambolic symbol of inadequacy and cruelty, a supposed body for administering to the sick, ill and feeble.

we dealt with another shambolic symbolic conglomerate yesterday, we dealt with the RC.

yep after 11yrs a settlement consult was put in place within the sanctum of the Four Courts.
Eleven  years of hell and after this an insult toss across the barrier rooms of two, on two sides a solicitor and barrister.
i came away with an insult which shocked both my team leaders of barrister and solicitor.
what i do now i do not know.
i do not have to 'take it on the chin' or say to self 'be strong'
i say to most and the others that this world contains people whose only greed and need is adulation, penetration and power.  there isn't much more one can say about men who dress up in garb and swanny around and kiss rings and then go on to abuse.
it isn't religion and least of all is it christianity.  how many have read this bible passed down through millenia.  what has the good carpenter's son actually said "go out and form colonies of men in gold and silk with garments of symbols and status, or 'go forth and do good and do no harm. ' the church today is so divorced from the simple message it beggars belief.
to believe in men with the wee little caps and their capes is nonsensical both in a society that has changed since the renaissance when all this rubbish was embellished, the world is now round and not flat, and people have landed on the moon which isn't made of cheese.
we are a scientific ordered society of chaotic humans, we do need the message for we have lost it in our development but we absolutely do not need men in their black frocks and gold garb.

dispair at the insult would be what i would call my reaction of callous masters of the faith.
they shall never master over me.
one cannot place the hse in the same bracket for their harm has been by default.
what i say of the HSE they need to move with the times, see individuals with disabilities firstly as individuals who still have brains, who still function and who still can make decisions over their own lives.
the sooner the HSE is out of my life the better.
what i need in abundance is - Family and Friends.
and that is not asking much.

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